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Israel Prepares Troops After Most Brutal Day Since Mosque Crackdown



Yep> I had for a moment given thought to vote for the NDP just to get Harper out but the longer the campaign goes on the more I realize the NDP moves ever further right and the more I recognize that rewarding this move to the right will only encourage more of the same.

Even Trudeaus Liberals are now to the left of the NDP.

I will vote Green again.


And all this after Indigenous Peoples Day yesterday. Clearly we need more than celebrating the indigenes once a year and that more brutality will serve neither justice nor peace. Time for UN peace keepers in Israel-Palestine.


Anyone uninformed (or brainwashed) enough to think or believe Israeli actions are not intentionally fomenting this cycle of violence are not paying attention. The racist apartheid theocracy that is extremist Israel uses periods of global termoil to commit violence to further their goals, chief among them is the complete displacement (read ethnic cleansing) of Palestinians from the Occupied Territories to create their jewish-only racist state. This is but one of many designed provocations to inflame tensions to "justify" more israeli violence by fully-armed IDF troops (and armed settler terrorists) against essentially unarmed Palestinians. The worlds/UN's tacit acceptance of Israel's endless occupation, illegal colonization, ethnic cleansing, repeated bombing of civilians, home & civilian infrastructure demolitions, imprisonment without charges or trials, and orhganized settler attacks & killings is beyond contempt! The US is lap-dog puppet to Israel and its terrorism, arming, funding, supporting, and voting in UN to cover any terrorist act Israel commits - the US will not even condemn Israel when it deliberately kills/murders American citizens like Rachel Corrie, or demand a full review in support of the crew of the USS Liberty, deliberately attacked by our "great ally" killing & wounding over 200 American sailors in a failed false-flag op - the sneak-attack covered-up by our traitor politicians & leaders!



(Past) Time for very strong sanctions and boycott on Israel until they end The Occupation and illegal colonization and oppression and withdraw all Israeli 'settlers". If Israel fails to act International troops to force Israeli withdrawal from ALL the Occupied Territories should be used! Of course the craven world, especially lap-dog US will continue to kiss Israel's ass and allow their total ethnic cleansing and racist colonization of all Palestine!


The International Community should force the Israeli Government to withdraw its troops, evacuate their right-wing Israeli Jewish settlers, stop the ugly treatment of Innocent Palestinian civilians, and allow the Palestinians to create their own independent, sovereign nation-state alongside Israel, in West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem.

That's how it's supposed to be!


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That is because the USA has done this exact thing to its own indigenous people.


As is it has been even since pre-history and through out history as groups of humanity moved from one continent or region to another Giovanna.

However, very shortly a debate between candidates of the Democratic Party is about to take place in Las Vegas, NV. Don't think anyone can count on questions related to US domestic nor foreign policy related to the topic of this post will be asked.

But major polls are beginning show the attitudes of the people, if not those in government, are changing, albeit slowly, about support for Israel. Anyone up to reading pages and pages of polls over time showing the change?


Sourcewatch provides valid information about the polling site above.


Time for action to be taken to end this decades old continued use of arms provided by the US taxpayer to those elected in Israeli government to end this NOW! Rants on an obscure website won't do it.

Pardon my cynicism, but it is going to take major real political change to overcome the control of the U.S. Congress who owe they votes and the funds they appropriate to AIPAC and thus continue to provide for the theft of land and killing. The recent speech made by Bibi and in specific the reaction of the GOP controlled Congress who invited him should make my point.


One problem with this article is that it buys into the Arab propaganda that Israel was planning changes at the Al Aqsa Mosque. This was fales and the origins were merely a scheme to incite Arabs to violence against Israelis, something which is currently being preached by Palestinian Imams. This then gets conflated with the current right wing Israeli government intransigience on the peace process which does create a sense of dispair among Palestinians. The corruption of the PA does not help either, nor the total anti-Jew hatred of Hamas, which is a threat to Israeli survival. The situation in Israel-Palestine is far more complex than this simplistic article, which sadly takes a knee jerk anti-Israel position. So should I donate to help keep CD afloat? I don't know!


LOL really? It's okay. I'm used being called anti-Semitic, because I resent providing Israel with the equipment used to kill. Yep, I'm old enough to have seen the first showing of "Exodus" my late spouse was one of those who was at one time proud to have been on one of those planes that providing what Godla Mier noted "Saved Isreal" during the Yom Kippur War. But having observed the behavior of Israelis and those they elect since then, he felt sorry having been a participant in Nixon's program called "Nickel Grass". Interesting, my youngest Granddaughter, who only recently spent her Bat Mitzvah trip traveling in Isreal, came home with the same opinion her father and I share. Yep, he's his parent's came out of Lithuania, escaping the Holocaust.

So be my guest and call me anti-Semitic. Kill away on the US tax dollar and
genuflect to him or kiss Bibi's ring. Or Party on in Tel Aviv and forget the
actions taken by those in the only "democratic nation in the Middle East"
you maybe joined them in electing as they kill with no consequences.


I'm betting that you were a hot babe in your day because you sure are smokin' now!

You restore my spirits in 'right simply because it is right and wrong simply because it is wrong' - no matter who is doing it nor to whom. What is right for one human being is right for any and all human beings. The higher standard of decency and humanity ...is that there are no exceptions for a particular group... ever!

What is right is right. What is wrong is wrong ... for everyone. It is said that the truth of right and wrong was written in our hearts... it was never said that all will listen to their hearts nor follow the truth.

Yours is an honorable and elegant soul, madam and right as rain!

What do you care what they call you? I got called a lot of things actually, I don't get around as much these days and I kind of miss it actually. I'm calling you that hot babe with a sharp mind and a very human heart and a good soul.

Always a privilege!


I'm sorry did I miss something? Moral sense that forces Congress? Our Congress? Are we talking about the same Congress here? You are joking right? Our Congress... moral sense? Lol ... how true did that ring for you? Money is the only moral sense our Congress has. What a ridiculous post you wrote.

The banality of dehumanization at work. The strange thing is that by dehumanizing others you become less and less human yourself. Less and less able to distinguish moral truth.


When you fire a bullet, expect a rock in your face............


Don't mind Ishmailav. It's just a poor bot programmed to post in an threads relating to Israel. It doesn't make much sense but it's consistent.

Be kind. Even bots have feelings.


Actually they don't.

That's why they're better for defending Israel than actual people.

People gag when defending the slaughter of hundreds of children.

Except fanatical ideologues,

They're worse than the bots. They ought to know better.


I wouldn't assume Ishmailev could pass a Turing test.


Lies about the USS Liberty? You're the one implying to lies. The USS Liberty attack by israwhell is well documented by the BBC:

Emphyrio has everything right. It would be interesting seeing you, hasbara representative paid by the nutàyahoo, imprisonned for decades and having only rocks to throw in order to make your torturers understand that résistance is your only resource and attempt to keep surviving the murderous treatment of your jailers, the zionist jews of israwhell. Al-Aqsa has already been the cause of an intifada, when the great murderer of Sabra and Shatila Massacres, Ariel Sharon, paid himsel of visit of the Haram al-Sharif, the Temple Mount, which houses the al-Aqsa mosque - and frustration boiled over into violence. He did it on purpose, just like nutàyahoo:


BDS will put an end to zionist israwhell's wrongdoings, manipulations, lies, attempts to rewrite history, and murders of Palestinian women, children, old people and other résistants to such an apartheid/genocide zionist israwhelly system. A lot of Jews are ashamed of zionism and of israwhell's endless land stealing and murderous actions.


Your bigotry is showing.


Stealing Palestinian land since December 1948, keeping all Gazans into this biggest open-air prison in history and now stealing West Bank land and making apartheid walls for the good of illegal israeli settlers are examples of love for Palestinians by israel, according to you?


That was quite a set of actions to wake up to, the Israel's... Thanks for sharing. You're not the only one seeing reality as it is. More and more Jews see it too and are moving out of Israel and/or condemning Israel's wrongdoings. Jewish Voice for Peace is a great organization worth supporting.