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Israel Punishes the World After UN Vote


Israel Punishes the World After UN Vote

Ali Abunimah

On Monday evening I appeared on Al Jazeera English to speak about Israel’s reaction to Friday’s UN Security Council decision.

Resolution 2334, passed by a vote of 14-0 with the United States abstaining, reaffirmed that Israel’s settlements in the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem, are illegal.


"The question is whether world governments, having provoked Israel’s rage, will have the courage at last to hold it accountable." A rhetorical question without doubt.

Forgive the mixed metaphors, but it is quite believable that after having upset the apple cart, so to speak, that the world will not notice or protest when the Palestinians, and Senegalese, are tossed under it.


Does Netanyahoo seriously believe he will garner sympathy for Israel with his bullying, insulting tactics? I suppose he has Trump in bed with him. I wonder who snores the loudest.


As we lit the menorah and gathered around the Christmas tree, our large IrIsh-Jewish-Italian-Puerto Rican family discussed, among other things, how crazy it is that some of us could move to the West Bank tomorrow and live on land stolen from people who have lived there for thousands of years while others of us could never even apply for Israeli citizenship. The craziest part of the Israeli definition of being Jewish is that it is taken straight from the worst anti-Semites: According to current Israeli practice, anyone who is of even part Jewish descent on mother or father's side can become Jewish enough to push around Palestinians - being an atheist Jew is fine but converting to Chrstianity, Islam etc. removes one's Jewishness. But a person with no Jewish ancestry can convert and be given stolen land. This is not what the founders of Israel intended when they fought for a refuge for a people being murdered based on the bizarre idea that Jews were not exactly the same human beings as everyone else.

And now, it is almost as if anyone willing to push around Palestinians can be defined as a Jew, and whether they ever faced persecution is irrelevant. The only class of people who can't make the cut are the people who lived in Palestine for thousands of years. This is what Netanyahu and Trump are telling the world.


The U.S. merely abstained from veto of a NON-BINDING Resolution that criticizes Israel's settlements BUILT ON PALESTINIAN LAND that are ILLEGAL under the GENEVA CONVENTIONS. Netanyahu's reaction is INSANE---especially since Pres,. Obama recently GAVE IOSRAEL THE LARGEST MILITARY AID EVER: $38 BILLION over the next decade: a RAISE from the previous $3 BILLION ANNUALLY to now, $5 BILLION ANNUALLY. Cut the money if Israel is so damn mad at the U.S> for expecting at least minimal adherence to law.


It really shows how "special" Israel is, and how different from normal countries which at least sometimes use diplomatic acts and language. "Occupied territory" is a fair term, but to admit that is forbidden. When "everyone is in step except my Johnny", most people would perhaps try to understand the rest of us, but Israel is too exceptional for that , and usually relies on a Big Daddy with similar delusions of grandeur who occasionally does not give in to the demands and ranting. This is one of dozens of such resolutions, but the poor benighted Entity cannot accept responsibility for wrongdoing, let alone change.


As much as I detest the attitude and antics of Israel, there is a very small part of my soul that pities a heart that can find nothing but punitive behaviors to answer very real and honest criticism
( I notice a similarity in the 21st-century behavior of the US). A nation possessing such a limited repertoire with which to respond to the other nations of the world can hardly expect respect and true friendship; indeed, there seem to be at least two nations on the planet that will suffer a dearth of loyal allies in their futures. How can they be so terminally short-sighted?


"Netanyahu ordered the cancellation of aid projects in Senegal, including a drip-irrigation project that Israel marketed as part of the “fight against poverty in Africa” – a fight that is apparently only worth engaging in if it suits Israel’s propaganda priorities."

Another Nuttyahoo touch of crass. Hey, you're angry---why not hurt some innocent people?


So what we have - embodied by Netanyahu and Likud's petulant myopic reactionary narcissism - is modern day apartheid fueled in part by ~3.7B annual military aid assistance from the US taxpayers with the full backing of our MSM propaganda... time to take Netanyahu and his ilk off of the American dole until they can put their big boy pants on and make peace. The Israelis (and Palestinians) deserve so much better than this blowhard demagogue.


This Resolution may not be binding but it sure is deserved. Netanyahu is now fully aware that Trump may be his only friend in the world. He must also know what people around the world think of Trump.
Bibi is a selfish radical Zionist. People in Israel don't care for him either. His days are numbered. If memory serves, he was barely re-elected, it was very close.
Whether it is binding or not the countries that voted for it should proceed as if it is binding and carry out a boycott and any other tactics to put pressure on him now while this is all fresh.
Millions of Palestinians will die if this isn't stopped. There is no time to waste.


Israel has always had the U.S. in bed with them. The whore might be different but the U.S. is still Israel's brothel.


A nonsensical title. Put these issues into context. Israel is the sole Jewish nation, the historic and modern Jewish nation. It's a tiny country, roughly the size of New Jersey (one of our smallest states), surrounded by vast, oil-rich Arab countries that seek a 100% "pure" Moslem Mideast. Israel has its hands full with just trying to survive.

Note that Israel already ceded two chunks of the country in previous peace agreements, only to have those agreements promptly violated by their Arab neighbors. There simply isn't enough left to surrender even more of the country. They know that the demands will continue until there is nothing left of Israel.


Do you know what modern Zionism is? It is about the preservation of the sole Jewish nation, the right to self-determination by the Jews. China, Russia AND the US provide a huge amount of military and economic aid to the Arab nations. We remain dependent on Arab oil, and the money we spend on it gets funneled back to US weapons manufacturers, essentially trading weapons for oil.

"Palestinians" are Israeli Arabs who have been radicalized to work toward the destruction of the Jewish nation, creating a 100% Moslem Mideast. Every Palestinian lives within easy traveling distance of an Arab border. This issue isn't about a people who are trapped, oppressed and brutalized by Israel.

If you don't understand Israel's retaliations against those who attack them, let's consider America's retaliation against 9/11 -- the longest, most expensive war in this country's history, costing an unknown number of lives.


Correction -

Zionism used to be about the preservation of the Jewish nation. It now has degenerated to essentially a movement to dispossess people of their land. And as Mr. Kerry pointed out, it can either be a democracy or a Jewish nation, but it can't be both. A democracy treats all citizens as equals and protects the human rights of minorities against the tyranny of the majority.

The money you spend on oil never gets back to the US. The money you spend on weapons comes directly from the American taxpayer to the tune of $3 billion a year and now $38 billion over the next ten years. In other words, you are getting weapons for free.

Palestinians are people who have lived in what is now Israel since before the Roman expulsion of the Jews. The land that Israel is stealing from them has been in their families since the Jews fled the Spanish Inquisition. Indeed, Israeli geneticists have found that Sephardic Jews and Palestinians are genetically the same.

It is easy to twist reality to excuse inhuman behavior, and Netanyahoo seems to be doing that rather inexpertly, but it still doesn't change reality.


When one hears about how the Palestinians don't acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state, one always wonders why it is that the Israelis refuse to acknowledge Palestine as a Moslem state. And when the Israelis whine about the arabs threatening to drive them into the sea, one wonders why Israel has twice refused the Arab League's offer to guarantee their borders and protect them from external terrorists for withdrawal from Palestinian land. It suggests that Israel is being less than honest when they whine about being picked on.


The Israeli apartheid regime can act the way it does -- with its neighbors and the brutally oppressed Palestinians as well as with the rest of the world -- because they know the world's leading rogue state (that would be us) has their back and will co-sign whatever they do. Ignore this act by the outgoing Obama Admin; they have been acting curiously and suddenly progressive since the election, apparently trying to insure a positive legacy. But most of it consists of pointless gestures. Abstaining from one vote on a resolution which carries no sanctions? Big deal. Nothing will happen because of it. Just like Obama's decision to curtail drilling for oil in the Atlantic after several years of wide-open drilling. What does that accomplish? Plenty of damage done over these years, and the Trump Admin. can easily undo his last minute decision. These are pathetic attempts to enhance his legacy. Nothing more.


Some 700 000 to 900 000 Palestinians "ceded": their lands to the Jewish invaders in 1948 and many wandered off to live in refugee camps for the next 68 years. Even today, Palestinians are "ceding" their homes of long-standing in East Jerusalem and the West Bank to invading Jews. Sinai and Gaza were not Jewish territory. Not even Moses wanted the Sinai area after murdering the Egyptian first-born and running off from Egypt where he had held a high position. And according to the Old Testament a good many Philistines "ceded" what became Israel to the invading Hebrews captained by such as Joshua, Saul and David, all ruthless in their pursuit of power and land.

I once had great sympathy for the Jews who had fled Europe during and after WW2. But by their deeds ye shall know them.

As for a sole "Jewish" nation. Judeaism a is a religious belief.So maybe we Christians once more had better take back our "Holy Land" and make it a sole Christian nation?,


Obama was able to abstain from the vote only because his term of office is up. American politicians are unlikely to be elected or re-elected if they take a stance against the settlements. People are indignant about the possibility of Russia interfering in our politics but it is Israel that has our politicians in lock step support for its policies. We need to make the settlements an issue for our politicians and see if we have any statesmen or stateswomen willing to risk their office to join the rest of the world in seeking justice for the Palestinians. It is a taboo subject.


Seriously isolated?? Just look at all of those flags in Bibi's latest tweet!!

Benjamin Netanyahu ‏@netanyahu 21h21 hours ago
Benjamin Netanyahu Retweeted Donald J. Trump
President-elect Trump, thank you for your warm friendship and your clear-cut support for Israel! 🇮🇱:us:



I know exactly what modern Zionism is and I also know you are wrong. Palestinians lived on their land for many, many generations. Israel is the occupying force.
Your opinion is yours but facts don't lie.