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Israel Releases Mays Abu Ghosh, Palestinian Student Jailed for Membership in Leftist Campus Group

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/01/israel-releases-mays-abu-ghosh-palestinian-student-jailed-membership-leftist-campus


The Commons has over the pandemic wracked year of 2020 hosted a side-track threaded discussion across feature report(s) and opinion\analysis columns between news\views reader-activists about the distressing and\or instrument of the powerful, frequently wielded within the livelihood offering institutions and the profit-maximizing Corporate Caliphate concerns as well as the corollary non-profit organizations that like Community Radio raise vast sums of money to fund relatively few paying jobs while being volunteer-driven that has come to be known by the online search key words as CANCEL CULTURE.

I’ve weighed in a few times, most recently trying to clarify the constructive ambiguity of leveling the charge of Anti-Semitic at often clearly Semitic (if linguistics rather than genetics or specious ‘race’) and frequently Jewish activists identifying as anti-Zionist. The point should be obvious that the term anti-Semitic was re-shaped by centuries of history to more precisely mean anti-Jewish.

While the Jews were for millennia a state-less people in exile. So were many millions of migrating Muslims of Arab and Amazigh (Berber) mother tongues, not infrequently of Judeo-Hebreo extraction (like so many Muddle Eastern and North African nation-states and Mediterranean Basin love children conceived in the tragic musical chairs game of grab some Mediterranean or Near Eastern borders to claim as one’s own, then brace for being overrun by superior sea-faring or land-roving armies, Byzantine or Greco-Roman empires or Islamic Caliphates like the 400 year trans continental Janissary forces securing the Ottoman Empire\Caliphate.

Or, subdued and subjected to the theocratic variants of a conquering faith-based army as represented by one of the lesser enduring Amazigh (Berber) Moorish dynasties like the Almoravids or Almohadic that crossed the Straits of Gibralter (Jebel El Tareq or Arabic for Mount of Tareq a leading conqueror of the Spanish Iberian Peninsula) to lay claim under an Islamic banner.

Ironically, sometimes a particularly zealous indigenous North African Moor and Muslim adherent of these Amazigh\Berber cultic leaders could not even read the Arabic banner as their older indigenous Hamitic rather than Semitic language of North Africa had its own writing and administrative language called Tifinagh (alphabet) and Tamazight (language of the Free Peoples). For a dynasty or two the Islamic Koran was even forbidden to be translated into Tamazight and copied in Tifinagh as Sunni Fundamentalists believed the holy scriptures could only be reproduced in Arabic language and script. Even the native North African subjects hadn’t learned that Arabic Islamic religious language which differed in the written Arabic from what is spoken in vernacular Arabic but not allowed to be rendered as a written form of Arabic (and in North Africa overlaid with indigenous Amazigh regional variants of Tamazight Mother Tongue).

All this background to stress that the etymology of the Euro-Asian term of slander Anti-Semitic originally lumped Muddle Easterners together regardless of religion or language. But as migration and assimilation into the older Euro Feudal Fiefdoms congealed into nation-states or through Western and Central Asia’s Mongol Invaders or Russian Czars that often were comprised of Islamic adherent majority populations, the term Anti-Semitic came to mean in reality Anti-Jewish. As Jews remained a tiny minority population, usually multi-lingual within vast ruling systems that they often had intimate ties with as sellers of multi-lingual services to trading elites and land-owners.

Now what if somebody sees for the first time the long-running organizational name of the Palestinian resistance organization named the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine ? Moreover that student or curious soul further learns that for most of the post-1948 struggle for a 2-state solution on colonially partitioned lands that the Zionist ‘Jewish Homeland’ movement claimed as Israel before and after the colonial Green Line created a modern state of Israel and a modern state of Trans Jordan (but no modern state of Palestine) this organization that was founded by George Habash and on both Pan-Arabic and Marxist principles was the second largest group of Palestinian freedom fighters after the 2-state solution was thwarted by both the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Jewish Homeland of Israel?

The 2 new nation-states to hang their shingles between the Moab Mountains of antiquity, the desert sands extending eastward across the Sea of Reeds (Red Sea) to the Arabian Peninsula or westward to the Eastern Mediterranean Levantine coast. No shingle for PALESTINE was allowed by the U.N., inter-national successor to the League of Nations and the Sykes Picot New Colonial Deal when the Ottoman Empire was dissolved and the French and British mandates took over the map-making of New Tragic Musical Chairs during WW I. This period also saw the template genocide within the Ottoman Empire of the Near Eastern indigenous Armenians that set the stage for the Nazi call for conquered and Aryanized Europe to be Judenrein (or Free of Jews).

The Sykes Picot Agreement also at first mapped a Qurdish\Kurdish homeland which curled in the mountain ranges over-lapping today’s borders of Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey.

Hey, where did Qurdistan\Kurdistan go? Are they Semites? Not quite like the Arabic-speaking and literary Palestinians. Only some of their Qurdi\Kurdi Indo-European language family’s regional dialects contain some remnant elements of Semitic language family that descends per linguistic scholars from the Aramaic Mother Tongue language template.

There is no genetic marker given the inter-marriage of genetically pooled peoples of differing tribes, faiths and languages, re-shuffled with each succeeding Dislocation\Exile by Invasion. Or, as told then written in the Old Testes by the climatic prerogatives of Drought which caused the mytho-poetic Jacob and his clan to migrate from Canaan land south across the Asian\African land-mass known as the Sinai Peninsula to the Land of Goshen and offered by the Pharoah Ruler of Egypt as temporary pasture-land for this drought-plagued Hebraic-tongued clan numbering 72 and their scrawny starved livestock.

Race doesn’t manifest or reflect over so many disparate climate and topographical regions. Look up the fallacies of the Euro Scientists who created the pseudo-science of Eugenics that drove 20th Century colonialism and long before that the Church’s Doctrine of Discovery that colonized via meaningless legalisms the western world.

How did a linguistically Semitic (descended from Jewish rabbis) extracted German economic philosopher and political revolutionary like Karl Marx come to have influence over an anti-Zionist Palestinian Arab Nationalist movement? Marx’s work always had dual components: Karl Marx’s structural and systemic analysis of capitalism; and then his prescriptions for its historical over-taking by more evolved ‘social’ forces. Any well-read “Red” or other nationalist colored or internationalist rainbow movement member knows the difference. One part of Marx’s influence is to apply a tool of critique and that works better than any other known tool. The other side of Marx-Engels influence is the prescriptive solutions.

Not so much the U.S. corporate-captured and schooled mass media fed masses and their mis-leaders.

PFLP leaders found much Marxi-Engels-esque solidarity among dis-illusioned inter-nationalist and ethno-nationalist movements arising after the fall of the 20th Century’s empires.

For an existential century, roughly the 20th C. various Palestinian indigenous subjects of the Ottoman Empire’s PALESTINE wilayat\province were locked in a Cold War bi-polar chess game. Assuredly not of nationalist design, since both of the bi-polar Capitalist\Anti-Capitalist chess-masters found ethno-nationalist movement leaders and members to be less than loyal to the Cold War New Global Order.

Each indigenous ethnic or linguistic or religious or tribal community sought their own homeland. The new Global Masters also like the colonialists sought to divide and conquer via Remote Colonialism of the latter 20th Century. See the ARABIC CURTAIN that fell over North Africa with the consent of most of the Islamic majority communities. The PFLP tried like many 20th Century movements to off-set the inherent contradictions in their Pan-Arabist\Secular Nationalist ambitions and the Marxist Internationalist Workers of the World You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Chains rallying cry of solidarity for multi-ethnic yet Arab (linguistically Semitic) ruled independent nation-states.

The point I wanted to make about CANCEL CULTURE pertaining to this reference to a PFLP activist being released from Israeli torture interrogation after not needing to be charged with any actual crime, is that when one hears of the non-violent civil resistance to colonization and\or long-term occupation tactic of BDS Movement (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions from Israeli goods and services that capitalize on occupied territories and its besieged inhabitants) one needs also to be mindful of the distinctions between BLACKLIST as tactic (of the powerful and historical narrators) and BDS (tactic of the powerless and voiceless).

Since I could find no activist or national entity that had anything online essaying this distinction, I added one as a reader comment in English translation to the German newspaper a few years ago after hearing a touring Israeli Math Professor from Haifa University who answered the Palestinian call for solidarity in the international BDS campaign against the institutions of occupation and colonization. My comment drawing the distinction between BLACKLIST as a tool of the power imposer and BOYCOTT as the tool of organized mass resistance from those imposed upon appears after the Op-Ed in the comments section:

The author of this Op-Ed who condemns such civil acts of resistance cannot and has not suffered the sorts of personal sacrifices made by those who advocate BDS because Israel belongs to the community of nation-states while denying Palestine its right to hang a shingle in what is referred to as the 2-State Solution. Members of U.N. nation-states or even those sponsored by the trans national Corporate Caliphate have the power and institutions or clout among livelihood providing institutions to BLACKLIST an advocate of BOYCOTT.

Hence the illustration of a woman activist, educator and NY TIMES Op-ED writer named Bari Weiss, drawn from this Pandemic Year of Plague, who plays then is cast as both the victimizer and victimized in the BLACKLIST v. BOYCOTT differentiation of CANCEL CULTURE at an elite university (for the moment) in each of these Political Economy scenarios:

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)
Media Discussion List and Looksee


Those darn leftists. Israel complains of an Iran, while stealing from Palestine.
The U.S. raids Afghanistan and Iraq, and complains about terrorists.


notice the fear and lack of comments when the subject is violence by Israel.


The video brought tears to my eyes.

The young will always question the righteousness of the people that rule ,that is there perogative.
To get attention of the injustices committed and bring it into visibility for all to see.

You see what you memorize you memorialise.

Time way past for Israeli Jews to remember their own struggle for liberation–the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. Palestinian struggle is no different.



Unfortunately, there’s nothing exceptional about this, which is but one story among untold thousands of similar abuse of Palestinians by the terrorist state of Israel.

If you’re interested, read Souha Bechara’s book on being imprisoned in an Israeli dungeon for years.

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Reboot the boycott against Israel.

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Why does it always come to the same result. Those in power become corrupt, if not already so. Those who wish to change, when they get power, they become corrupt. What makes you think that you can change anything with your erudite meanderings trying to sound knowledgeable. The fact is you must do politics or war, nothing else will do. We humans are poorly trained and fall as swiftly as we rise. All cultures die and you can spend your life fighting for something that absolutely will NOT last. The best revenge is to live your life with grace and happiness. The bitterness of the rich and powerful, you do not need. They will hate you because you can be what they can never be. Find your moral center and live your life.