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Israel’s Nuclear Man: Shimon Peres, A Brand without Substance


Israel’s Nuclear Man: Shimon Peres, A Brand without Substance

Ramzy Baroud

Former Israeli Prime Minister and President, Shimon Peres, was a very successful brand. He was presented to the world as stately, wise, a relentless advocate of peace, and a sane voice amidst a conflict deemed senseless and unending.


Obama said something very profound at Peres' funeral. (Hard to believe, isn't it?)

"Justice and hope are at the heart of Zionism," Obama said.

He's 100% correct.
Unfortunately, justice and hope have been terrorized out of the heart of Zionism over the past 50 years.
Today's Zionism is ruthless and unforgiving.
It's more like a mafia or an al-Qaeda.


The article exposes Peres as just one more Zionist abuser of the Palestinian people.

Let's look at the situation in way a little different than the MSM and the high school history books: The reason why Israel exists is because the US and the UK recognized early in the 20th century that to leave their principal supply of oil in an area completely dominated by Moslem countries could be very precarious indeed.

The Moslems might collaborate to do who knows what to the oil supply. So an anti-Moslem presence would be necessary to keep the Moslem countries in line - to disrupt any incipient Moslem solidarity that might threaten the oil supply, and to generally make life difficult for the Arabs and Iranians.

Land was stolen from the Palestinians and they were displaced in order to create an anti-Moslem presence for purely economic reasons on an ethnic/religious pretext.

Israel is the anti-Moslem presence, the West's standing army, police force and goon squad in the Middle-East.

This explains why Israel, a relatively rich country, is the major recipient of US 'foreign aid'. And also why there is no problem in the West with Israel having nuclear weapons. The police force must be well paid and well armed.

It also explains why the Israelis and Jews in the US - of the Lieberman, Abrams, Dershowitz stripe - have so much political influence in the US. Israel is doing a difficult and dangerous job for the empire in the Middle East and so must be granted this influence as part-payment for its services.

The supposed rebellion by Israel against the wishes of the US regarding the Palestinians is a ruse, propagated by the media to give the appearance that the US is an honest broker trying to mediate a peace accord with the Palestinians, but in reality Israel is doing exactly what the US wants it to do: hassle the Arab and Iranian states and keep them off balance.

If the US really wanted Israel to go along with a peace accord, all it would have to do is threaten to cut off Israel's 'foreign aid' and place media propaganda against its having nuclear weapons (as it does with Iran) if it did not. But we hear nothing of this. Instead we are told that the US is pleading with Israel for better treatment of the Palestinians and Israel is rebelling against this.

These stories of Israeli independence are horse feathers. Israel is a willing, compliant marionette of US foreigtn policy and does exactly what the empire decrees.


Your last sentence is far off the mark.
Actually it's the other way round. The US dances to Israel's tune.