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Israel’s Stranglehold on American Politics


Israel’s Stranglehold on American Politics

Chris Hedges

The Israel lobby’s buying off of nearly every senior politician in the United States, facilitated by our system of legalized bribery, is not an anti-Semitic trope. It is a fact.



As a Wholly Secular person who grew up knowing somehow that something was “rotten in Denmark” (gotta piss someone off, now don’t I) about the Democratic Party, I have never registered with any political party, even to spite having grown up in a Republican household (thank Dog for a genetic interruption there). It is the Jews I have known that inoculate me against identifying them automatically with Israel, whose behavior I find abhorrent. We desperately need to break the spell that Israel has against pointing out its myriad misdeeds. If I had a noticeable voice in the world, they would be on me like stink on shit. Well the stink is of their Zio-Pig-Shit.



It has become extremely common unfortunately that if anyone says anything that is not outright praising Israel they will immediately be called anti-Semitic. Israel has become the “bully” of the Mid East. There is NOTHING wrong with criticizing Israel for what they do in our politics or to the Palestinians, this has NOTHING to do with being Jewish. The quicker our politicians (Dems & Republicans) learn this, the less often we will get involved ME wars that cost us much and gain us little.



Oh, they know it already, but are terrified of losing the $$$ from the Israel lobby. And the ME wars are all about stealing the oil that’s there, which is very profitable to the oil industries and the weapons manufacturers–two additional powerful lobbies which influence the Congress-creatures.



Yes they know it already and the harsh backlash to people like Representative Omar is merely because they and their media mouthpieces get embarrassed when their Zionist racism is on display. They have to shout her down before a few people actually open their eyes to what has been in front of them for years, that is Zionist racism is racism.




The first paragraph says it all.



Is any and every criticism of Jewish wrongdoing anti-Semitic? Or is anti-Semitism an aversion to all Jews, that is to say without good cause.



Thank God for all the loved ones we still have around
Those who passed over my words to those who can’t hear us
For the sake of humanity
For your sake, Gaza

-Shadia Mansour

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Apparently it’s “anti-Semitic” to suggest that there is any such thing as “Jewish wrongdoing.”



Israel faces at least five problems:

The Shiite crescent is nearly fully formed, and while they are no match for Israel militarily, they are far from a pushover and battle-hardened – which is the biggest reason Israel is pushing for war with Iran.

It is no longer a secret that Israel is an apartheid state or that their long term policy is to confiscate Palestinian lands and sequester Palestinians on tiny slivers – they cannot have a one-state solution because that risks having an Arab majority in their Jewish state.

There is a chance that Netanyahu will be forced to resign in disgrace because of corruption.

Young people do not buy into either the Israel-can-do-no-wrong or the ‘Criticism of Israel = anti-Semtism’ trope.

There will be soon be more Muslims than Jews in the United States. And that doesn’t include the many Arabs who are not Muslims.

So it’s one helluva time for Israel’s undue influence on US politicians to be discussed openly. I’m fine with a Jewish state if that Jewish state accepts that it’s time to accommodate peace with its neighbors and full citizenship and justice with the Palestinians they keep stealing land from. This violently enforced apartheid has to end. The blank check from the US government has to end – Israel is a prosperous country. Until then, BDS!



You know that you could be called an anti-Semite for your reply? I know, and the posters know, that ISN’T what you meant but that is what AIPAC and related “organizations” would jump on you in a fucking Jerusalem heartbeat as implying. All conservatives complain about people of color using the “race card” for many of the stupid things that conservatives say all the time, but AIPAC is much worse. They ALWAYS do it whenever “Jew or Israel” is mentioned in ANY negative way.



You can see that one of the messages in Hedge’s piece is that this is going to eventually come back to bite Israel in the ass. It’s starting already in Europe and to a lesser extent in this country. They’re gonna realize in short order that they will have few “friends” left if they keep up this Palestinian shit AND pissing a LOT of Americans off with their underhanded political pressure bullshit.



The zionist state is an apartheid state and its leaders from the “founding” in 1948 to the present netanyahu regime have worked toward that end, and to expand territory by any means, including pre-meditated wars to gain territory by force beginning with the 1948 mass terrorist expulsions. All those efforts were in contempt of International Law and the UN Charter of which Israel still somehow is tolerated, all at the expense of the indigenous Palestinian population that has been ethnically cleansed form large Areas and victimized in the Occupied Territories, and all the neighboring states that have felt the racist enmity of Israel and its supremacist mindset, and ability to push the US into wars for Israeli interests. And all that is truth and no BS “anti-Semitic trope”!

BDS! Zionism IS Racism!



Campaign finance reform and limiting individual contributions is not a pipedream for the U.S., it’s an absolute necessity. The examples of massive fraud ( untrackable bundling ) and abuse ( X Con. Moran ) within this article are bad enough to launch an investigation, though certainly not a Congressional one.
Just multiplying this campaign problem by 535 doesn’t really get us anywhere, either. The influence of AIPAC and its’ tentacles in the business and financial sectors has a large spillover effect, as well. Who knows what is happening in our cities; specifically, in regards to the judicial appointments and law enforcement community? A paranoid and mobilized religious group ( eg. fundamentalist/evangelical/flat earthers ) , has a tremendously outsized influence on ordinary citizens’ life and well-being while working under the radar, often times.
Great article and writing here by Mr.Hedges, btw.



Remember when the Senate tried to float a bill that actually included jail time for BDS participation? Sen. Ron Wyden was confronted about it at a town hall, and he denied it was in there. Someone had to explain it to him. So he signs things without reading them when presented to him by AIPAC, and who knows who else’s lap he’s in.



Finally–laying it out on the line! Good job, Chris Hedges, for clarifying the difference between “Zionism” and Israelite Jews. The Zionist lobby in the U.S. is just another radicalized group that prevents cooperation and peace.



Wyden is definitely AIPAC’s lapdog, as you say. Maybe he actually didn’t know that the jail time was in the bill, but I think it’s just as possible that he did know it was, and tried to lie about the fact. I don’t trust him any farther than I can spit when it comes to protecting Israel. I’m glad to know he’s getting push-back at his town halls.



Maybe it’s because companies owned by the state of Israel have control of key telecommunication ports for the entire US, and can read and intercept internet traffic at will…kind of NSA. The extortion potential is enormous, so it seems logical that most or our elected “representatives” are being held by the short hairs.

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I have a great deal of respect for Hedges, but he seems oblivious to the fact that, whether under Rabin, Netanyahu or any other PM, for the US, Israel is a bulwark against any challenge to imperialism in the Middle East. Its strategic value allows it, through its stateside lobby, to “wag the dog”, in some measure, which I imagine Rabin saw as ultimately antithetical to the Zionist project.

So I’m curious as to how Hedges would define “a true friend of Israel”, given its role and its aims, regardless of Labour or Likud ascendancy.

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“Let us reason together.” Isaiah 1:18

"Let us treason together." Trump-Pence 1:1