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Israel Spied on US/Iran Talks, Leaked Intel to Kill Deal: Report


Israel Spied on US/Iran Talks, Leaked Intel to Kill Deal: Report

Jon Queally, staff writer

The Israeli government secretly spied on high-level talks between the U.S., Iran, and other countries and attempted to sabotage the ongoing nuclear negotiations by serving captured information back to U.S. lawmakers opposed to a deal, the Wall Street Journal is reporting on Tuesday.

According to the WSJ:


Here we begin to see a hazy outline of one problem with publicly paid for secrets. Another is definitional, publicly paid for secrets are antithetical to democracy itself.


How much of that 3 billion we give Israel every year was used to spy on their allies? We got that money for self espionage…that’s like paying somebody else to watch me in a mirror. A fool and his money.


It’s more like $15 billion per year aid to Israel in various forms.


True but Israel has increasingly become a liability for the US, a war with Iran will create too much chaos and the outcome will be uncertain especially if Russia and China stood with Iran. So the better option for the US is to ditch Israel in favor of Iran for multitude of advantageous reasons.


The Wall Street Journal is far right with all the trimmings, including pro-Israel. Yet they broke an anti-Israeli story. Does this mean even the right is starting to get repulsed by Netanyahu and Israel?


This is the time to consider charges of treason and or espionage against the congressmen who are undermining the " secret talks". This should be considered worse than the whistleblowers who were prosecuted for exposing secrets and crimes against our constitution.


So, 47 U.S. Senators, in cahoots with a foreign intelligence agency, conspired to undermine negotiations between their own country and Iran. If you or I did that, we would be in prison for a very long time. I guess that being a US senator provides immunity for crimes even as great as treason. Oh well. Such is the rule of law in the modern US, but that is no surprise, and has not been for quite a while. You and I are subject to the law. The privileged in this country are not.


It should be illegal to spy on America with the intent of subverting the will of the administration of the United States.


“The state of Israel does not conduct espionage against the United States or Israel’s other allies.”
What about Jonathan Pollard?


Interesting information. We are now talking about an active criminal conspiracy to thwart the foreign policy of the US Aministration. Not only that but it is a conspiracy between Republican legislators and a foreign country. We are now discussing actual treason!


Such Theater for the handful of people who still read that useless rag. There seems to be an unbreakable script for lame duck presidents, to try to broker “Peace in the Middle East” after they get done destroying the domestic USA. Of course they always fail. The last thing the Bankster Empire wants is peace and cohesiveness among the many poor tribes of the Middle East.

The British Empire made the map of the Middle East, intentionally dropping borders on top of ethnic groups to keep them forever at odds with the new country they woke up in. This is because both Jews and Arab train employees joined forces and brought the Empire to it’s knees repeatedly in early 1900’s Palestine.

Rothschild documents repeatedly referred to “the problem in Palestine” which I have discovered was really a combined Jewish/Arab organized labor Union striking and stopping the oil trains from Tikrit, Iraq making it all the way through Palestine and to the Suez and Egypt which relied on this oil for their Navies right up to the present day. Each time, the London Bankster solution was to deport everyone out of “The Palestine Protectorate” (administered by Britain) and then only allow the Jewish workers to return (for reasons that are unclear to me.)

“Follow the Money (if you want to know the truth)” was the advice of Deepthroat, and it’s very apt in this situation too. All war materials and all financial transactions must clear the BIS in Switzerland (Bank of International Settlements). That body has always been stuffed to the gills with Israeli Banksters.

These banksters are the gatekeepers. None of them are happy at all about the BRICs alternative not based on the dollar, which is why Iraq and Iran are always in the cross-hairs of the MIC: they keep selling oil cheaper than the Texas Oil Mafia and they won’t take fako “federal reserve notes” for it anymore.

The “Five Eyes” cares not about borders printed on some map. They share intel between themselves in the furtherance of a joint objective to keep ruling the world. So yes, this is all Theater of the Absurd. Obama can’t dump Israel since Israel/Switzerland is the US petro dollar Swiftcode center of the world, and bombing Iran is going to bomb Haliburton who has been sucking natural gas out of Iran for decades in violation of sanctions. Of course, Big Hal makes even more money on War, so they probably don’t care which way the cookie crumbles in Iran.

Well that’s it. There’s a distemper in the Ether tonight, and I can gaze into my crystal ball no further.


Lesser evilism at the nation-state level?


Surely you know how to refute an argument. In any case, I’d be amused if you’d educate us.


I agree! my feeling is …if the Israelis and Republicans want to have a war w/ Iran…go for it!,What the hell is it that we owe Israel?..They electected Nutenyahoo!..America doesn’t need any more wars …if it can be solved diplomatically than it should be…we shouldn’t be listening to these war mongerings bastards !


ha , ha, ha , you are making joke, no ?


Yes I agree. My comment was with tongue in cheek.

A) the Israelis deny it--and there has been no evidence provided to show 

that they are lying. though they might well be doing so. Of course they
admit spying on the Iranians and all of this information they are accused of
getting from spying on the US could easily have come from spying on the
Iranians–which makes this anonymous charge dubious in any case.

B) "The Journal report said that senior White House officials had 

learned – through American spying on Israel –" so we have
the pan admitting that it is black while accusing the pot of being black and
we are supposed to be outraged at the pot’s behavior.

Only when it comes to Israel would leftists be so quick to spread an 

unsourced claim by a US official that has no evidence behind it (Iraqi
weapons of mass destruction–ask questions, an Iranian program to build atom
bombs–ask questions, Israel doing something bad–just proves how evil
Israel is… Too much of the left has a thing about Israel that leads
to a lack of its usual critical thought–Israel= evil, so no thought
required seems to be the rule.


That 95% of all Jews are Ashkenazi is false and the claim that Ashkenazi Jews are descended from Khazars is a myth beloved by Antisemites and other nutters.


I believe it means what it always has, from what I’ve read, the WSJ reporting has over the years generally been accurate and often in conflict with the WSJ editorial pages which have always pushed insane right-wing agendas.