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Israel: Strong Words Must Be Followed by Strong Action


Israel: Strong Words Must Be Followed by Strong Action

James Zogby

I was both understanding of and puzzled by the Obama administration’s reaction to Israel’s announcement of new settlement construction in occupied Palestinian lands.


I fully agree. Obama could do as you suggested and make move it to the Security Council but you know if Clinton gets in there she will stop it all.
She kissed Netanyahu's ring and made a promise of never ending devotion.
Tragic as it is the is not much hope for the positive things you suggest.
The world community needs to hold Israel and the US to account for the apartheid that has gone on there.
I still don't know what it is that Israel has over the US that makes everyone so afraid to do the right thing.


If one turned the photo of Obama and Netanyahu around one would see the two sides of their faces.
These clownish warmongers are constantly talking out of both sides of their mouths.
Neither of them can be trusted.
Nor should they be.


Dede: Any congressperson who says anything adverse about Israel or who does not vote the $$$$, has a well funded opponent due to the largess of A.I.P.A.C at the next primary election and is out of office. Cases in point are the late Sen. Charles Percy of Illinois and Rep. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia. The Congress understands that. Now do you understand Hillary Clinton? It's extortion, the effect of which is that we are the United States of Israel.


It was my understanding that the UN already declared the Israeli occupations illegal.

I wish Mr. Zogby would start an organization like AIPAC that would lobby US politicians for Palestine, just like AIPAC does for Israel.


Palestine doesn't receive billions of u.s. taxpayer dollars to fund death, destruction and more bribery. This money funnel was started by Truman.


Over 200 nuke missiles among other things. And all indications are that, if provoked, Netanyahu will use them. Just as Hillary, if she fells she is being provoked by Russia, would not hesitate to use part if not all of the US nuke arsenal.


Extortion is the correct term. It's just that I seem to remember reading that Israel made a deal with the US to keep quiet about the US bringing Nazi's to the states after the war. Project Paperclip I believe. Could that still be the reason the US submits to the extortion?


He does do a lot of work in that regard. Remember he was one of Bernie Sanders choices to go to the convention and change the Dem platform. He was chosen to represent the fairness to Palestinians part of Bernie's campaign.