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Israel Thanks Obama for Sabotaging Nuclear Nonproliferation Agreement


Israel Thanks Obama for Sabotaging Nuclear Nonproliferation Agreement

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The U.S. sabotage last week of an international agreement aimed at eradicating nuclear weapons stockpiles has been met mostly with alarm and frustration around the world—but gratitude from one key U.S. ally: Israel.


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Even after 45 years, the US is not in compliance with it’s obligations under the NPT. Our two may obligations under the NPT are1) nonproliferation, we traded nuclear technology to India for Mangos under George W. Bush as just one example. 2) Under the NPT the US is obligated to reduce it’s nuclear arsenal down to zero, yet last year Slick Oily asked congress for a trillion dollars to update and expand our nuclear arsenal! Sounds like one of them rogue nations we accuse other nations of being!


As a long time member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, all that I can say about Herr Hairy Kerry (someone that I once admired quite a lot) is that he has become an odd combination of Gloria Swanson in her closeup scene in ‘Sunset Boulevard’ and Boris Karloff as Herr Frankenstein in - well - ‘Frankenstein’ plus ‘Son of Frankenstein’ and ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ as well. There’s just no other way to put it!


Don’t forget, you too can call Kerry and Obomber and say “Thanks for nothing.” What now—vote for another Democrook?


The US will always back Israel, that’s the best agitator for continued strife in the Middle East. Every time the US gives the “thumbs up” to Israel’s oppression in the Gaza Ghetto, the region seethes a bit more and the possibility of a conflict that the US can frame as a “THEY STARTED IT!” affair edges just a bit closer.