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Israeli Forces Kill 17-Year-Old With Live Fire as 40,000 Palestinians Mark 'Great March of Return' Anniversary

Israeli Forces Kill 17-Year-Old With Live Fire as 40,000 Palestinians Mark 'Great March of Return' Anniversary

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Tens of thousands of Palestinians gathered near the Israel-Gaza border fence on Saturday to mark the one-year anniversary of the weekly "Great March of Return" demonstrations and demand an end to Israel's brutal occupation.

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How much foreign and military aid does the U.S. give Israel annually?

And, as it becomes increasingly difficult to deny this connection/association . . .


Murder under the guise of maintaining independence.


Well this must make Pelosi, Schumer and the others who attended AIPAC very proud.


If you really want to vomit, read this Washington Post story that mocks the Palestinians for the “futility” of their protests, quoting one Panestinian father who was badly wounded who, in their “translation” of his Arabic claimed to have been going “for fun”.

They resist their oppressors with arms and crude rockets… and they are gunned down. “They must be peaceful” their oppressors say…

So, they resist their oppressors peacefully…and they get gunned down.


One day the bullets will be flying in the other direction. “Israel” has assured its own fate. Hey, they base their land claims on biblical teachings, which also include prophesies about the utter destruction of a “people” who turned their backs on their own God. Stay tuned.


The once oppressed has become the oppressor. The irony…


Osrael and America lead the world in war crimes. Is it any wonder they both ignore the International Crimes Court and U.N. resolutions.


What utterly stymies me is the fact that the history of the devolution into insanity of Israelś Zionist components is constantly being massaged for messaging. The abuses reinforcing the relationship with the US economic “elite” have a scathing profile being etched with acid by the likes of Bannon, the Mercers, Conway and the all the ‘buy-ins’ in this travesty. Not the least of which is the weaponization of all related to it including literal weaponry.

That profile is one of the most telling inversions of a failed construct. It does not even attain the status of “paradigm”. It is simple, yet stunningly corrosive in effect. Those enjoying the epitome of extractive and ultimately failed ‘advantage’, fashion their rhetoric as if they are victims. The insidious acceptance bandwagon - THEN - claims that it should be illegal to challenge its legitimacy!!!

This is the Stockholm syndrome writ large - and we ignore the lesson and refrain from engagement at our peril.



Yeah, I guess this is one case where bringing them freedom and democracy would not work very well!

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Anyone in scud range, if you can hear me, I hope you can bring them forth.

If they cared little-to-nothing about the previous million or two we have (killed is the nice way to put it) murdered, why would they care about one or two at a time. They have made their bed, I would hope they can’t sleep at night.


At least “Can’t sleep at night”

The Zionists learned the lesson of cruelty from Hitler.

Now, it’s their turn to exercise the cruelty.


Most murderers don’t admit their crime.

95 to 97% of those that vote in this country, support the two parties that are responsible for all of the war crimes in all of our lives.

Until that bond is broken, we have no chance of a world at peace, let alone Democracy.

The Duopoly keeps us divided and at each other’s throats.

Succumbing to that animalistic mentality is not at all human.

Reject the lies and support a political party that puts "People, Planet, and Peace Before Profit."

Be human.


Your best duopoly post. imo

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As Elvis would say, "Thank you very much."

No offense intended.

USA: Stop kissing AIPAC butt!


This is the madness of this situation. It’s Shakespearian, really–a tragedy. Infuriating on a moral level, but at the same time, heartbreaking on a human level. Why this? Hubris?


With you completely.