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Israeli Forces Kill Seven Palestinians Along Gaza-Israel Border at Launch of Six-Week 'March of Great Return'


Israeli Forces Kill Seven Palestinians Along Gaza-Israel Border at Launch of Six-Week 'March of Great Return'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Israeli forces reportedly killed at least seven Palestinians and injured


Ah, there is some coverage of the continuing struggle for equal rights of the Palestinian peoples vs the Zionist Israel. Where is a “truth commission” for the Palestinians? The continuing theft of land, the burying of history, the propaganda of the West, are formidable obstacles for the those who have had their lands confiscated and for those who try to represent those who have been outright brutalized and murdered by the Zionists (I do separate the Zionists from ordinary Irsaeli citizens). Being that historical memory has been crucified on the cross of criminality the problem is how to bring the rest of the world to understand what has happened in the ME in the past over 100 years to cause the mess that exists there today. It’s almost impossible. From the idea of Zionism thru the Balfour Declaration, Sykes Picot Treaty, betrayal of the ME by the world powers after WW1, the fall of the Ottoman Empire to allow the changing of common land laws by Great Britain; the Israeli terrorists groups the killed their way onto Palestinian lands, which continues today by “settlers”. So the Palestinian people continue to struggle, the Zionist government continues it’s criminality, and the US pours more money and weapons to assist. There are no words left to describe the disgrace that has been cast on this mess.


Israel is weaker than ever before both politically and militarily especially since the shooting of its most advanced warplane the F16.


Palestinians will do well by exerting ever greater pressure on Israel because the tides have changed in favor of Palestinian rights and freedom at last.


Once again, I call for all progressive Americans to demand that the U. S. END ALL military and financial support for the illegitimate “state” of Israel, built on the stolen land of Palestine, and only authorized by white Europeans, without the input of any native leadership groups in the region. I would also call on the people to demand that the U. S. officially sanction Israel by prohibiting any and all trade and visitation to that “state”. Totally isolate and cut them off until they collapse.

Of course none of that is going to happen. I have not even seen a single report on U. S. corporate media about these protests and IDF killings. Not a word! Not really shocking, given that our own Congress tried to sneak a bill through that would unconstitutionally criminalize speaking out in support of the Sanctions Movement against Israel. I would urge all progressives in Maryland to support and vote for Chelsea Manning in her campaign against the major sponsor of that bill, Sen. Ben Cardin in the upcoming MD primary. I realize that she cannot win against the machine, and I wish she would come over and join the Green Party, which is very much in line with her positions, but she will have to go through losing 80+% of the vote to the entrenched oligarchs first. The Green Party stands with our Palestinian brothers and sisters, and all people of color who have been oppressed by the arrogant imperialism of the United States for over a century. We are the true party of The People.


Let me preface my comments by first stating the fact that I am not anti-Semitic, nor have I ever been! I have a deep respect for the Jewish people. At the same time, I have a deep respect for the Palestinian people and all other Arabic people.

Having said this, and because of this, I condemn the cruel atrocities carried out by the Israeli Government many times over the past 4 decades, especially. They obviously do not want peace, ever. In this sense, they emulate the policies of their largest benefactor, the US Government. The “might makes right” practices and policies of both of them are not very different from those of Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s USSR.
for the most part, not that different


The New York Times describes it as “clashes” started by the Palestinians and the story is accompanied by this endless, mindless, 3-second loop - over and over and over again - of a single lone Palestinian in a field throwing a rock with a sling while a tire burns in the background.

Pure, unadulterated, pro-Israel propaganda. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so tragic.


Sooooo true! The N.Y. Times: All the news that fits their pro-Israel agenda.


The protest commemorates Land Day 42 years ago, and will continue until the anniversary of the Catastrophe 70 years ago (barring another lawn-mowing). These numbers should tell the Israelis that the terrible injustice that continues to be done to the Palestinians won’t be forgotten any time soon.

The so-called two-state solution is never going to work. You can’t push a people into walled-off, fragmented enclaves where access to resources is restricted and travel from one of their little pockets of misery to another is disallowed, and then call it an independent nation.

The only hope for peace in the region (a very thin hope) is one state where all people are equal citizens. Yes, this state of Israel/Palestine (or whatever it would be called) would not likely consist of a Jewish majority. But here’s a thought: The US in the coming decades won’t consist of a white majority. Does the white majority in this country have the right to do whatever it takes to maintain that majority? Whatever it takes. MAWA.

The Catastrophe began in 1948 but it isn’t over yet, and the worst is yet to come.


The government of the United States “shames” each and every of of us for it’s support of the continued murder and repression of the Palestinian People by the Murderous Israeli regime.

Until those Israeli officials responsible for this are arrested and charged for these crimes, our association with them will tarnish our country’s history.


I’m surprised Jared is not on the ground mediating the dispute.


I second your call.

BDS and Solidarity!!!


Excellent Post!!!


Well said.


We see, the same as you.
And we have the same lack of power to change the situation.

The ability to change an apartheid state must come from a final tide of public disgust which will throw down the corrupt government of Israel and force a democratic solution by the people,
not the current extorted obedience forced at gunpoint.

While South Africa is a troubled example, it never the less shows one thing.

Boycott, Divest, and Sanction does work.


Our leadership has a history of being on the wrong side, morally speaking, beginning about 1947. up to the present.


Great post, Abi!


To fully comprehend the mess that is the Middle East one must read “the quest for civilization” by Robert Fisk.