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Israeli Official Says Military Action Against Iran 'Still on Table'


Israeli Official Says Military Action Against Iran 'Still on Table'

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

In a last ditch effort to undercut a framework agreement between world powers and Iran, a top aide to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed on Monday that, regardless of the diplomatic process, military action against Iran is "still on the table."

Yuval Steinitz, Likud Party minister for strategic affairs, told reporters that Israel is still unilaterally weighing the "military option."


Critical that the U.S. and their allies act to control this rogue terrorist state.
A full boycott and embargo on Israel should be undertaken forthwith.


So while Obama sells this peace deal with Iran to the US Congress the leader of a foreign country WITH nuclear weapons is selling war with Iran to the same Congress. Iranians are confounded why “Americans” would listen to the head of a foreign country over their own. Now if only this deal were to eliminate all things nuclear everywhere we could collectively breath a sigh of relief and get to work on the ecological crisis and vast inequality.


So Nuttyyahoo and his buds can drag America into a war of their choice without our consent? Is America bound by a statement it should never have made in the first place? Let Israel fight its own war and leave America out of it. Guess Israel can’t wait to be taken off the map hu? Give them something to pray about. Maybe pay back for the Palestinian women and children they bombed.


Smiryahoo and his Zionist thugs were never our allies, only our exploiters.


Unilateral military attack on Iran would be irresponsible and possibly lead to a horrendous Middle East war.


Just to be clear–it doesn’t matter which party controls Congress, it will still bend over to kiss Nutty’s a**. Remember all those congress-creatures, of both parties, jumping up and down like mindless robots at every statement Nutsy made before them recently? And their willingness to send Israel $3 billion a year for military purchases (to benefit US weapons manufacturers)? Or their statements that Israel has a right to defend itself, as it was blithely slaughtering Palestinians last summer?


No nukes anywhere. No nukes in Dimona Israel and no nukes in Iran. Unless we start getting rid of nukes EVERYWHERE there can be trrible nuclear conflagration.


"Yuval Steinitz, Likud Party minister for strategic affairs, told reporters that Israel is still unilaterally weighing the “military option.” “It was on the table. It’s still on the table. It’s going to remain on the table,” said Steinitz.

“It’s a little table and there’s no room on it for anything else,” said Steinitz, “Not even a lamp.”


The only people at israel’s table are war mongering psychopaths that are traitors to all of mankind.
Only a drooling fool of a war monger would want world war III… the clueless followers of NitWityahu are simply zealots way to stupid to find their ass with both hands with written directions.


Absolutely. I’m open to a diplomatic solution, though, the moment that a team from the UN confirms beyond a doubt that Israel has no nuclear weapons, no intention of building nuclear weapons, and agrees to sign a treaty that it will not build any WMD. There must be regular inspections, however, and importation of WMD from client states such as the US cannot be allowed. Considering the current level of conflict, we should also look for chemical and biological weapons assiduously.


This bloody tribe since it’s evolved existence has never had a working relationship with any of it’s neighbors because it has a collective holier than thou attitude, supreme hubris, and arrogance
never ending.
This nation state is parasitic and a plague on the taxpayers of the United States as our born
again bible belt politicians acquiesce for every cash demand they ask for.
I say, bulldoze all the stone domes, wailing walls etc. and let a pragmatic humanism rule.
this whole lot of desert people seem to thrive on oozing blood of an opposing belief system.


Vegguy, the U.S. does “control this state” — that is, that the Disguised Global Capitalist Empire only ‘posing’ as, and HQed in, the U.S. does “control” its border-fort state of Israel, or to be more precise the facade of Vichy Israel.

So, vegguy, the Empire in Vichy America does control Vichy Israel.

FOX would be delighted ---- all is “fair and balanced” in this Global Empire, and more importantly, hardly a soul knows it thanks to the fair and balanced media/propaganda-sector of the Empire.


The most dangerous thing that’s “Still on the Table” is the Disguised Global Empire, which unites the former states and other power organizations of; the U.S., UK, Germany, France, Israel, NATO, ECB, IMF, World Bank, TNCs, and the TCC (Transnational Capitalist Classes).


The US should quietly tell Israel that if they attacked Iran they would be cut off, probably by everyone but for sure by the US, that there would be a Security Council resolution condemning Israel, affirming Iran’s right to respond and implying that any country wishing to come to Iran’s aid would have the right to do so. It is unrealistic to expect the US to say this to Israel publicly, but saying it privately would be sufficient.


In part correct- Indeed the TCC - the 1% - works across International lines.
Up until now the Zionist arm of the Elite TCC have been content to buy the support of the US.
This latest move on Netanyahu’s part is an attempt for the madman to pursue a genocidal takeover of the middle east - in fact, to more than buy the USA but direct it.
The corporatocracy can have no advantage to endorsing this madman’s blood lust.
In fact it will cast light on the DGE which they do not want.
The US will need to sanction Israel to reassert complete control or perhaps the CIA will arrange a timely assassination ; but that could create an escalation rather than a control.
The US corporatocracy is more interested in controlling the European Union and creating a war with Russia. Netanyahu’s obsession with genocide in the Middle East and support from mouthy bit players like Herr Harper must be an irritant to those seeking world domination.


Exactly, i fear the real terrorists like Schumer, Natenyahu, Israel, AIPAC and Feinstein more then any “terrorist” they are directing our attention to. Trrust me when they are gone so will ISIS and al-qaedas and Ukraine Nazis, etc…they will all vanish with them.


Yes, how about a nuclear free middle east?


i have a hunch that they have told Israel this but Natanyahu and other assholes like him aren’t heeding the warnings. They still think that an attack on Iran will turn Iran into another Iraq and they’d be done with her. However Iran is not Iraq, the US has perhaps grasped this fact otherwise they would have taken action years ago. The US knows that the repercussions in the aftermath of an Iran attack is unpredictable and very chaotic at best.


If the US were to threaten sanctions against Israel as a result of them acting like a rogue state along with cutting off all foreign aid, then Israel would wither into dust if they were not to take heed. They are nothing with out US foreign aid, armaments, airplanes, munitions, missiles, tanks, etc. Let them be the mouse that roars and see how easily that roar will be silenced. Hit them where it hurts most: in the purse. Nah, never happen.