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Israeli Sniper Targets, Kills Journalist in "PRESS" Vest

Israeli Sniper Targets, Kills Journalist in "PRESS" Vest

Common Dreams staff

Yaser Murtaja, a cameraman for Palestinian Ain Media, was wearing a "PRESS" flak jacket as he was shot by an Israeli sniper Friday. He died of his injuries in a hospital on Saturday.

The 30-year-old journalist was one of nine people killed and more than 1,000 injured by Israeli troops Friday on the Gaza border.

Thousands of Palestinians continued "The Great March of Return," the week-long protest on Friday, demanding the right of return of Palestinian refugees to towns and villages from which their families were driven out when Israel was created.


I did a search to see if the story was being covered and a number of mainstream news outlets did report it (Washington Post, CBS News, NY Daily News), . Yahoo reported that six journalists wearing press vests were wounded but none of the injuries were life threatening, which clearly is wrong.


Your right this is murder. This protests have been on NPR, and I’ll bet the murdered journalist will be too in the next few days they’re generally a few days behind common dreams when it comes to stuff like this. Even if NPR and other sources like it reports this half the population at least will never hear.


Found this on WP they just put it up, I commend CD for being so ahead of the crowd on stuff like this.https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/palestinian-journalist-in-vest-marked-press-shot-dead-by-israeli-troops-in-gaza/2018/04/07/ac57b524-3a30-11e8-8fd2-49fe3c675a89_story.html?utm_term=.4139a94dfe77 (The WP is not one of my normal sources its just the first American news source I saw when I googled it)

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Anyone here think anybody in the Trump Administration will call this anything other than a “local issue?”


I doubt they will even acknowledge that it happened or say that he was a threat some how.


I noticed that he was shot about one inch below the bottom of his flak vest. Pretty accurate sniping as sometime those jackets will stop a round.
*I was looking at my old blog and found an entry almost five years ago. Perhaps, if I can bring it over, it would be a bit helpful today.

Thursday, April 18, 2013
A Little Child Shall Lead Them

A Little Child Shall Lead Them
Isaiah 11:6

AN eight year old child made a poster in his third grade class. His proud teacher took a photo of him holding his poster. I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking at that photo, which now has been seen around the world. I have looked at his expression, the way he delicately holds his poster up for his teacher. He has a small smile, including the gaps of missing baby teeth, but his eyes caught me. I see a sadness, a pleading, in his eyes. He means what his poster says, “No more hurting people. Peace” On either side of the word Peace is a heart and below it is a peace symbol.
This eight year old child has just solved the major problem of the world, and he wants the world to understand it and do it. No More hurting people. If that is accomplished, then Peace may result.
I don’t know what it was that influenced him to write that poster. Perhaps he had heard people discussing drones and the killing of women and children around the world. Perhaps he had watched a schoolyard bully beat up a little kid and steal his lunch money. Maybe it was a kindly old lady who lived down the street and sat on the porch swing, feeding him cookies, petting her cat, and telling him stories of her youth. Perhaps it was just common sense, which is much more common in small children than it is in adults, but is rarely recognized by us.
A few days, or perhaps a week or so later, his shattered body was lying on a street in Boston, surrounded by many hurting people, including his mother, sister and, his father.
A bit earlier, I had seen a photo of a bunch of Pakistanis, with a row of dead children laid out in a row before them. Victims of an Obama sponsored drone. Perhaps he saw that, though I doubt it. It was not widely published here in the US.
Mr. Obama came to Boston for a brief photo-op, vowing to bring the perpetrators to “justice” and announcing that he is sending in guns, tanks and drones to “pacify” yet another poor country in Africa.
Mr. Obama, what part of Martin Richard’s poster do you not understand?

No More hurting people.

Isaiah 11:6 says, “a little child shall lead them.” I see that Martin’s picture is slowly fading away as the mass media has milked it for what it can get in the short attention span of the American public. I hope, though, that this simple photo will remain as a lesson in the hearts and minds of many around the world who weary of endless wars, endless “hurting people” for the profits and power of the arms and war makers.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the memory of this innocent little martyr and his simple poster could, in fact, lead the world toward the path of peace?
Bless you Martin Richard. May your memory stay green and bright and may we bring your simple plea to fruition.
Steve Osborn
18 April 2013
(Unfortunately, I cannot seem to bring the photo over.)


Oh hell no. Haley will deny that it even happened. That she got confirmed is disgraceful. Just one more warmongering cretinous scum in our government.


Israel is in charge of our foreign policy. The whole damn reason for the “war of terror” is to make Israel the only superpower in the Middle East. Millions are dead because Israel wanted them dead. Not one person in our government will stand up to Bibi and tell him to fuck off and do his own dirty work. Why do our troops have to die for Israel? Why don’t Israelis have to put themselves on the line? Why are we paying for Israel’s wars?

Because many of our congress members have dual citizenship with Israel and they put its self interest before ours. Schumer is one of Israel’s biggest whores.


Jeremy Corbyn was spot on in his denunciation of the war crimes by Israel. To actually speak the truth despite corporate insistence to whitewash all Israeli crimes is encouraging. I’m not sure if Britons are ready for such an honest politician as Corbyn especially give n the amount of Brits who have swallowed the right wing corporate narrative that their own press has been feeding them for decades.
If Democracy is to flourish, we will need a wave of Jeremy Corbyn’s elected across the globe in the next few years. If we fail to do that, we will all find our selves as nothing more that indentured servants to a handful of corporations around the world.
Currently corporate America (and Britain) fear an open debate about the world’s largest outdoor prison known as Gaza. As over a million citizens suffer under brutal prison conditions (Israel’s Guantanamo) with no hope of release or dignity unless the world rises up to defend truth and justice. If enough of the public realized what is going on in Gaza, right wing corporate lackeys would start tumbling from positions of power similar to how the global consensus helped South Africa to end their cruel, apartheid society. However we can not depend on the MSM to report any of this as their corporate sponsors have forbidden such truthful coverage of the carnage induced by the IDF.


He must have had a cell phone in his pocket.

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*It works! If it didn’t, the Israeli government wouldn’t be trying to force all of its client states, such as Britain and the US Fourth Reich to pass laws making BDS and criticism of Israel and its programs illegal with large fines and long sentences. So I say, BDS! BDS! BDS! It works!


It is interesting to note that Corbyn is being currently smeared by a series of conservative politicians, including a former chickhawk/Blair toady from his own party (Lord Sugar) for anti-semitism. Of course, the Jewish group backing this smear, is highly conservative, secretive and gets money directly from aligned interests supportive of the Israeli government. Hmmm, Now where have I seen this before? Of course, the fact that the smear happens just at the time when the last of Blair’s toadies are kick out of key positions within the labor party is purely coincidental. Interestingly, there is a clear generational divide within the Jewish community where again the 40 and under crowd, the more socially connected, are clearly not buying it.

The “you hate the Jews” smear is the last vestige of the neoliberal crowd. They pull this one out of their toolbelt when they clearly can’t win an argument. Mark my words, it will be used against every progressive politician that gets close to power. Of course, Bernie will be labeled a self hating Jew.

There is a fundamental reality with Israel and it centers on the fact that underneath the surface, it is a poor highly fractured nation. The divide between the rich and poor is stunning large and getting worse, and only direct cash infusions from the US keeps the government from complete bankruptcy. It is this simply fact as to why the de-investment initiative could be so effective. I run a smallish company and last year we started to de-invest. While we didn’t sell into Israel, we did buy components. It’s only 10K a year year but we found another source and moved on. De-investment works and I have noticed that our former Israeli source is now pushing heavy discounts on a range of components. I have never seen this before.


Isn’t this something that journalist associations should be condemning?

The Israeli government announced that it will investigate. The outcome will be the same as when US police investigate police shooting of unarmed Black men, women, and children.


Reported yes; but, where is the press outrage that could and should express our outrage! Snipers choose who to shoot/kill. It is no accident who was hit by bullets. Our nation has degenerated into supporting a government, Israel’s, which is committing the same crimes against the Palestinians as were committed by the Nazi’s against the Jewish people.


Found Israels excuse for the murder. They say that he had been flying a drone over Israeli troops, NPR notes that this is unproven. https://www.npr.org/sections/parallels/2018/04/07/600579223/palestinian-journalist-fatally-shot-while-covering-gaza-protest?sc=17&f=1001&utm_source=iosnewsapp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=app


While I agree that Israels treatment of the Palestinians is horrible, I would like to say that good press never gets outraged by anything. They tell us what happened and allow us to get outraged over it. A perfect example is the NPR article I just shared with everybody.

AIPAC controls the American govt. and there will no consequences for the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza. Israel killed and wounded hundreds of American Navy personnel in the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty and nothing was done.


Excellent comment Nevermind…and speaking of Alan Sugar, there’s this reporter that mentions him directly.


Please remember this the next time some Russiagate frother tries to bludgeon you with the “But… but… Putin kills journalists!” meme. Do not even seek to deny the claim (dubious though it be in many cases). Just cite this Israeli case, then cite all the journalists the US killed or tried to kill in Iraq (remember the Palestine hotel in Baghdad?) Then cite Michael Hastings. Then cite Gary Webb. Then cite _________ (fill in the blank).