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Israeli Supreme Court Gives Military 'Green Light' to Keep Killing Unarmed Palestinians


Israeli Supreme Court Gives Military 'Green Light' to Keep Killing Unarmed Palestinians

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Once more affirming its role as an enabler of Israel's brutal occupation and murder of Palestinians, the Israeli Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a legal effort by human rights groups to revoke military rules that permit soldiers to use live ammunition against unarmed civilians.


Israel is the “Cancer of Palestine”!

There are many out there who don’t know the history of the thieving of Palestine by the Israel version of “PAC MAN”!

Hint: The year 1948 was the beginning!


Wow. Just wow. Israel has the right to defend itself, but shooting unarmed people is not self-defense – it is murder. The justification is not really self-defense, but the notion that Arabs are less than human. I know this to be true by listening to my family and friends describe Arabs as “dirty”, and as people who are inherently evil and who deserve to be stripped of their rights and property. The vehemence with which my friends and family defend Zionist violence tells me that they know that what they defend is wrong. They replace conscience and reason with mere volume. I can only draw the conclusion that many Jews learned precisely the wrong lesson from the Holocaust. The rule now seems to be do unto others what others have done to you in the past. Concentration camps and ethnic cleansing. The Nazis taught the Jews well.

In the interest of fair reporting I am a Jew who is ashamed of the murderous excesses of the State of Israel. I know I am not alone in my outrage as a Jew whose conscience cries out against the murder of unarmed people simply because they are Arabs. FOR SHAME ISRAEL!!!


“Naqba” is Palestinian for “holocaust.”


Thanks. I did not know that. Holocaust, Naqba, evil.


Actually, the most common translation is “catastrophe,” but the point remains: Israelis are doing to others what they condemn when it was done to their ancestors.


Sorry, Kakistocrat…I don’t think they have any of that.


Thank God for the Israeli Supreme Court.
I was almost beginning to think that shooting babies was not an okay to do.
It is also great to know that genocide is still thriving.
I think I will celebrate with a glass of seltzer from my SodaStream machine.


You’re right. They don’t.


What is interpreted as legal does not equate to morality.

What is interpreted as legal does not equate to justice.


One thing this brings home to me is that the only reason I’m able to live here in my particular situation, is because of the genocide committed by my recent ancestors. This genocide is ongoing, i.e. more first nations people are killed by police each year, than are black folks. Time to look in mirror and stand up against that.


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A Nuremberg war crimes/crimes against humanity Trials await (hopefully) the Israeli zionazi murderers of men, women, and children…lots of those…this blight on humanity is only tolerated because of political power and subversion of many nations sovereignty by the Israeli entity. Racist supremacy and ordinary theft of territory and resources cloaked in “religion” is the MO of these killers…how very typical of their depraved racism and fantasy “god gave it to us” mythology!

"An Israeli army officer who fired the entire magazine of his automatic rifle into a 13-year-old Palestinian girl and then said he would have done the same even if she had been three years old was acquitted on all charges by a military court yesterday.

The soldier, who has only been identified as “Captain R”, was charged with relatively minor offences for the killing of Iman al-Hams who was shot 17 times as she ventured near an Israeli army post near Rafah refugee camp in Gaza a year ago - she was just a child who was “scared to death” "


Well, you can if by “moral” you actually mean moral inversion.




Classic tactic used by totalitarian regimes to murder a group of people - first, demonize and vilify them and label them less-than-human repeatedly, until this becomes accepted by the majority. Then do whatever you want to them, and it will even be considered perfectly OK by the courts. As we see with this ruling by the Israeli “Supreme” Court.

Nazis did it to the Jews/gays/dissenters/critics of its regime. Israelis are doing it to the Palestinians. The U.S. is doing it to anyone with dark skin who is not a legal American citizen. I.e., “shithole countries,” “they are just animals,” “murderers and rapists,” etc. True, still have a few barriers left here, such as a few annoying court rulings that contest the government’s “muslim” ban, but all in all it’s pretty much a green light. ICE is having a field day rounding up everyone and the kitchen sink, tearing minors from their parents, holding them without due process then deporting them, etc. And the Trump Administration just successfully OK’d the routine destruction of all documents and evidence of any sexual or other physical abuse done to detainees rounded up, so ICE and law enforcement can now torture and rape the “others” with impunity once they are caught.

Yup. Working like a charm! What great countries the U.S. and Israel are!


To say that somehow these people were “unarmed” is to stand truth on its head. One need only look at all the videos posted by news organizations—Hamas ordered these people out by the thousands to breach the border and kill as many Israelis as possible. Using rocks, fireworks, molotov cocktails and live ammunition—the orchestrators of this attack were very definitely armed. Even hamas said that 50 of the people killed were Hamas Operatives. So how does a story so incorrect in its premise get posted?


The Israeli government learned from Hitler and practices on their neighbors.


It seems like Kristallnacht comes to Gaza every night. And why is Ahed Tamimi in prison? I read a wonderful book called THE SEVENTH MILLION, by Tom Segev that gives the whole history of how Israel became and Palestine began to disappear. I think America should stop giving so much money to Israel-- it seems like the are rewarded for awful behavior. -Puerto Rico could use more money and they need it as being Americans.

Israel , you should be impressed with Palestine and Gaza, as you celebrate the fighting of the people at Masada…but just think, Palestine has been fighting for 70 years —and in Gaza with little food, water , electricity, shelter, health care----- but —they still continue. to fight for their rights and and. I really admire that Herzl didn’t really care where the new nation was formed, so everyone should read his book ( online " it’s called Altneuland" (…in his book all religions live together—.) As many have said as after the holocaust how could so many in Israel become so evil acting? So many seem to deny what Palestine goes through…maybe the Palestinians should wear little yellow crescent moons-----like the jewfish people had to wear yellow stars----------ti remind those who hate so much that"this who forgot the past are condemned to repeat it." : (


Hamas! Hamas! Hamas! they shrieked.
What a handy little old answer for everything, eh? and the dog ate my homework too, right?
There is plenty of video evidence to refute your ridiculous claim, especially and including video from IDF soldiers. Children, especially babies are oh so phucking Hamas, right? Journalists?
Medical people?