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Israel's Admission of 2007 Clandestine Bombing of Syria in 2007 Contains This Warning: Iran Could Be Next

Israel's Admission of 2007 Clandestine Bombing of Syria in 2007 Contains This Warning: Iran Could Be Next

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Israel on Wednesday admitted it bombed a suspected Syrian nuclear facility 11 years ago, and Israeli offials used the confirmation to boast about their country's military might and again threaten Iran.

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I remember clearly when the Soviet Union was emplacing nuclear missiles in Cuba.

Put yourself in Israel’s position.

The terrorist racist Israelis don’t want any ME/NA nation to stand-up to their expansion and illegal settlement thefts (or any other filth they do), but today the military/missile technology to shoot down their attacking aircraft is quite different than when Israel bombed the Syrian site - they would have to use nuclear weapons to destroy Iran and millions of people
They will not have as easy a time with attack bombers and conventional bombs, and will not escape without great losses - far better to end their ethic cleansing and racist supremacist mind-set and enter into goodfaith talks to gain security - apparently “good-faith” is beyond their agenda and ability to understand though…


“…Israel—a nuclear-armed power but not a signatory of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)…”

How do you think the rest of the Middle East feels?


An often overlooked fact in this political ping pong between the West and Iran are the oil-and gas-rich fields of the Caspian Sea. Western oil producing corporations have for years heavily invested in that region and want their returns. Iran and Russia both border the Caspian Sea…


It makes an interesting conundrum. Which bothers people more? Nuclear proliferation, or Israel?

Speaking from the safety of relative distance, I prefer to have fewer countries developing nuclear weapons than having countries that are supporting terrorists getting nuclear weapons.

I freely admit - self-interest wins for me in this case.

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If Israel uses nuclear on Iran, that means we have a global nuclear war and it will be ugly. Humanity may not survive a nuclear winter and what would we have if some did survive? Illness and deformity?
The world needs to band together and pressure the United States and Israel to destroy their nuclear weapons. It’s gthe only way we are going to survive.
Right now, every country should be working to combat global warming.


And closer to home they will never allow stone-throwing children to challenge their theft of what they claim is their right, by Yahweh (so very sorry, I understand it is bad form to speak “his” name.) A (bull) chip on their shoulder, millennia old, has ossified into a homunculus of a “race” convinced it is different, superior, and without need of any but its own.

Do you suppose the expert that was here the other day claiming that Israel has no interest in Syria will do an encore?


If. Israel didn’t use nukes in Syria. There’s nothing to indicate that they will use them in Iran.

No one wants a nuclear winter, no one wants a nuclear war, the Israelis included. I find it interesting that you’re not calling for pressure for anyone else to give up their nukes. Why? Do you trust the Pakistanis (who have sold nuclear weapons technology to others) or the Indians or the North Koreans, Chinese, Russians, French, English, etc., more than the US and Israel?

Israel felt threatened by its neighbors, so it not only bombed supposed Iraqi and Syrian nuclear sites, but also, with the clandestine help of other nations, developed its own nuclear arsenal to deter future attacks. For that, the U.S. understands and supports Israel.

North Korea, carpet-bombed by the U.S. Air Force from 1950 to 1953, bombings which killed more than 2 million people, mostly civilians; and which is now nearly surrounded by forces of the nuclear-armed U.S. (which had already nuclear-bombed two Asian cities in 1945) and has been threatened since 1953 by U.S. and South Korean military maneuvers nears its border and coastlines, attempts to develop its own nuclear deterrent, and the U.S. then threatens it with “fire and fury”.

So only nations acceptable to the imperialist U.S. are allowed to have a nuclear deterrent against annihilation. Any others MUST be threatened with annihilation by the “exceptional” and “indispensable” self-appointed guardian of freedom and democracy.


If stability in the region was the number 1 goal, the United States would put a Fucking leash on Israel.

A really “short” leash.

How many other Nuclear Armed Terrorist nations are allowed to murder indiscriminately?


and create world war 3? if a failed state as Israel can have nuclear weapons, the areas can surely have them too.

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On foreign policy, the nations you mentioned are far more trustworthy than the USA & Israel. The USA is the only nation in the world that dropped A-bombs on another nation. Just because the USA & Israel are democracies doesn’t mean they pose no threats to other nations. Israel is not totally democratic. It persecutes Palestinians and Israeli-Arabs. Jewish settlers in the W. Bank, Gaza & E Jerusalem force Palestinians off their lands to make room for them. Palestinians do not get enough water in their homes because Israel uses it to irrigate their farms. GW Bush lied about Iraq having WMD’s & being involved in 9/11. Iraq destroyed its WMD’s after Gulf War I and the US & UK kept bombing Iraq from the No-Fly-Zones. Israel has repeatedly invaded Lebanon and took The Golan Heights away from Syria.
The USA used chemical weapons in SE Asia during the Vietnam War. If Israel needs its lands back because they were originally theirs, the USA should be returned to its Native Peoples.


But one must also place one’s self in the position of those Israel considers as enemies. They don’t come out of the blue. The US is and has been doing the same and creating more enemies as a result. As we collectively move ever closer to nuclear winter–as if climate catastrophe were not enough–we need to move toward de-escalation. Why the rhetoric of a two-state solution for so many decades when there can be a one state solution for both people? Sometimes I suspect that the two state solution is completely disingenuous considering the facts on the ground. and that it has served more to prolong the farce.


Exactly. It is getting so that soon we all will need our own personal nuclear bomb.

Given the proximity of these countries to Israel that would be suicidal.Pressure needs to be placed on countries to give up their respective nuclear weapons, nuclear power facilities and any plans to develop nuclear weapons if we a re going to breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Well with Iran there are no active nuclear sites and the west has inspections going on regularly. A strike by Israel would be an act of war condemned by everyone.

In the era of Trump it is OK to bully your enemies. But if you actually follow through there will be a violent war aftermath.

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Israel has become a bad actor. Until there is peace in that part of the world Israel is as much or more at fault than the Palestinians. The number of Palestinians killed is much larger than the number of Israelis. Make peace. Stop stealling land.


Nah, they could never replace the iPhone, iPad, iPood, etc…

Shhhh! Next thing you know the NRA will be promoting that, in addition to the right to carry guns, everyone (that is all white folk in the NRA’s eyes) should have their own personal usable nuclear weapon.