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Israel's New Blacklist of BDS-Supporting Groups of Sparks Outrage

Israel's New Blacklist of BDS-Supporting Groups of Sparks Outrage

Common Dreams staff

"Israel is isolating itself even further as an apartheid state," says CODEPINK


This list exposes just how arrogant and out of touch Israel’s leaders have become. It puts the lie to the Hasbara propaganda that the BDS movement is “anti-semitic”. And it draws even more attention to the courageous work of organizations as diverse as Jewish Voices for Peace, American Muslims for Palestine, CODEPINK, and the American Friends Service Committee.


Well, I’m a little hurt. While we certainly don’t have the stature of the AFSC, at least parts of the Presbyterian Church (USA) have stood with these groups, and some of our leaders were turned away at the (leaving the US) airport last summer as members of an interfaith fact-finding tour, their support for BDS being cited. Jewish Voice for Peace stood with us in the summer of 2012 when our General Assembly (biennial national decision-making body) was considering ending a decade of working as shareholders in 3 US corporations (Motorola, Caterpillar, and Hewlett-Packard) to see them stop selling goods and services to the Israeli government that are used in the occupation. When the time for commissioners to vote came around, and the committee recommending divestment, a letter from Prime Minister Netanyahu was read out by the Moderator. It asked the Moderator to block the vote and accept an all-expense-paid trip for himself and the Stated Clerk (top legal officer) to come and be shown how nice everything really is in Israel. The Moderator asked the commissioners what was their pleasure, and they voted overwhelmingly to decline. They then proceeded to direct the Mission Responsibility Through Investment board to proceed with divestment. I was very proud.


We can know they by the enemies they choose.

Those are some very fine groups. Israel declares itself the opposite by declaring them as enemies.


Thank you for posting the experience. The Palestinan people are being held hostage in a situation to hide that the premises of the ‘nation state’ have been undermined by predatory capitalism. Israeli politicians are just as tied up with the delusional grabbing and poisoning their society as so many others around the world are doing.

Human beings are fine, it just that the systems have become such mind and heart twisters that they sharpen trigger fingers and call it pride and claim someone is trying to steal it. It has nothing to do with reality and destruction and poisoning of the planet are evidence tipping the point for everyone to see.

At least that’s my 2 cents.

Here’s a link to AFSC BDS Theres an option to sign up for email alerts - and a donations page.


A heart felt thank you to all these organizations who deserve our support.

Ariel, it certainly is against Jewish values that value the sanctification of Life. I hope you and JVP will join me in advocating for a one state solution, a Jewish-Palestinian State based on the model of the Belgium state.


As an american Jewish elder, I am proud to be a member of at least 2 of the organizations Israel deems bad for them and indeed we all are as we find our voices and speak the truth about its dastardly treatment of Palestinians in their own homeland. SHAME SHAME MY FELLOW RELIGIONISTS.


Yep, that’s why B-D-S is so appropriate, as it was in South Africa.

Of course, in Israel you have the added feature of a completely presentable reading of a religious tradition.

From what you write I would venture to say that you embody everything the word shalom signifies. Thank you for speaking out.


I personally have have used boycotts against products and companies for many years. I quit purchasing a certain brand of ammunition when I discovered it was made in Israel. I know it’s not much but growing concerns of Israeli government killing and walling in the Palestinians leaves no other moral thing to do. The fact that the youth of today is informed on these practices is an encouraging sign of things to come. Also seeing bands and popular singers canceling concerts there give even more hope for a future change for the better.


“Human beings are fine, it’s just that the systems have become such mind and heart twisters”…
Really like you’re description.
I have nothing against Jewish people or the Jewish religion, but much like our own, their govt. must be purged.


When people like you’re self speak out, it’s much more powerful than the rest of us. Thank you.

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Thanks for helping us in our BDS efforts. Dont forget to recognize and vote against the Senators who are co-sponsoring the Anti-BDS bill in the U.S.Senate (S-720) $1,000,000 fine and 20yrs in prison. Senator Bennet, here in Colorado is a co-sponsor


By granting Israel the whole of Jerusalem, Trump has unwittingly pushed Palestine towards a one-state solution. Zionists now face the choice of either stop pretending that they are a democracy, or give up the dream of a theocracy.

The day this one-state denies Palestinian-Israeli citizens their civil rights, is the day that the Earth will see the beginning of the end of a scourge.

Shocking and arrogant bullying on Israel’s part. Congratulations to our AFSC, JVP, and all the other groups; of honor!

Thank you. One of my Senators, Wyden of OR is a co-sponsor–he will hear from me! He’s good on most issues, but this one is a deal-breaker for me.


Why would they be surprised? If they’re boycotting Israel, why would they be surprised that Israel chooses to boycott them?

Do please note that S-720 would not criminalize BDS activity by individuals (which of course would make it entirely unenforceable) or by organizations such as those on the blacklist. From the official summary (emphasis added):

The bill prohibits any U.S. person engaged interstate or foreign commerce from supporting:

any request by a foreign country to impose any boycott against a country that is friendly to the United States and that is not itself the object of any form of boycott pursuant to United States law or regulation, or
any boycott fostered or imposed by any international governmental organization against Israel or any request by any international governmental organization to impose such a boycott.

But how do you penalize a company (such as Target) for responding to the disinterest of its customers, or (H-P, Motorola, Caterpillar) the petitions of investors? I think any attempt to do so would immediately bring the bill down as unconstitutional. So it’s meaningless. Anyway, it was sent to die in committee almost a year ago. Fine to make sure it dies, but there’s plenty of time to worry about it’s becoming law.

Some of the boycotts are very tightly targeted, such as to products (SodaStream, for one) produced in illegal settlements in the West Bank. It’s not necessarily a boycott of all products from Israel. See my earlier comment for examples of the US companies from which the Presbyterian Church (USA)'s foundation and pension fund divested after 10 years of working within their shareholder structures about the ways their products and services were being used by Israel to oppress. For instance, Caterpillar sells Israel armored bulldozers that are used to destroy the homes of Palestinians.

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