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Israel's Seizure of Palestinian Taxes Sparks Economic Devastation, Mounting Resistance


Israel's Seizure of Palestinian Taxes Sparks Economic Devastation, Mounting Resistance

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

As Israel continues to withhold $130 million a month in revenue from the Palestinian Authority, officials warn that the West Bank's already choked economy is teetering over the edge, with most public employees facing salary cuts of 40 percent or more and the government close to default.


Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians is nothing short of crimes against humanity, and should
be dealt with by the United Nations with sanctions and force if necessary. One now begins
to understand the holocaust.


No, one does not begin to understand the holocaust, if by that you mean excuse the systematic murder of European Jews, and many others. If you mean that we see before our own eyes the mechanism by which people dehumanize the other in order to gain some perceived advantage or preserve privilege, then your comment would be better reworded.


4thefuture: The Israelis are obviously using you latter thought, but the end effect
is the same. Please try to defend Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, if you
can. I can recognize murder when I smell it, and that is exactly what it is.


You are barking up the wrong tree, hippocampelofante meant just what s/he said–s/he believes that the murder of nearly 6 million Jews was justified because s/he believes Jews are evil–it is called Antisemitism or Jew hatred. That this kind of shit appears so often in comments here shows the degeneration of the left.


“…shows the degeneration of the left.” Shows nothing of the kind. This is an open forum and anyone can come and post. That somseone has put up anignorant, bigoted remark on a leftish site does not make someone a leftist.


I’m afraid I see all too many comments like this on leftist discussions and some of them are all too clearly leftist in orientation. But leftist posters or not, the fact that the leftists on these discussion boards let these Antisemitic comments go without disagreement or objection does indeed point to the degeneration of the left. A generation ago that would never have been the case, there would have been lots of objections and protests–that’s what has changed.


This all falls at our feet. Allowing Israel to control the flow of monies to the Palestinians would not happen if we took control out of their hands. A simple quid pro quo would do, for every dollar Israel holds back we hold back at least that amount from Israel until Israel removed itself from the flow of money to the Palestinians and were required allow gas revenues from wells in Palestinian waters to accrue to the Palestinians. Equity and justice is on the Palestinian’s side, we are not.


Actually, one does, because most people who suffer a great loss, especially if by intentional acts, or even witness such losses, don’t do evil in return unless they’re psychologically damaged past the point where they should have a minder when allowed out. Most people who’ve suffered, or witnessed suffering, are more perceptive and less insulated. Their buffer of banal lies has been consumed by their experiences, and they’re more or less raw thereafter.

But the Zionists, who wave the Shoah like a banner and wrap it around themselves like a Cloak Of Endless Excuse, have no such empathy. Even those who had no personal experience of the Shoah (a group that includes every single one of the major figures in the pre-'48 terrorism in Palestine and the Crimes Against Humanity committed during the Naqba) reserve any warm feelings to themselves. That’s pretty pathological!

So when we see how the Zionists treat the totally innocent Palestinian Arabs whose land the Zionists stole and are continuing to steal, and whose lives they snuff out while wringing their hands and claiming that they are the avatars of Judaism, it’s not really that hard to understand the Shoah. After all, the Zionists want us to approve the Shoah they’re visiting on their Palestinian victims. So what’s the essential difference?