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Israel's torture method: Force-feeding


Israel's torture method: Force-feeding

Neve Gordon

Miri Regev, Israel's Minister of Culture and Sports, supports torture.

She is not alone. Joining her is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and nearly all ministers and members of Knesset in his coalition have followed suit.

Although almost half of the Knesset members opposed to the bill, the Israeli government supports torture, and thus, is by no accounts different than the governments of Egypt, Syria and many of its neighbours in the Middle East.


What a strange thing to say.

The man started to starve himself to protest his detention by Israeli forces. Had he been charged with a crime, allowed to present a defense in court (a court that didn’t have a conviction rate of 99.97 percent - otherwise known as a kangaroo court) I doubt he’d have attempted such an escape from what I’d call immoral incarceration.

It might be legal to lock people up like that, but it surely not moral.


As an RN/BSN, I feel that I must say that feeding a person via a nasogastric tube need not be ‘torture’, if it is done properly. I have inserted many and have not witnessed the torture effect most often seen online in regard to force-feeding. First, the procedure needs to be explained to the patient (if he can understand); second, the N/G tube needs to me made of a material (preferably a clear plastic-- I don’t know if latex tubes are effective in this area) that can be chilled to the point of stiffness (an unchilled tube makes for more trouble, such as the tube going into the trachea, its curling up on itself, etc.); the tube is lubricated as well as chilled for quick passage without pain; the patient is told to swallow while the tube is being inserted ; the person inserting the tube knows how to determine whether or not he has put too much or too little of the tube in the stomach (it may coil upon itself/ it may be diverted to the trachea ); etc. In Israel, knowing their treatment of Palestinians overall, I doubt that such care will be taken in the case of Palestinian hunger-strikers and the practice will fit the definition of “torture”.


You are quite mad. Israel is at fault for kidnapping that person and torturing him to the point where he’s attempting suicide.

Calling this blackmail is utterly despicable. What is he being held in jail for? You don’t know, only the kidnappers know.

What you call moral, I call evil.


Treating someone who refuses your aid is a form of torture.

If you have consent to treat them, then whatever you do isn’t considered torture, but if you don’t have that consent you’re breaking your oaths and the law.


He wouldn’t have been sick in the first place had he not been arrested and then detained without charges.

How many Canadians try to starve themselves to death in jail?

Perhaps you should read Nineteen Eighty Four again. I think you missed the plot.


Holding someone without charging them is a form of kidnapping. Even when the state does it.

The state of Israel, and the USA, practices this kind of thing. You can call it legal, Eichmann called what he did legal too.


The Germans said the same thing that you do.

They were full of shit too.