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#IsraelSaudi: A Match Made in Hell


#IsraelSaudi: A Match Made in Hell

Alli McCracken, Raed Jarrar

For decades, Saudi Arabia has been a stalwart advocate of Palestinian statehood rights and a voracious critic of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. Saudi Arabia’s commitment to Palestine has defined the geopolitical contours of the Middle East for decades. But now that the Iran nuclear deal has been struck and as the war in Syria ravages on, those political lines are being redrawn, bringing together unexpected bedfellows: Saudi Arabia and Israel.


When Israel/Saudi Arabia says, "Jump", the US says, "How high".

President Obama bucked this with the Iran deal and when he refused to bomb Syria, this to the consternation of US those lackeys for Israel that infest congress and the MSM.

A defining characteristic of the neocons is that they want regime change of all regimes unfriendly to Israel, and they want the US to pay for it with it's blood and treasure, and they want it regardless of the cost in death and destruction of others..

Elect Hillary Clinton and she'll lay prostrate before Netanyahu as a first month's priority, while posing fraudulently as a strongman as she uses our resources for their benefit and our detriment, and the detriment of what's good and just, and indifferent to "collateral damage"..


[Elements in] Israel, Saudi Arabia, and USA prepare for 15th-year victory lap of 9/11.


But those Christian fundamentalists who fill the U.S. Armed forces and BELIEVE that "End Times" represent God's will are really a blessing for world peace.

You're a one trick pony.