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'It Affects Virtually Nobody,' Trump Says of Virus That Has Killed 200,000 and Infected 7 Million in US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/22/it-affects-virtually-nobody-trump-says-virus-has-killed-200000-and-infected-7

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Out, OUT, damn spot!


‘Virtually Nobody’ … Trumps deplorable.

Adverb … Virtually, Def. almost, nearly
Noun … Nobody, Def. You don’t count.

As Leona Hemsley said: 'I don’t associate with the virtually nobody (little people).



Virtual: Something which exists in effect not in reality. Hardly the case here.


USA’s COVID outbreak today is quite demographically intriguing – you might say, or the microbe might think, if microbes were allowed to have opinions. The epicenters shift. Once there was a single raging hub of the outbreak, in the northeast, where it persistently rumbles on at a low hum today. Since the northeast peak, California, Texas, and Florida got into the act – those state-outbreaks are down to roughly half of their peaks, and since that’s where most of the population is, they dominate the national trend. Meanwhile, the deep south rose to fairly late highs, from which those outbreaks have settled slightly.

The intriguing part is a remarkable proportion of the remaining states (I’m tempted to say “everywhere else!”), where I hope folks are noticing: You’ve got new highs in your outbreaks. Worse than ever, inevitably engaging severe medical crises soon. Thoughtful folks will practice more caution today than yesterday in all of the following states: Arkansas, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Whew! That’s 17 states & PR. Might be Senate seats, if it carries electoral consequences where the bug crushes the people especially hard. Who knows? Strong death-cult representation in some of these states is behind the exacerbation of outbreaks, beyond any doubt.

Eight more states, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, and Virginia, also look to be headed in the wrong direction, possibly with new highs pending. 25 states in all, according to official CDC stats, which everyone knows are messed with, but apparently some hints of reality sneak through, eventually. (Check it out! Try starting at the end of the alphabet – with Wyoming):


A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    35 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   5.  02/23/2020          15          15
>  10.  03/29/2020     140,889     140,904
>  15.  05/03/2020   1,011,468   1,152,372
>  20.  06/07/2020     786,451   1,938,823
>  25.  07/12/2020   1,357,776   3,296,599
>  30.  08/16/2020   2,085,526   5,382,125
>  35.  09/20/2020   1,404,227   6,786,352

Your Q-Anon, Trump cult, imaginary facts are the “lies as usual.”
You’re fooling yourself, but you’re not fooling anybody here.
Just like the Fuhrer you worship, you’re insulting all of us who been sick with COVID-19, the 204,000 who have died from it, and everyone else affected by it.
We know that you and your Fuhrer don’t believe we should be alive, and that our lives don’t matter.
How ironic that your Fuhrer is beloved by the “pro-life” evangelicals.


759 deaths per day, on CDC’s 7-day moving average (same chart as linked as above, different button). Someone dies of COVID, somewhere in USA, every two minutes.

Step right up to enjoy your suicide dram with @Craig_Watson. (Nice knowin’ ya, CW, bye-bye!)


I wouldn’t be at all surprised at the math within the trump/GOP regime that “only” seniors are dying from Corona and that will lower costs for government programs, like SS, and make more billions available for further tax-cuts for trump and his crony uber-rich the “virtual people” trump & co despise! Our parents and friends are NOT virtual people!

The trump/GOP regime’s depraved indifference for the lives and well-being or all others has been demonstrated numerous times by that odious regime of pathological liars, thieves, corruption, national division and treasonous actions.

Wholesale contempt for the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, separation of powers, the Common Good, environmental protections for air, water, soil, MM Global Heating and its numerous consequences, habitat destruction and extinctions for millions of creatures is the hallmark of the most destructive, hyper-partisan and extremist regime in US history.

The trump/GOP regime must be evicted from all/any power and every destructive action and “roll-back” of protections for the health & safety of the public reversed, and a very strong attempt made to repair all their treason - any “we must look forward, not back” complicit craven garbage like Obama did is equally a threat to the Republic, people, planet, and Common Good!


Among the polities of Sweden or UK I might recognize the presence of “math” – over here in USA it’s unadulturated personality death-cult, Jim Jones stuff at the level of national politics. This fascinating psychopath could announce to his adoring crowds that he regularly feasts on the flesh of slaughtered acolytes, and they would cheer. You know they would. I don’t have it figured out, either. But I was inoculated from this kind of weirdness back in the terrible time of that massacre in Guyana (with nearly simultaneous police terror, at SF city hall, taking down the great Harvey Milk). How difficult is it to remember where this sort of madness leads? Ask Jackie Speier.


The Airborne Virus… imagine if this virus could be transmitted via aerosols… human to human, yes…and what if one could spray this virus from above…airborne particles…could be a powerful tool politically, biologically… but then again that would requires great skills of genetic engineering and a large military budget to make such a “weapon”…Good thing that we do not have those capacities, right? Keep on masking and social distancing…

Most folks who raise the biowarfare angle (proven preposterous by the science of virology) are working for Orangeman, spreading fear uncertainty and doubt with no regard for anyone who knows anything, while warmongering against China. Death-cult practice, this. Another scorched-earther, apparently (sigh!)

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This is a sign of a mental illness that makes Trump unfit to be President.

But that doesn’t mean Biden is, thats the problem. It’s a coercive situation


Hey Craig, be careful now. Any discussion other than “Cases” is not allowed. It ruins the narrative.

Must be just another one of those ongoing global conspiracies by scientists to swindle grant money because they don’t want to have to work that you elite people are always pointing out to the rest of us mindless fools, and to the 8 million scientists in every country around the globe. Its really time to eliminate education completely before everyone gets infected with intelligence, or the republicans won’t have anyone left to vote for them, and then where would we be?


Yes, Trump’s attitude regarding the fate of seniors is indeed contemptible while Trump, as expected, makes absolutely no mention of the devastating toll which this pernicious disease takes upon a person, and that would be not only physically but also emotionally and psychologically. Dealing especially with fatigue can oftentimes seem to be an insurmountable task. Simply another reason why Trump and those in his administration should be arrested and tried for criminal negligence and depraved indifference as quickly as possible. The phrase below is an apt description of the current occupants of the White House:

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”-The Tempest


My Baby tugs and sniffs and turns around waiting to do her thing, far out pacing what the man-baby does. Old Yeller at least was a great hound before he went rabid. Trump, not so much. Let’s go to the movies and find the solution.

Nearly every death has co-morbidities, you imbecile. It’s like saying, “yeah, he had stage 4 lung cancer, but he also had pancreatitis!” If you remove the covid from those cases, those people are still alive. Hence, the killer is the covid. Damn, but you are some impressively stupid specimens.


These 200,000 “losers and suckers” are fellow Americans who could have been saved



Good interview of two Public Health Experts from Harvard. Enjoy.


Some are trying to make the way deaths are assigned into another fake news story in spite of the fact that the same system of counting deaths is used that has always been used. It’s the usual wilful ignorance. Re-explaining does nothing. If a patient has pneumonia and would have recovered and then gets the flu and dies it is marked as a flu death. drone 1066 please notice MMinAR joined the conversation yesterday just in time for election trolling.