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'It Affects Virtually Nobody,' Trump Says of Virus That Has Killed 200,000 and Infected 7 Million in US

Your Jim Jones analogy is extremely accurate. Trump does have many of the tendencies of Jones as regards crowd control. paranoia, narcissism, dishonesty, sexual predation, greed, nihilism, and brainwashing.
And his adoring cultists are as cognitively challenged and easily controlled as the Jones cult.
The terrible outcome at Jonestown could happen here, albeit in a different way. The Trump cult has definitely drunk the Kool-Aid.
Check out this chilling podcast about Jonestown:


Sane and logical people? That would NOT include you.
Spoon-fed Fox News, Q-Anon Trump cultists spreading deliberate lies with no understanding of science, epidemiology or honesty would definitely include you.
We don’t need you creating further death and destruction in the service of the corrupt white-collar criminal you serve.
Since you want to live a lie and spread lies, go do it on another planet.

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I guess in the USA violence is not an issue either and virtually nobody dies from it.

The number of cops killed is far less, I suppose to Trump they are virtually nobodies.

The number of soldiers killed each year is far less, I suppose Trump thinks they are virtually nobodies.

The number of total homicides is far less , I suppose Trump thinks they virtual nobodies.

A little over 3000 died on 9/11 , I suppose Trump thinks they virtual nobodies.


Over 1000 front line health care workers have died due to COVID19 down in the USA. Is it your contention that this is a normal number each and every year or are you suggesting that those underlying complications simply picked this time to start killing those workers?

If this was a normal flu one would see those numbers each and every year.

In Canada thirteen health care workers died due to COVID over that same period of time.

There is a statistic called “Excess deaths” . This is a number derived from year to year trends where deaths from all causes are measured and when a sudden spike seen compared to previous years over and above what was expected it deemed an “excess death”.

The USA has had flu seasons each and every year going back decades. Those flu seasons were not killing 1000 plus health care workers each year and the excess death total is now well over 200,000. If this “Normal” then there should be no excess deaths and if this was normal you would not have any health care workers left.


These are the same guys that claim George Floyd died because he was using drugs and it had nothing to do with the officer kneeling on his neck for 9 minutes wherein Mr Floyd could not breathe.

Hey shot in the head three times? Well an autopsy showed he thyroid cancer so it was likley the cancer that killed him!


Orangeman=Trump? What is a “scorched-earther”?

Wear a helmet 24/7 incase you trip and fall, you can’t afford to lose anymore brain cells.

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That autopsy was done to protect the police . State Coroners do that as a matter of course. An independent autopsy ruled it death by asphyxiation. The same thing happened with the death of Eric Garner with the medical examiner claiming the choke hold did not lead to his death and this contradicted by independent examiners.

These numbers are right from the CDC they show the number of flu deaths for the past years going back to 2010. Note NONE approach 200K.


The highest was 61000 over an entire year 2017. The lowest was 12000. The deaths in the USA will be closer to 250k+ for the year if present trends continue. People that insist this just like the common flu do not know what they talk of.

Note that even for the COMMON flu people are rated as having a higher risk of death if they have underlying conditions. Those 61000 deaths due to flu in 2017 were not adjusted and claimed to be death by other causes just because there underlying conditions.


I have been told the same thing by my Bible, Trumping, relatives who watch Fox News 24/7.

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I hope its clear that I meant that Trump being unfit doesnt mean Biden is fit. Also please read what I said in a post to Trackar how the power to do most of what people want has been taken out of national leaders hands.

By trade and investment agreements. Except in emergencies but in that case, we do not want outrher countries shutting down production lines or shutting down anything because of an epidemic and people dying. So we have to treat our own eople worse than them so we set an example, on how it must be done. Its altogether inconvenient to have actor Biden do that, so we can expect Trump to be re-elected, regardless of anything else, there are dozens of reasons why they wont re-elect Biden another one is the ACA, which was likely an emergency measure, likely has a time limit attached to it. Starting when, 2010?

Hey, I just thought, maybe the US can successfully claim that because we made it so bad we need to extend the emergency measure in the WTO, thats pretty plausible?

In any case, its all theater. Please dont vote for crooks who lie like this, who have made our country into this demonic evil thing!


Are you on drugs? I have a friend who lost two family members, I have a number of aquaintances who have had family members get sick. Lots and lots of people died around where i live.

So I say, go to hell.

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I used to live in the Western Addition just a few blocks from the Peoples Temple on Geary near Fillmore (right behind the old Fillmore West) and some of my neighbors family members went to Guyana and literally drank the Flavor Aide and died. Iheard a lot of stories from them about various strange things that went on. many of them think it was a CIA mind control experiment. (I have no opinion one way or the other, it seems probably more unlikely than likely. We tend to want to attribute particularl evil things to others than the responsible. I think lust for power and paranoia explains it. From what I have seen of other cults. (too much)

That was a very creepy time.

That building remained empty for a VERY long time.

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the reason they are privatizing everything, rolling back safety protections is that we committed to everbetter business outlook for corporations and investors Its not debatable, its fact. Its only idiots here who think its politicians and or anything else. If you don’t believe me, look up some of the discussions on Dani Rodrik’s Trilemma which is based in this shift to corporate rule away from democracy. I sawa good video on this the other day, explaining ppulism. Politicians use different stories in different countries, here its Trump.

But all the bad things happening, Its a natural consequence of people no longer having any standing or representation in the forums that matter. We dont exist there.

We’re left here howling at the moon. “Our” politicians are increasingly reality TV actors :wink:

When Trump is taken out of power either from losing the election, completing four more years, or somehow getting kicked out, then he will feel the effects of being a ‘virtual nobody’ himself along with his mindless followers. That alone runs the possibility of stopping his unfeeling heart.

Either a druggie; a troll; or he is on the wrong site and thought he was on a fascist site.

My next door neighbor just passed away, try telling her sons, it had nothing to do with Covid-19!

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The neoliberal governments are the ones that have had the worse responses.

I don’t know what Biden would have done, there is a weird situation where the ACA was already an emergency measure. Could he just declare another emergency and get another five yesrs? Maybe. But now that Trump already demonstrated an anemic response is his intent, that his emergency response for this particular emergency would much more limited, trump has probably used this emergency up. ACA - what is it, is it an emergency measure? There is no jurisprudence I can find that gives a good idea of how long these so called protectionist MFN violations can persist. Ten years it seems for some of them. I have read in several places that there still is no answer. I am sure a number of countries would like to make us the test case, given that we have a government thats already cospiratorial and we seem to be trading favors with the government most likely to bring us before the DSB.

Its hard to say how the WTO might rule. We really need to get out of it and there is zero chance Biden would do that.

Do the poor countries really want our sending our destitute Covid-19 patients there, many of whom may even have neurological issues? What if our currency goes into a crash? What happens to overseas patients then?

I hope nothing like what happened in Hurricane Katrina.

  • So many might lose jobs if we lose that DS503 case we’re being sued in, it could and likely will cause a huge crash in stock and home values. It would be binding on many other countries too. Add that to our current problems and it basically becomes another get out of debt card for the rich that gets dumped totally on the people of this country who have no idea what or why is going on.

they are playing with fire by lying so much.

We’re all idiots for letting this happen. I wish I could wake up out of this bad dream.

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AMEN!!!   “Deja Vu all over again.”   (Trump being UNFIT didn’t mean that Hilliary WAS fit.)

Tweetle-Dumb is elderly and obese, probably has heart problems, and undoubtedly has serious mental problems.   The sooner Covid-19 affects him – and the more seriously it affects him – the better.

ts a hell of a lot easier to prevent illnesses like Covid-19 than treat it once its gotten a foothold.

I could also see them deciding not to tell people about any prophylactic drug, especially if it was cheap.

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I’m not sure about Acyclovir, but it affects viruses in about the same way as Remdesivir, and it’s patents have expired so it’s relatively inexpensive.  It’s VERY safe, it’s been used for decades to treat cold sores & shingles.   Check it out.

The USA has more deaths per Capita then Canada just as example. Canada did not have any special “advantages” and the only reason this the case is because of how the respective leaders reacted.

Deaths per million in the USA is 618.
Deaths per million in Canada is 244.

How do you explain that difference?

Now Canada did not react as well to this as a number of other Countries . The deaths per million in South Korea is 8. This tells me South Korea did a much better job of addressing it. Japan sits at 12, again showing a much better job of addressing it. Japan and South Korea had plenty of people entering their Countries form infected hot spots.

Now once more to all of those Countries. Many Countries pay attention to “excess death rates”. It not just a US thing or a Canada thing. WHO uses this the world over to measure trends. Deaths that are “falsely attributed” to COVID does not explain why there are spikes in excess deaths.

In the USA the CDC reports excess deaths well in excess of 200000 over what normally should have happened. If it not COVID that killed those +200000 persons then what caused their deaths? Did more jump of bridges? Are there more car accidents? Did cancer suddenly decide to kill 200000 more then it normally would have?



The second link has an article that has a graph that clearly shows that excess death rate picking up in March. Now I suggest that Japan and South Korea did not see anywhere near a spike in excess death rates starting in March. I would also point out that neither of those Countries has a vaccine for COVID.


These chart out many Country to Country comparisons of excess death rate since the onset of COVID. Note Countries that have the lowest deaths per million as measure by WHO due to COVID also have the lowest counts of excessive deaths. In other words they performed much better handling the pandemic.