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'It Affects Virtually Nobody,' Trump Says of Virus That Has Killed 200,000 and Infected 7 Million in US

I appreciate you making me long for breeding licensing.


The Orange flatulent orangutan is just bending over spraying his faithful with the special sauce they all love to lick off their masters butts.

Hey buddy, as far as the medical literature, there is no such thing as “Chinese Flu” Are you talking about some other specific strain of influenza, (please name it) or are you making this up?



Response: Quoted phrase not found: “chinese flu”

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Thank you. Nobody deserves to die simply for falling for other peopels lies.

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Great (?) minds think alike.  I’ve been taking a low dose of Acyclovir, some NAC, and extra C, D and zinc since mid-March.  Had a slightly elevated temperature and mild cough in early August, so increased everything about 50% for three weeks and am now back to more-or-less normal for an old fart with long history of asthma, cancer and heart problems.

So if Trumpelthinskin dies from a case of COVID-19, it will still be virtually nobody?

I’d be very surprised, based on his behavior, if he did not already know of an antidote. Its just probably free or too cheap to make a killing on.

There is no such thing as “Chinese Flu” - if you have a specific strain of flu in mind, use its actual name. Like “H1N1” or whatever…

ttps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=%22chinese%20flu%22 NOPE…

Quoted phrase not found: “chinese flu”

Now that the CDC’s public statements have been totally taken over by the presidunce’s flunkies in HHS, case numbers and deaths have “mysteriously” dropped.  Thousands, actually, of false positives??  What’s your source for that “info”? Faux “News”??

If you’re arguing that C-19 isn’t so bad then it looks to me like you got that one backwards. (No surprise there.)   And BTW, credible numbers for Covid-19 show it has already – in just the spring & summer of 2020 – killed three to four times as many people as the ‘regular’ flu (whatever that is) kills annually.  Just wait another month or three and com­pare the numbers again, and then again in mid-March, 2021, after a full year has passed.

Among MANY other reasons, he failed to mobilize production of PPE.  He mocks those who wear masks.  He calls for the “liberation” of states employing sensible measures to limit the spread of disease.  He holds indoor rallies with large numbers of people not wearing masks crowded closely together.   (Actually, IMHO, this last is a positive thing, as it will hopefully help reduce the number of MAGA-Morons and AAASSSSSOs* in the U.S., though probably not soon enough to affect this year’s election.)

If on Faux “News”, these were probably empty sets left over from defunct “hospital” series on T-V.  The REAL news has shown crowded ICUs and refrigerated trailors being brought in as emergency morgues.


*  Americans Actively Advocating Self-Selection for Suicide of Sub-Standard Organisms.  Unfortunately, there will be some collateral damage – but mostly to close friends and relatives of said MAGA-Morons, most of whom are ‘Virtual Nobodies’.   The sooner Tweetle-Dumb is one of them, the better.

Since ridiculous has been unleashed here, let’s mention that trump’s cult followers don’t believe he ever lies, or that he lies very little.
Stating “Chinese flu” here is insulting.

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I have seen this variety of flu called Covid19 elsewhere in the internet. If MMinAR would call it that, maybe that would be an acceptable compromise.

The Trumpets have been dragging this lie out everyday. A near complete lack of information, understanding, intelligence, math, and science makes it easy to fool fools. As you prove. What possesses people to simply allow Trump to stand in front of us and lie continually? Trump is directly responsible for the vast majority of Covid deaths and its spread. It will not stop killing people just because Donald spews lies, it’s a science thing. How many more have to die needlessly?

Covid-19 is not influenza, although the symptoms in many ways resembled it. Its cause is SARS-CoV-2 a beta-coronavirus, similar to SARS-CoV-1 and MERS-CoV.

Its the third of these viruses known to infect humans. In the past they would not have spread globally, but now they are guaranteed to become a growing problem as a person can literally travel anywhere in the world within around 16-18 hours. (Thats how long it takes to fly from one spot to its exact opposite spot on the opposite side of the planet.)

What we need to do is build up peoples immune systems. Then they would also live longer and healthier lives. I dont know why they don’t tell people more about this approach.

Vaccines for one strain of coronavirus likely wont impart immunity to other strains, the way some people imply. The wrong vaccine may even make people more suceptible to harm because of something called antibody dependent enhancement. (ADE)

A better approach is improving our diets a great deal, to include more substances like glutathione that are depleted by many pandemic viruses, especially flu like illnesses, and reducing the kinds of close, less ventilated environments that spread disease, improving ventilation a lot, improving air exchange, , telecommuting, and similar.

We dont have a government that puts people first, it puts corporations first. We need to change that.

This problem is a deeper problem and Trump is a symptom, not the disease. The real problems are much deeper and involve government that puts people last and global corporations first, above all else.

I remember it well. The city was perfused with a overwhelming feeling of dread for a number of reasons, that being just one of them.

Jones was in many respects was a lot like the neoliberal doomsday cult of today thats determined to remake the world according to its own ideology or destroy it in the trying.

Nobody seems to realize we’re dealing with a global cult. Like Om Shinrikyo in Japan. Thats another example, or the Nazis.

A group of otherwise smart people devoting themselves to an evil goal of stealing the world for corporations and a global oligarchy

Who have nothing but contempt for democracy, which they call names like “mob rule” or “majoritarianism”.

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It’s possible I’m more cult-aware than average not only because of the painful Jonestown Massacre to initiate my long Bay Area residence, but because I grew up in one. I might have already told you my dear maternal grandmother was an acolyte of Mrs Eddy, a little mistake on her part which cost us multiple generations of psychological carnage, not to mention unconscionably unnecessary physical suffering.

That’s how life works. Growing up, I thought of my dear grandmother as my most intimate, generous mentor. Upon fully comprehending the twisted, abusive, insane architecture sustaining cults such as the one she plagued our family with, I also have to credit her with the worst mistake of anyone in my family. My people are spectacular fuck-ups, so I’m always walking on eggshells, distrusting my own instincts.

So you lived on the Peninsula? How was that going through that period of intense economic activity. I used to know a lot of people there, especially in PA/MtnView and Sunnyvale but also San Mateo and in the “city of the stars” *** gag** San Bruno. Also Santa Cruz.

Now you’re bringing me back to lovely Pacifica. About a year ago we spent a family day visiting our old hikes in Pacifica, and some crazy new ones which have come in since they closed Devil’s Slide. Long ago, my lifelong confederate in crime and I worked our way through college studies – to give you an idea how long ago it was: we did so without loans and without help from the folks (for some strange reason). Anyhow: It was possible in those days, working low-rung jobs like Nursing Assistant, to pay the rent and finish up your degree(s).

Pacifica was kind of a cowboy town, and it still looks unpretentious – but they’ve done a fantastic job with lush municipal parklands out there. Wildflower fans shouldn’t miss it.

Back when it was open, Devil’s Slide was how we commuted, via motorcycle, to jobs further south. My dear one (I still can’t believe it) once had to abandon the motorcycle in torrential rain at the very top of Devil’s Slide, and hitch a ride home. I miss Pacifica. You pull over the rise from Daly City, and the whole town unrolls beneath you like a cool green breeze (underneath our notorious Pacifica fog): ahhhh!

Pacifica is gone? lol

So whats going on with Devils Slide?

I miss hiking in that area. Sweeny Ridge Trail, I remember hiking there, Parking in some school parking lot… I used to have Montara hiking boots, which got a lot of use on Montara Mountain… lasted a lot longer than my insanely expensive but uber comfortable Ecco hiking boots, which spontaneously disintegrated both at the same time, incredibly.

Another place I used to go a lot was Purisma Creek Redwoods… really an amzing place to hike… Also Mt San Bruno… some really spectacular views from Mt San Bruno. I can still smell the eucalypus smell…

No, silly, it’s just a couple of hours away now – too far except for special occasions – so I miss it dearly. Pacifica is just gorgeous, imho. Devil’s Slide is now a hiking trail. Talk about your wicked views!

Part of why I’ll always love that old place is because I spent some young years growing up there. My brothers’ kids just lost the town they grew up in: Berry Creek, CA, on 9/9 (Admissions Day).