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"It Can't Be Warren and It Can't Be Sanders": Wall Street Executives Make 2020 Preferences Known


"It Can't Be Warren and It Can't Be Sanders": Wall Street Executives Make 2020 Preferences Known

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The first 2020 Democratic presidential primary is still over a year away, but Wall Street executives are reportedly already freaking out about two likely progressive candidates: Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).



Wall St owns us. Let’s not let that bullshit continue. Break em’ up.



The only one that has the guts for that is Bernie.



Just remember; run another corporatist ‘banker’ approved lackey and see four more years of Trump. Run a progressive that promises a progressive tax schedule, universal healthcare, banking reforms, student loan relief, affordable trade school school or college, at least a $15.00 minimum wage and win in a landslide. Simple as that. Don’t forget: No more war!



I think since the first of the year I may have heard 2 maybe 3 references to Sanders (and after her announcement, Warren either) on MSNBC or Fox. The media is scared to death by them too because of Wall st and the huge, wealthy corporate media conglomerates. Gillibrand is awful, Biden is a clone of Clinton, Booker is in the pocket of Wall st. I guess ANYONE Wall st and the MSM want, WE DON’T.



I disagree with this premise. The banks fear anyone who points out that the united states capitalist government poisons and kills people for profit while it destroys democracies. Twenty one million killed in bipartisan united states wars since the end of ww2. Those with seniority have helped guide this carnage the longest.

Any policy that ends war and pollution will cut off the source of corporate wealth. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren avoid the real corp[orate taboos and mostly talk about feel good issues that will supposedly blunt the pain and suffering of being a citizen of an empire committed to endless war.

What will be left over for their programs after we build up the Ukrainian navy and build new military bases in Brasil?



HEY! Fuck the Wall Street and TBTF banker “executives”! Goddamn parasites feeding off the body of the republic and people! MoFo’s all! The “giant bank” is likely Goldman-Sachs, those millions dollar sold-out politician speech scumbags, and their chosen shills like clinton and obama, and their new generation of sold-out politician swine! Note the Dems they find acceptable!

The Wall Street scum’s hatred and opposition to progressive leaders should tell who we should support and why! Fight or die!

I have no doubt the entrenched DINO establishment big-money whores who lap-up the poison Wall Street et al are pushing like Mother’s Milk, will kowtow to those and other destructive influences, but we must fight even harder to demand a rational progressive future!



In cowboy movies they shoot gamblers that cheat at cards. In the Wall Street Casino, they pick the sheriff that lets them rig the game.



I wonder whether Harris’ recent Left turn will worry the Wall Street crowd. I also wonder whether it is sincere or just campaign propaganda, where like Hillary in 2016 she’ll have one position in public and another one behind closed doors with her donors. And I wonder whether it was in response to rumors that Hillary may run again or in response to feedback from big donors, including those on Wall Street, that they prefer someone else, like Biden, Beto, Booker, or Gillibrand.

If Harris does go full Left, with regard to Wall Street as well as other issues, and she is sincere (a couple of big “If’s”), then she becomes the candidate to beat, with the ability to attract a much greater swath of the Democratic electorate than Sanders or Warren.



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Of all these so-called “progressive” democrats who are running, Bernie is the only one that has your back. I don’t trust Warren ever since she threw in her support for Hillary in 2016, but like the article says, she’s second best. Go Bernie!



Well what do you suggest? Ya gotta start somewhere and who the hell else is out there that is any better. I myself think when Bush jr got “elected” that was the end of the US as any type of “fair” country to its citizens. I seriously don’t believe, no matter who we elect, that we can rid ourselves of this fascism.

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I do not think for one moment that these Wall Street executives are ‘freaking out’. That would only be the case if there were a real threat to the capitalist system…



All you need to know about Centrism is that Wall Street supports it. If Wall Street supports it Centrists are not on your side.

It was Clinton and crew followed by those behind the scenes power brokers that decided the Democratic party would be “Centrists” and Clinton and crew along with all of those behind the scenes power brokers were and are fully in the pockets of the Corporations.

Centrism in essence is this. Those with NOTHING must settle for less so that those with everything can have more. They differentiate themselves from the Republicans by claiming at least they will allow those with nothing to settle for something even if it less.

To these Centrists nothing is something. To the Republicans nothing is nothing.



I would put the end at Reagan’s election and am open to suggestions it was JFK’s assassination. Bush was just a final nail in the coffin.



Absolutely not, because they are smart people and adults. They realize that someone doesn’t take a left turn because of words they say, which is why they never took Clinton’s similar comments seriously. We all know that these people will lie, none of them outside of Sanders have earned any trust, to win their party’s nomination, and they will then “pivot towards the center”. Not sure what it is in the center of, but it is just a rhetorical pivot with people like Harris. She doesn’t have any intention of radically changing anything, or to take on any powerful capitalist interests, she won’t radically change anything. They have nothing to fear. Honestly, as far as Wall Street is concerned, they are most concerned with things like Warren’s idea for a postal savings bank, which the left should get behind regardless who wins.



That settles it – I’m voting for Bernie and/or Elizabeth!



My headline: IT CAN BE BIDEN!



I’d prefer Bernie, then Warren, but I’m sure Bernie has no chance and Warren has little chance. I’m intrigued by the possibility that Harris could actually win, and it’s possible, though not likely, that she would play a double game and that she would backstab some of her donors in order to become a great figure in history. She is certainly bold and clever enough, and life is full of surprises. The chaos of the virtually unbounded universe interjects itself from time to time, no matter how much “The Masters of the Universe” try to block it.

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Keynes was a supporter of social democratic capitalism, but he wanted to “euthanize the rentier” and supported the socialization of finance. Marx assumed that capitalism would put an end to parasitic banking. Financial capital can lose everything, even if capitalism remains. However, given that financial accumulation is fundamental to capital accumulation now, and given the growth of the FIRE sector, the profitability crisis in the real economy in capitalist countries, it’s going to be a huge fight. Especially since another main means of capital accumulation is the creation of non-market impacts, which capitalists continue to push off onto the environment, others and future generations. That too has to come to an end.



I don’t see how Harris has any better of a chance than Bernie, outside of what her rotten party will do to Bernie. Lots of worthless parasitic losers in that party that have a lot to lose if their party is actually democratized. As far as winning with voters, Sanders is clearly better than she is. I see no polls, facts of logic to say otherwise at this point. CNN naming her the leading candidate is based, literally, on nothing at all at this point other than what some rich assholes want to be the case. Thinking she could take money from Wall Street, ask for their support to win, then turn on them is naïve. No offense, but there is zero chance. Vote for these people with no illusions or hopes that they will turn water into wine. They are who they are. I would have hoped that the left, even the thick as hell center-left, would have learned from Obama on this.