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"It Can't Be Warren and It Can't Be Sanders": Wall Street Executives Make 2020 Preferences Known


And if by some miracle an enemy of the fascists that rule America, managed to get elected, you can be sure they would be assassinated.


The DNC says “We agree” and we will make it happen


I come to very different conclusions. I see zero chance they would let Bernie win, and, if by some miracle he were to win, I see zero chance they would let him govern. The plutocrats with their minions in the MSM would manufacture crisis after crisis to cripple him, forcing him to give up on policy or just resign, and if that didn’t work they would JFK him. Harris could possibly play a different game because she is a female POC and can harness more wide-ranging public support in the wake of unfair and malicious attacks by the MSM. As I said earlier, it might not be likely, but that seems far more likely than the plutocrats allowing Bernie to win and then to govern. That sounds impossible.

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Yes. See JoanRobinson’s reply to kivals, re postal banking. Profit adds nothing to the value of the service—in fact, quite the opposite is true, just as in health care.


Harris is a big supporter of Israel, hardly a leftist position.


Harris is not only running quite prematurely, but her appearance with Maddow and her speech in Oakland do not indicate she will be anything other than a neo-liberal. We have plenty of those already, thank you very much.


How has Harris turned Left?


These wanabees who hate Bernie will all lose anyway. None of them have the expertise or fan base that Bernie has. I am sick of voting for liars who are not competent to be a President. I will wait and see each candidates platform and who will be the best to take down the Monster we have now. Also, I Refuse to vote for any Celebrity, Actor, Businessnan, or… Billionaire. Since there is no Exam to be qualified for the Presidency, I will use my best judgement as to who is best capable to run this country… if any!


What these morons SHOULD be “panicked” about is the prospect of the extinction of our species soon! Swedish activist 16-year-old Greta Thunberg recently spoke at DAVOS, and let’s hope that the world’s elite that HEARD her, LISTEN to her!!


Being both mortal and capitalist, these morons aren’t exactly long-term thinkers.


Thanks for your concise and accurate analysis. It is going to be a huge fight. On an ideological level that will have to entail progressives and the left moving farther to the left as the right moves farther to the right. It is an empirically proven and historically available fact that this scenario will occur. It has to so we won’t repeat the fatal mistakes the Weimar Republik made by ‘going soft’ on the Nazi party. Unadulterated fascism in the US is now a brutal reality and it won’t go away by itself…


See, the problem is that we can’t wait any longer for structural changes. We don’t have twenty years more for the radical changes we need on the environment alone. If we don’t get single payer, a little under half a million people will die over the next decade because of this healthcare system. Wages, adjusted for inflation, have already not grown since the late 60’s, early 70’s. And we have a few more chances to get this figured out before the shit hits the fan. I see no logical reason to make these decisions based on what the damn plutocrats want. They are taken on and challenged or it all comes down. What is the point of voting if we vote knowing it won’t matter? You are making these arguments as if we have to give two shits what those in power want. They’ve ruined the country, things are falling apart, and they have to be taken on.

This is off the charts naïve. Her being of woman of color doesn’t mean tons as far as this goes. AOC is a woman of color, it doesn’t matter, the establishment hates her because of her policies. If Harris were to support policies that benefit working people, if she is serious on policy in regards to the environmental crisis, if she has an international outlook on these economic issues (which is needed), she will necessarily have to take on business interests and she will be opposed by the same exact people that oppose Sanders. They will oppose AOC just as much as they do Sanders now if she runs for president in the future. Her being a woman of color won’t matter a bit. Did they show deference to Obama because he was a black man? Did he get to implement single payer because of his race? Come on now. If someone proposes radical changes, they and we will have to challenge the same interests. That person’s identity will not matter at all. It doesn’t matter now with AOC, it won’t matter if she ever runs for president.


She hasn’t at all. The poster I was responding to was wondering if Wall Street will be scared by her “left turn”, which never happened. Someone doesn’t “turn left” because they say words in a speech.


I can no longer seem to post my own original comments here, what’s up with that CD?

So I reply. Why can’t Wall Street be abolished? It’s a 100% ponzi scheme, lazy sick asses sucking the profits of the actual workers. I could write a book on it, as a “producer” rather than a consumer, but even that would be sucked dry by the consumers, and if I were lucky, I’d get 5% or less. FTBS!!! Putin should send a nuke to WDC, for the best answer I can come up with.


I love AOC. But she’s gotta be 35 to be even a VP. Sanders should run and put her on as the most major advisor.


I wouldn’t trust someone who “decides to go full left”.
Sanders is the same guy he was 40 years ago. He hasn’t changed his views to try to get a few more votes.
Another person the Wall St. executives would not want is my senator, Jeff Merkley.


Biden is popular? I just about fell off my seat laughing. Maybe to a low information voter that votes slavishly for democrats. Not too many of them left.

Bernie is the guy to watch and the more the establishment whines, the stronger he will get. Being liked by Wall Street is the kiss of death.


If you ask me, it’s always been smoke and mirrors.

The founding fathers were for the most part fat cats throwing alms.


Why on earth would you want Biden?


Its called corporatism aka fascism. They want a person “Cooperative” with fascist.

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