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"It Could Be Something We Didn’t See On The Tape"—Ahmaud Arbery and the Eternal Guilt of Black Victims

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/08/it-could-be-something-we-didnt-see-tape-ahmaud-arbery-and-eternal-guilt-black

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It’s not done only to Black people, but it’s done always to Black people.

We want life to be orderly, and so we always look for something to justify the unjustifiable, because if an innocent young Black man can be shot dead by two psychopaths, then it could happen to us, too.


What “we didn’t see on tape” was their immediate arrest and jailing.

What we won’t see of tape is anyone truly being held to account for that.


The CBC had coverage on this today in a radio broadcast and played the voices of the people who called to 9/11. One person stated words to the effect of “There a black man running down our street” . When the 9/11 operator asked “well could you tell me what he did wrong?” the caller said “well he is a black man that is running”.

Apparently as far as some yahoos are concerned if a black man seen running he must be guilty of something. Running backs in the NFL best watch out. White yahoos can shoot you and claim you stole a football.

A Professor who was interviewed on this and has written books on race relations indicated that the first prosecutor admitted that she had never even looked at the Video. The second watched it and claimed it showed rock solid evidence that the jogger likely committed a crime and that the actions of the ex cop and his son were justified. As far as I am concerned those prosecutors were complicit in the murder and acted to cover up a heinous crime. They should be disbarred at minimum. Were there any justice they would both go to prison for obstruction and criminal conspiracy.

Initially the police did not even make an arrest. To them shooting a black man that was jogging was justifiable.

For every one of these where there a video of the events there likely a number of such lynchings where no one was around to take video.


Hi SuspiraDeProfundis:
Yes, for every murder there needs to be justice, no matter how long it takes… I read about Emmet Till who was murdered when he was still in his early teens—and he was said to be horribly mutilated too. When I read that his mother demanded an open casket, I believe that she did the right thing–as she said that people needed to see what was done to her son.
And with that video , Mr. Arbery’s mother and the world can see what was done to her son. With so many murders of black people—how long must “white privilege,” and job position privilege go on?
Maybe this time, for Mr. Arbery, Justice will be served.


To me that sounds like it’s not A, it’s A. What are you trying to say exactly?

So there is a lot more to this story-------I do not buy that these guys just decided to gun down a black man. What kind of “community” is this??? These guys are connected to law enforcement? Is this a regular jog the guy does? If so it looks like they were waiting for him.

Are people living in a situation were they are constantly intimidated??? This is a law enforcement officer with his son gunning down a jogger----and some clown follows behind filming----do we live in a police state or what?



I have to clench my jaw tightly not to write what I really want to say…So I’ll dial it down a tad. A father and son outing, doing illegal hunting at night. As American as apple pie. The filmer of the vid is aiding and abetting, an accessory to first degree murder.
Will there be justice? No.
In Loaded, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz has an entire chapter devoted to Slave Patrols and how it’s still being done.
Snitching on neighbors to the government if they don’t go into work because of the pandemic. Killing people simply because they’re not pale, but doing normal activities. Yup, Amerikkka is full blown totalitarian state.


What is almost as disturbing as the incident itself is how the community polls on the incident. Race and hate crimes are committed across the world and all Countries have incidents of such. That said when it occurs in most Countries outside of the USA there widespread condemnation. There rarely a “lets rally behind the person who did the killing” or if there was, the people supporting the killing would not openly state they did so.

As per a poll performed in the City in which this occurred the majority of white people support the murderers. This a pretty cut and dried hate crime but the majority of white people in that community openly supports the killers.

This demonstrates clearly racism. It is so ingrained and so “acceptable” people will step forwards and all but admit themselves as such.


If any white person thinks your post is hyperbole, then I would suggest you paint yourself black. If you cannot do that at least I suggest you read the excellent book written a long time ago called: BLACK LIKE ME.

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Excuse me, that is the most bigoted bunch of crap I’ve read in a while. I even looked up the word bigoted to insure that was the right word to address this.

“having or revealing an obstinate belief in the superiority of one’s own opinions and a prejudiced intolerance of the opinions of others.”


The American judicial system is hopelessly and systemically corrupt! Don’t ever expect Blacks to get justice from it. In this particular case, the system had already dismissed the possibility of justice until advocates began lobbying for justice. In a democracy ruled by law, such lobbying should be completely redundant and justice should be automatic. The US is failing as a nation, as a democracy and as a country ruled by law!


Mr. Christensen hits the nail squarely on the head in this piece. When I heard Trump’s
comment that “It could be something we didn’t see on the tape…”,I heard a dog whistle
designed to sow doubt, and to reassure his racist base core of support.

Let’s be clear; armed men stalking, provoking, then killing unarmed people is MURDER! Premeditated murder in the first degree.


An update on this as the details of what occurred are added to. Apparently the Police wanted to make an arrest but the first DA who reviewed the case blocked any action against the two as she was personal friends with them.

The DA should be charged and disbarred. This move to cover up a murder is a crime.



My question is why is it taking so long to arrest whoever it was filming this murder. I would also like to comment in complete agreement with SuspiraDeProfundis’ comment: “An update on this as the details of what occurred are added to. Apparently the Police wanted to make an arrest but the first DA who reviewed the case blocked any action against the two as she was personal friends with them.
The DA should be charged and disbarred. This move to cover up a murder is a crime.”

I would like to repeat, “This move to cover up a murder is a crime”; accessory to first degree murder!


I’m not sure how you got that out of it. Try: percentage of non-Black people it’s done to: more than 0%; percentage of Black people it’s done to: 100%.

Many have documented, well documented, that America has become less racist over time. As just a small sign, recall that we elected Barack Obama President, twice, and that we have had several blacks and other persons of color in the President’s cabinet, holding important jobs, and at least two members of the current Supreme Court are persons of color.

Also, for broader context, Larry Elder (a Black man) is one of many who have pointed out that more Whites get killed by Blacks than Blacks killed by Whites, and that many more Blacks get killed by Blacks.

All that said, expect the special prosecutor or Federal prosecutor to argue just like several of the comments here, that Father and Son McMichael prejudged that Mr. Arbery was a criminal who had committed recent crimes in the neighborhood, and went out to confront him, prepared to shoot him dead if there was trouble. Maybe argue that they were prepared to shoot him dead even if there wasn’t trouble. Expect the prosecutor to argue that Father McMichael, as an ex-cop, had training and should have remembered it about non-discrimination and de-escalating conflicts.

To be seen whether the argument and the evidence (all of it, not just the tape) persuades a jury to convict the McMichaels.
Could be that what is needed is a reversal of situation, of fortune, where this time it is the Whites (the McMichaels) who are presumed to be dangerous to the community and deserving of conviction and imprisonment.

I further remark that I see a resemblance between this and the George Zimmerman : Trayvon Martin case. In both the young black man would have lived to see another day if the neighborhood did not have a neighborhood watch, or if the neighborhood watch were asleep that night.

I also see some resemblance with the Freddie Gray case of Baltimore. Freddie Gray would have lived to see another day if the police had let him run away and escape. One question I have never seen asked or answered is why the police decided to chase him.


Who wants to live in a civilized nation…go fish.