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'It Didn't Have To Be This Way': How the Gun Lobby Made New Zealand Less Safe


'It Didn't Have To Be This Way': How the Gun Lobby Made New Zealand Less Safe

Rebecca Peters

Australians over 40 can identify with the grief gripping New Zealand just now. We felt it in the aftermath of the Port Arthur massacre in 1996, when 35 people were murdered and dozens more wounded at the popular holiday location in Tasmania. Just as in Christchurch, the Port Arthur killer was a 28-year-old loner with no criminal record armed with semi-automatic weapons.



New Zealand journalist Suzie Dawson has an interesting perspective. Were their spy agencies too busy spying on journalists, peaceful protesters, the Green Party, and child abuse victims to pay attention to actual threats?



These weapons were designed to maim and kill. Saying they were designed to maim and murder plays directly into the hands of the gun nuts and the gun lobby. They have had their dishonest rebuttal on tape for decades. People DO kill people, but they kill a lot more a lot faster and with a lot more certainty when they do their killing with guns, few of which ever get used in self-defense except when people are gunning for each other. Many of the attempts to use a firearm in self-defense end badly. Cue the trolls, as I’m sure they are waiting in the wings.



Well, that’s one way to kill a conversation. Refer to some of the commenters as trolls, not just people with a differing opinion. Good job, I guess.