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It Feels Like the Tragedy of a Generation, But We Need to Gear Up Not Give Up


It Feels Like the Tragedy of a Generation, But We Need to Gear Up Not Give Up

Alex Scrivener

It’s been a couple of days since the shocking referendum result, and it feels no better than it did on the night.


The finance juggernauts, which have tentacles into absolutely everything - especially the media and conflict-for-profit, distraction and manipulation are the answer to the cui bono question.

The glee must be absolutely bubbling behind the serious faces witnessing the polarization and violence resulting from the imposing of profoundly dissociative policy practices. The intensity being doubled down on over and over again day after day. There are few equivalent historical precedents. One that definitely matches is the 16th century 'Doctrine of Discovery', which, through European royalty and papacy decided that those who did not practice "Christianity" (really do research on this!) were to be subjected to conversion, enslavement upon resistance and other and sundry manipulations by force and their lands taken. 16th century - 21st century: same difference, no exaggeration.

Since then, one of the most stunning perversions by media circuses and others is the institution of a mirror world that refracts along lines something like this:

"...The vividness of this meaning is brought about making magic the commodity under discussion, and by magic it should here be plainly understood that we are talking about knowledge and words, words and their ability to effect things. In effect we are talking about the marketing of a theory of signification and of rhetoric, indeed, not just of knowledge but of what is in a deeply significant sense the knowledge of knowledge that has to remain inaccessible for that knowledge to exist..."

insert _ as "commodity"
try 'economic theory' as magic


This is the time for the Left to unite and lead!


Maybe they should look to what happened during the Holocaust where Jews ( who were born and raised there ) were targeted and ultimately killed. Nice going GB


Oh my - what a whining boatload of nonsense this piece was..... I am off on a conference call shortly so I must be brief.... but good heavens ... the author seems to think that the EU does NOT operate from a neoliberal ethic??? Clearly he has no clue what kind of a cabal he voted to 'remain' with..... And they talk about the ignorance of the 'leave' voters....smh


Live in the EU, do you, or just another poorly informed yank? I do and can say catergorically, the article is accurate and it is YOU who is clueless. I would explain why but I'm off for a shit shortly so must be brief.


My what an erudite and thoughtful response.