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It Is Definitely Not Enough

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/08/22/it-definitely-not-enough


Bless you, Havana. I hope you get a chance to meet Greta when she gets here. You young ladies are an inspiration for all of us, you and the thousands, perhaps millions, of young people who have awakened and are working to build your future, and are working to educate the “adults” to not only realize what is at stake, but realize it will take all of us to turn this mess around while a future is still possible.
*Keep up your good work, and your beautiful smile of hope and love for all.


" I may be tiny, but my voice is not."

Havana, you are larger than life.

Havana and Greta are the heralds for the Aquarian Age–May it dawn soon!


From the article:

“If your dream is only about you, it’s too small.” - Havana Chapman-Edwards

Hey, David Koch, if any part of you is still paying attention, take this wisdom with you into your next life. It’s a tragedy for us all that you and your ilk missed it this time around.


Hi GuildF321S:

Thank you Havana and Greta too, plus those millions of kids speaking out and
reminding adults that children are often wiser than adults. Their clarity of the world
is not subjected to dreams of power and money.
As for David Koch-----hopefully if people can continue through many life cycles, hopefully he gets to come right back and live what HE has wrought!

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Havana Chapman-Edwards is fortunate to have parents who afford her a well rounded experience. Her determination could be the catalyst for change. Her energy should be harnessed by making her our Greta.

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