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It Is Netanyahu, Not Corbyn, Who Deserves 'Unequivocal Condemnation'


It Is Netanyahu, Not Corbyn, Who Deserves 'Unequivocal Condemnation'

Richard Silverstein

Everyone and their brother in the UK - at least the tabloid media and pro-Israel apologists - has got it into their heads that the Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn laid a wreath on the grave of the Palestinian mastermind of the Munich massacre while visiting Tunisia in 2014. Is any of this true?


NitwitYahoo, deserves everything that’s coming his way.

Colluding with the Saudis and U.S. to Kill rather than Coexist, has reserved a place in Hell for him.


This and near countless other actions show the level of Israeli subversion of other nations to protect their racist agenda from any criticism! The "anti-Semitism charge against any critic deemed “enemy” a favorite.
The enemy of the entire world is the zionist entity that has committed atrocities, war crimes and mass murders of civilian men, women, and children…a racist contempt for all other peoples and societies!

It is long past time other nations stop tolerating Israeli meddling/subversion of elections and threats against politicians that have the moral compass and integrity to stand-up to the racist bully!

Israel and its nut-case PM will do anything to divert the worlds attention from their ethnic cleansing and contempt for International Human Rights Law! They are an outlaw entity that must pay for their arrogance and war-crimes!


That can also refer to Israel’s “blood brother”, the U.S. government.


There is no price that can pay/compensate for these predations. IMHO, the priorities must be to find a way forward starting with: they must stop or be stopped. The playing field must be leveled and the dispossessed returned. And how about an apology which may well be the most painful to extract.

A case made at the Hague is a very tasty side-dish but only if placed on the table by the Palestinians themselves.

These seem to be some ways forward if having a future is more important than seeking retribution.


No one should criticize Netanyahu because he represents the Jewish people and so the criticism would be anti-Semitic. Jewish action (action by Jews for the benefit of Jews) should never be criticized, no matter what, because that criticism would necessarily be anti-Semitic.

Any statement anywhere critical of Jews or Jewish action should be condemned because it’s anti-Semitic. Every anti-Semitic statement should be condemned.

Once any statement anywhere can be shown to be anti-Semitic, by virtue of that alone it should be condemned.


Hi Swagman-----ummm Mr. Netanyahu is Polish and perhaps you are not aware, but the original Jews were semitic ( not the eastern European and American ones) but ALL the Arabs are Semitic too.
Maybe the term,“anti-semitic,” has become useless by now and should be dropped.


I agree absolutely. Assigning the term, “anti-Semitic” to any critic of Jewish action or Jewish serving narratives, is a device to destroy anyone or anything that goes against Jewish actions, narratives, or propaganda. It negates having to actually answer the criticism. Assigning the label, “terrorists” (as was done recently to Palestinian non-violent protesters) works the same way.


Yes, Nutty Yahoo deserves unequivocal condemnation along with Donald Chump the Chimp & Theresa Mayfly Mayhem. The British People, like the American People are brainwashed into thinking the USA, UK & Israel are always in the right & the Muslim World especially the Palestinians are always in the wrong. Saying criticism of Israel makes one Anti-Semitic is like saying criticism of Ehud Barack Obama makes one racist and Anti-Black.


…the American People are brainwashed into thinking the USA, UK & Israel are always in the right…

I don’t think so. I think people are afraid of the consequences saying “it ain’t so.”