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It Is Not OK for Fox to Get It So Wrong in Baltimore Monday


It Is Not OK for Fox to Get It So Wrong in Baltimore Monday

David Zurawik

Given its performance in Baltimore, I am starting to wonder if maybe Fox News should only do opinion and stay away from covering challenging news stories like the one still playing out on the streets of Baltimore.


If our nation was under the Rule of Law, then all of the following would have major legal consequences:

  1. A network like Fox that constantly argued that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 911 would lose its license.
  2. Bankers that sunk the global economy after using their lobbyist insiders to sink Glass-Steagall would pay for their own bad bets
  3. Corporate predators would be made to pay for the damage they rendered
  4. Frackers would not be granted licenses to pollute private wells and the public’s waterways
  5. BP and other oil deep sea oil drillers would not be allowed anywhere near an ocean (after the massive Maconda spill)
  6. Governors, senators, & Presidents that took bribes (major campaign “contributions”) and used them to lend favor to any of the above, would be removed from office
  7. Wars made on the basis of fabricated triggers would put a cease and desist order on militarism, in general
  8. Those that poison air, water, soil and food would be held accountable for the medical costs incurred by their victims
  9. Rapists would be given ONE chance to clean up. Second time offenders would be given chemical castration.
  10. Hollywood would be fined for its use of excessive violence (since it becomes normalized in the collective consciousness and practiced, as a result)
  11. Monsanto and its gen-tech Frankestein corps. would NOT get to tell the public what it’s allowed to eat or grow or harvest!

That’s for starters.

The more significant fact, that FOX could help lie this nation INTO war explains why it would demonize those on the receiving end of State Force. That is the authoritarian network’s default setting.