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It Is Now Abundantly Clear Why Steve Mnuchin Didn't Want People to See This Video

It Is Now Abundantly Clear Why Steve Mnuchin Didn't Want People to See This Video

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Treasury Secretary and former Goldman Sachs banker Steve Mnuchin tried to suppress video footage of his appearance at UCLA last month, and now that the video has finally been made public, it is abundantly clear why.

I’m reminded of this exchange in Gore Vidal’s “Burr:”

Q: “What, sir, is the law?”

Aaron Burr: “The law, sir, is whatever is boldly asserted and plausibly maintained.”

Now replace “plausibly” with “forceably,” and you have a good idea of the mindset of Mnuchin and his pampered, privileged ilk. Call it the “It Embarasses Me” exception to the prohibition against prior restraint.

And one hopes UCLA is properly embarassed.


Maybe off-topic, but compare this audience to a certain portion of Trump’s base. I remember when Trump said: “I love the uneducated – they’re so loyal.” Talk about getting bitch-slapped! I hardly ever use that expression due to its “popular” sexist connotations, but here I believe it perfectly describes Trump’s relationship with the working-class portion of his base. Of course his real base is the unscrupulous investor/owner class, and so it is fitting that some that don’t want to be ugly Stevie’s bitches slapped him. The difference between the two audiences is education.


Mnuchin talks incessantly about sanctions and nuclear weapons, yet nobody in the audience asks him who gave the U.S. permission to build nuclear weapons?


Secretary of Treasury admits that the country’s deficit is greatly the result of the Wars in the Middle East. And yet the country is constantly instigating additional Wars. Twelve years after Russia invaded Afghanistan the government collapsed. The us has been occupying Afghanistan for 17 years and many signs point to a inclination toward armed attack against Iran. With increased cost of another war, not to mention the human misery and planetary destruction, will increase us financial deficit.

This is a good question to be asked of the congress.


No one has ever asked that question and I have been alive during the atomic age. The answer is no one. You get to be a country of nuclear weapons by developing them whether anyone wants you to or not. It is why France, England, Russia, Israel, Pakistan, India, etc all have nuclear weapons but insist no one else should have them.
It’s called hypocrisy. We can have them, but no one else can. And as the world has learned, those without can be attacked. And those they have them, won’t be. Which is why all the nonsense talk of attacking N. Korea is pure BS. And considering all the talk about attacking N. Korea when Bush became president (and throwing out the agreement with the N. Koreans about building a bomb) only made the N. Koreans want to build a bomb to protect themselves from being attacked like Saddam was. The lesson was learned, develop a bomb or be invaded.
And if Trump destroys the Iran agreement, the Iranians will hurry and make their first bomb so they won’t be attacked. And if I was them, I would make sure that a bomb was created swiftly. Within a few months at most. Otherwise Trump will insist that the Iranians are a threat and must be attacked. If he makes such threats against N. Korea, Iran is a no brainer to threaten.

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I agree with you, but who will question? There are few progressives in congress, sure they will. But no one else has done so.
One of the things I read after 9/11 was that the Taliban offered to give up Al Queada for the 100 million $ reward. And Bush refused. Just imagine, we could have had Bin Ladin for 100 million. Sure the Taliban would have stayed in power, who the US put into power after the Soviet Union invaded Afghan (and put Bin Laden into power.). All we had to do was accept their offer and we would have the 9/11 masterminds.
We allow so many ruthless dictators (far worst than the Taliban) to be in power and make them our allies. Saddam was such an ally until he bit our hand by invading Kuwait (with our weak response to his question of what we would do if he did so.). The Saudis promote and support the most fanatical sect of Islam which produced bin laden and the 9/11 killers. And yet we can’t accept the Taliban who the US created with money and arms.

You know this slime-ball is lying because he starts every answer with, “Again- What I would say is, …”

What I would say is?! Just say it!


It is very apparent that congress will do nothing except what “The Masters” tell it to do by buying their vote and most likely alternative pressure. How many public opinion polls are totally ignored?

History tells us wars are pervasive. Even when battles were not being actively fought, somewhere plans were and are being made. Today wars impact the entire global community. Economic instability, fear and confusion feed the hate toward the migrants and internally displaced victims. Politicians manipulate the populations using all these factors. Plus now we have economic global control by the IMF and the world bank in tandem with the global corporations to further complicate politics

Only when there is a massive public protest by the entire global community to combat genocide by greed will wars and pollution cease. And due to the “human condition” this will never be but should we stop working to improve lives.

Teach your children well.

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And the little children will lead us. It should be embarrassing that a sixth grader could easily see that what Trump and Mnuchin are doing is wrong. No wonder he wanted the video tape to be suppressed.

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At video counter 51:00 approximately, did he promise the Russia sanctions would be law in less than 30 days?

That never happened, did it?