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'It is Our Duty': Grannies Arrested for Blockading Shell Arctic Drilling Port


'It is Our Duty': Grannies Arrested for Blockading Shell Arctic Drilling Port

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

A fearless band of grannies faced down police officers and semi-trucks early Tuesday as they led a direct action blockading the entrances to the Seattle Port terminal where the Shell Oil's Polar Pioneer drilling rig is moored.

Continuing the fierce local fight at the home berth of the Arctic drilling fleet, activists used their bodies, chains, and cement-filled barrels to halt operations at the Seattle port.

According to reports, six members of the "Raging Grannies," a group of Seattle grandmothers, were arrested as they led five successful blockades around Terminal 5.


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Obama said in '08, I need the citizen’s help in making change. Well thousands have been marching, demonstrating and getting arrested in the almost 8 years that he has been residing in our House. What kind of help does he need? A damn revolution? This man and the Democratic Party are frauds, and I am a Registered Democrat. The Republican Party is no better. It is past time for Americans to clean house and quit voting for what is the best of the worst for we are all way better than any of these imposters who call themselves public servants.


I don’t know that all of the Raging Grannies are white, but perhaps black and brown Raging Grannies are dealing with other of our many “raging” problems.

  • Lord knows we have, and foster enough, problems to require all the Raging Grannies we can find, regardless of “race, creed, or national origin.”
  • You go, Grannies!!


Vote for Bernie, If he loses, write in None of the Above.


He’s a filthy silver-tongued liar. One tragedy is what he’s done and is doing to the country and the world. Another is the deep betrayal of his potential and promises. How he sleeps at night is beyond me. How he can face his daughters is now the mark of a sociopath. I was going to comment that I couldn’t see how Michelle lies next to him, but I guess she’s just as greedy as he is. I hope that somewhere somehow karma strikes. I’m done with the Dems…have never ever voted for a Rep. Guess I’m going Green…and will learn how to knit, a la Madame LaFarge.


Scumbag Cops! Arresting grandmothers and crushing the backs of girls at swimparties!

Our Heros!



The Raging Grannies have a long, proud history of taking to the streets–in 2000 they were all over Florida protesting the illicit appointment of a drunken felon to the White House. They sang in West Palm, many of their cool protest songs. They are a wonderful example for the younger activists. I respect and admire their walking the walk! And we all say “Shell, No!” to those sociopaths who want to defile our Arctic wilderness. We all need to block this outrageous plan. Don’t buy Shell or BP or Exxon or Mobil gas–ever! Buy Citgo, it is Venezuelan sourced gas. Make your next car a hybrid or an electric. Push your legislature to make it legal for citizens to sell solar power, break the lock the power companies have on being providers. That is the key to transitioning to solar for large segments of the community! Lobby your congressional reps and senators to STOP tax credits to billionaire companies like Duke Energy, GE, Boeing, Exxon and START federal programs to transition to renewable energy sources; it is what the American people demand!


I am a registered PCO of 203, TC Democrats. The day Bernie announced his candidacy I donated a $100 to his directional consideration. We must stand and refuse to be led. Democrats fought beside socialists, and communists with the Wobblies in the Montana Coal mine strikes. My Grandfather supported union cause and Montana strikers through the entire ordeal. Eugene Debs and Joe Hill must be remembered! Many were shot and beaten to give us a reasonable existence and to further our right to stand upon the shoulders of labor leading giants. We must consider a stronger demand to achieve our goals. Our children are going to die due the continued leadership’s denial to develop our social economic system toward sustainable energy. Do not let them deny the economic potential of renewables.