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'It Is Our Future That Is at Risk': Greta Thunberg and Ocasio-Cortez Talk Reasons for Hope in Era of Climate Emergency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/29/it-our-future-risk-greta-thunberg-and-ocasio-cortez-talk-reasons-hope-era-climate


Ironic how the word “ TALK” is always in the Headlines, yet they call it an Emergency. Keep talking and maybe, just maybe little Greta will reach her 20th birthday… and I’m being generous. Catastrophes are happening NOW! Keep talking…

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Women like these give me hope, in spite of all the evidence.
It may not be rational, but rationality – the left brain – ain’t everything. The left brain is what gets us into messes like this. It’s time to allow the right brain, the intuitive, the emotional, to be incorporated into the way we act.


In her defense Greta does more than just talk, and a lot more than 99% of the species is doing, although she is pretty adept at talking too.
Not that i don’t agree with you, the time for talking is over.

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Greta & Cortez mean well, but it’s their generation that will have to suffer and deal with all of it. It’s also up to them to decide when the action will begin. So far has any of them shut down a Coal Plant, Fracking Company or Fossil Fuel Plant? Have CO2 and Methane emissions decreased? No they have not. Many seem to think we can kick the can a few more years after kicking it for decades when we were first warned about this threat. It’s up to these brave talkers to decide when talk will be replaced by Action.


I think Greta and AOC should continue to talk. Their talk is consciousness raising.

I’m not sure how you are expecting them to act but I’d say their actions so far have been pretty important. Greta’s solitary action in front of the Swedish parliament has been consciousness raising. AOC’s Green New Deal has been consciousness raising.

Finally, the numbers are growing to the point for serious action to happen. In the meantime many many have been taking individual and collective actions. Many of those actions have been laying the groundwork for action at scale.


The objective I believe is to save as much of our habitat as possible so that at least some of humanity can survive. When it comes time to vote some off of the Island then those who have been denying climate change should be jumping at the chance to go first. Since their denialism is essentially a crime against humanity that would be just. The carbon content continues to rise and with it the global temperatures, around 75% of global carbon emissions are caused by only 100 corporations and the single largest emitter is the U.S. military which accounts for around 50% of the U.S. budget. It seems pretty obvious where a good start on reducing emissions could be made although it will still be necessary to somehow suck much of the carbon out of the atmosphere so as to avoid the rapid heating as described by Guy MacPherson. It’s an extremely difficult challenge that I’m sure could be overcome but not as long as blockheads like Donald Trump et. al. occupy positions of power.


Sixto Rodriguez…“how many times can you wake up to this comic book and plant flowers?”…from the song, “Cause”. Leonard Cohen comes to mind as well, “Dress Rehearsal Rag”. “join the Rosicrucian’s, they can give you back your hope”. No matter how I slice this bread it stills comes out to “a hard rain is gonna fall”. I relate to songs more often than I’d like and I rummaged through youtube looking for that one tune of hope. Russell Means said that this is white man’s problem, we need to turn it over to those that know better, women. Maybe Greta and AOC know better?

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Excuse me, they’ve taken a lot of action but politicans and President does not listen to our own scientists and do anything about it. We could say they are only human and it is human to procrastinate. BS! they are not leaders.

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Go see the movie Yesterday if u are a music lover. I can’t imagine a world without Beatles Songs!

Well excuse me as well. Sorry you don’t comprehend what’s Not going on by blaming Politicians. The people have a largest part in this and so far it’s all been talk. Only recently has Climate Change brought action into the streets, and it was overseas… not in this backward country. Reason why is they know what’s coming and are feeling the effects of massive heatwaves, droughts and Cyclones. No need to excuse yourself or anybody.

If you do not understand the words Extinction Event, and that we’ve already passed the tipping point, feeling the effects of Climate Change as we speak, I don’t know what to tell you. The Green New Deal should have been Law a decade ago!


If “lying, do nothing but block legislation to benefit the masses politicians” started to go extinct, through heart attacks, car accidents, choking on food, poisoning from snake bites, and suicides, things might start to look up for the people.

“It is our future that is at risk.”

We would do well to organize, and collectively take bold action to reduce those risks.

You got to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

Bad eggs must be discarded as well.

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Have courage my friend.

In any major activity, there are many different roles to be played. In Climate Change, we are getting spokespeople, cheerleaders, and critics. Lawmakers are starting to get involved. Competing industries like solar and wind are moving. What needs to happen next?

  1. major planners

  2. some job reassurance. Encourage workers to leave dirty industry. For those plants that need to close, what about offering first chance of jobs in engineering and factory work in clean industry to those leaving dirty industry–and war?

  3. lists. Lists of sites on the shiit list. Public plans on how to close and rehab them. I know for instance that coal has deep meaning for those in some areas. Make a new plan for land use in those places that can make a better community.

  4. Who can organize all this? Well, long ago, when i was in college, there was an opportunity to design your own major. What about a college major of Environmental Rehab? I know that there is Environmental Engineering. Be project oriented.

I wish this was about Courage. It’s not. Read the World News. Look at the Bigger Picture of what’s happening to Farmers in the Food belts of our country. All facts that they do not want to put in the Headlines. They don’t want Panic. Half of the Planet is burning up with record Heatwaves, droughts and lack of Food. This is Reality that’s happening Now!


A well laid out plan that should have been implemented decades ago.


The native American has always had it right –
asking what might do harm into the next seven generations.

We talk a lot about loving our own children and love for children
in general – but this is the reality – will we come out into the streets
to protect future generations?

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Hope is neither something you have OR create. It is something you want. imo.

Wish I could but I am limited…this is true, trust me…I am the Fool on The Hill…honestly, it is me and I am him and we are all together :))) see how they run?