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It Is Remarkable—and Dangerous—How Little Scrutiny Biden Has Received for Supporting Iraq War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/14/it-remarkable-and-dangerous-how-little-scrutiny-biden-has-received-supporting-iraq

Except that Bush didn’t win, he was appointed, chosen by right-wing Florida, and right-wing SCOTUS circa 2000.


French documentary investigated the REAL chain of events in Biden’s “official” capacity and events in Ukraine. President? I don’t think so… just like so many of his “colleagues”.
The documentary is up at Consortium news and, I guess we are no longer permitted to link to other sources. What do you do when 99% of what there is in the ‘public’ sphere are criminals scrambling to divvy up the takings before the ponzi collapses?

Trump is going to pound Uncle Joe on this if it comes to that.

So the Dem anti-war contingent should pound Uncle Joe now so it doesn’t come to that.


Maybe that’s because those who can give the scrutiny, the MSM, also supported the war and don’t want to remind their audience.


Neither in 2000 nor 2004.

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It’ll be a lot less painful to not vote for him in the primaries.

Not that remarkable, really. This is the same party that not only didn’t drum Blarney Biden out of the party for his aggressive questioning of Anita Hall (thus greasing the skids for the far-right rubberstamp Clarence Thomas), it’s allowing him to run for “president.”


Ja, that doesn’t get much scrutiny either. No wonder these sh*theels accomplish so many of their missions.

The Democrats, including Joe Biden, also rolled over for the confirmation of Antonin Scalia, who was an early Federalist Society professor.

From Wikipedia:

When Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on Scalia’s nomination opened in August 1986, he faced a committee that had just argued divisively over the Rehnquist nomination…Committee members had little taste for a second battle over Scalia and were in any event reluctant to oppose the first Italian-American Supreme Court nominee.[41] The judge was not pressed heavily on controversial issues such as abortion or civil rights…Scalia met no opposition from the committee. The full Senate debated Scalia’s nomination only briefly, confirming him 98–0 on September 17, 1986…One committee member, Democratic Delaware Senator Joe Biden, later stated that he regretted not having opposed Scalia “because he was so effective”.


Sadly, the DNC will rig the primaries so that it won’t matter how we peons vote and Biden will be handed the nomination.

But that won’t stop me from fighting for and voting for Bernie and trying to get a candidate like Bernie as the nominee. Bernie is the only candidate that can beat Trump. And Trump, the corporations, and the media all know that. That is why they are so anti-Bernie.


According to the Democrats (and some of their supporters on this site), your scrutiny need be no deeper than understanding that Biden is not Trump. In fact, better not to go any deeper at all unless you really enjoy your cognitive dissonance.

The Biden supporters on this website ( I’ve given Bernie 18 contributions, btw ) are far outnumbered by people who’ve pledged not to vote at all. Or, to vote 3rd, 4th or 5th Party. That’ll really show them, right? Nobody buys me, by gum!
Since that vote amounts to, and is tantamount to, the Green, Libertarian or The Kookla, Fran & Ollie Party endorsement, really… What can you say to that? BTW- The KF&O Party is actually a great party if you like cupcakes, ice cream, balloons and amateur Bozos.

Biden is a hack, a lackey and a bought-and-paid-for running dog. Just to name a few things.
But, I liked Ho Chi Minh’s organizational model better than Mao Tse Tung’s Little Red Book, too …but hey, that’s just me.

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Sam, a good article. Thank you.

Another reason CNN and the other news corporations like war so much is that it ups the ratings and fattens the bank accounts. The first Gulf war incidentally made Wolf’s career.

I am confounded by the fact that his, Biden, history with Anita and his repression of facts against Thomas has not been a major issue. Biden was more interested in his own popularity with Republicans, “reaching across he aisle”, than justice to Ms Hill. His legacy is Clarence Thomas who has bee sitting on the bench of the SCOTUS since 1991. An new documentary, I believe coming out soon, deals with those issues.

Are you saying you’ll vote for whoever the Dems run if they scuttle Bernie (admirably your first choice), even if it’s Biden, the professional Bozo? And, if so, are you trying to pre-shame me if I vote my conscience? Is this a re-treaded LOTE argument? If so, spare me. Spare all of us.

Off the main topic, but finally a Tulsi critisism that is worthwhile (and I am a Tulsi fan!). There are a few but it’s like I have to read 99 stupid one until I get to an insightful one. Yes, she let him off the hook while calling him out. I do wish she would add onto non-interventionism the various diplomatic and public (i.e. not military) options we have to address [bad actors] on the world stage. Would make progressives feel better at least.

Although Biden is arguably a war criminal for his support of the Iraq invasion in violation of US and international law, his conduct in the Anita Hill affair deserves much more scrutiny than it is receiving. Not only did Biden insult and disrespect Anita Hill and all her corroborating witnesses, but he is directly responsible for the confirmation (52-48) of Clarence Thomas. That means that Biden is partially responsible for all the 5-4 decisions by the right-wing SC majority. If Thomas had been rejected as he should have been, it was not a given that he would have been replaced by an equally horrible right-wing nominee. Afterall, Bush’s other SC nominee was David Souter who turned out to be sane and reasonable, and voted most often against the Scalia-Thomas wing. Everyone of those horrible 5-4 decisions should be hung around Biden’s neck every day in this campaign.

Bernie is our uncle Ho, even though he may not appreciate the comparison at this moment in time.
The people love him, he has been in the trenches politically for a long time, he is honest and true to his cause, and will continue fighting til it’s over.

And with this impeachment under way, we keep seeing old clips of what republicans had to say during the Clinton one. It has become evident that they are complete asshole hypocrites. They simply are not ashamed of any of their total partisanship, regardless off the truth or the facts.