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It Is Time for Donald Trump to Leave the White House

It Is Time for Donald Trump to Leave the White House

Charles P. Pierce

The other day, Michelle Goldberg, writing in Slate, made this excellent point: In response to the argument that ridding the country of President* Donald Trump only would worsen the political polarization in the country, perhaps to the point of actual widespread violence, Goldberg argued that, if we're making decisions of national policy based on that criterion, then we're already


Pretty spot on except for failing to include the DP as accomplices in the rump presidency and all that enabled it.


Charles, Well, yes, it’s easy to say “he must go”, and you make a convincing case, drawing together present and past history and showing us the dangers we face. The question you don’t attempt, even, to answer is: How? Are you just trying to mobilize us? For what? Get more than the numbers of the Women’s March to surround the WH to demand that T leave it? More Town Hall Meetings? It seems that the only practical possibility is the one Robert Reich outlined as possibility #2, today on CD : the 2018 mid-term elections, since this Congress is not poised to rid us of him, or themselves, in an act of self-demolition.


Yeah, Trump’s got to go-- for the safety of the country and its constitution. At this juncture, the Republicans can’t rebuff Trump’s voter base without meeting horrendous midterm defeats. So, as Reich has written both impeachment and 25th amendment are clumsy.

So maybe an ALT-25th is in order. He needs to make a Pyrrhic resignation. Proclaim his monumental victory of November, confess his gratitude to his ever-loving base, and return to his simpler life he loves so much. Maybe even call it doctor’s orders.

Saves face. Protects his family. Seems like a good out to me. Don’t believe he wanted the job–ever–in the first place.

And then, with all the billionaire players in place, we get Pence, a much slicker, more urbane, more polished Nazi to finish us off.

  • Just like Ford and Noxin, one of the first things he would do is pardon Trump. Then all the dirty laundry can stay out of sight in the basket.
  • People don’t seem to realize that with a successful impeachment, not only is the subject banned from ever holding a job of public trust, an impeached official cannot be pardoned, and is subject to trial for his crimes. So, Noxin chose, or was ordered, to resign and be pardoned. Otherwise, he would have stood trial in a criminal court, and all of his administration’s dirty laundry would have been exposed to the public. The PTB didn’t want to see that happen then, nor do they now.
  • My guess is that he will follow in Noxin’s footsteps in the face of impeachment, or he will probably die of backed up bile, or apoplexy, or something.
  • Problem solved and back to business as usual. (Not for the first time.)

Anyone the oligarchy hates can’t be all bad.:confounded:

Direct Democracy

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It will be interesting to see, when after four more years, or four more weeks, and Trump is out, whether the American political system will take measures to assure that there can never be a replay of this–As Charlie says, the next klepto-auto-crat may be much better at the job!–Look for the elimination of the Electoral College, national standards for national elections, & the end of gerrymandering–I’m willing to bet none of these things comes to pass, as the American electoral system slowly sinks into the mire!


Excellent editorial, Mr. Pierce: powerful, factual, convincing, and very well stated! Thank you.

The fly in the ointment regarding impeachment of the orange oaf is the VP, Pence the Pious or, in a conspiratorial vein, perhaps that is what the Greedy Old Pikers in Congress hoped (and planned) for all along…

In any case, our nation and the world cannot take much more of the diabolical demagogue.

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If we demand it as a salve to heal the destruction of honor and dignity the farcical 45th has brought upon our nation, and that once respected office, then it is possible to get it done so fast it will make our heads spin.

“His ignorance is matched only by his incompetence, which is matched only by his obvious instability.”

Then wouldn’t that make his ignorance also match his instability, so it’s not only matched by his incompetence?

That was my thought from the beginning. Pence was Plan B, because Plan A would prove to be untenable.