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'It Is Time for Progressives of the World to Unite': Sanders-Varoufakis Issue Open Call for New Global Movement

'It Is Time for Progressives of the World to Unite': Sanders-Varoufakis Issue Open Call for New Global Movement

Common Dreams staff

With fascist movements on the rise and controlling the levers of power in the United States and across the world, the U.S.-based Sanders Institute and Europe's DiEM25—the groups founded by Jane Sanders and former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, respectively—announced the launch of Progressive International on Friday with the goal of beating back right-wing forces with an organized "grassroots movement for global justice."


Sign me up.


As Professor Farnsworth would say, “Whaaaat?” I’m pretty sure socialists have been calling for workers to control the world for close to two century. Better late than never I guess (unless Anthropogenic Climate Disruption actually means it is too late).


Here is where to join:


I’ll join.


This is a bodacious undertaking. By any world leader let alone a lesser being or group. If it catches on quickly it might go somewhere.


To defeat fascism the center and left has to unite in some manner to form a majority. Without forming a majority the fascists could succeed.


There are several forms of socialism. In the US, after a long era of promoting middle class elitism (reframed as “working class” in 2016), the liberal call is for a sort of “socialism” that benefits the more fortunate alone, the currently employed (in a country has seen multi-millions of job losses in recent decades). Internationally, progressives have been advocating for democratic socialism, which ensures modest incomes even for the jobless (no one’s life should depend on the whims of the job market, etc.). Sen. Sanders used to support democratic socialism, pointing to US poverty as proof of the significant shortcomings of our capitalism. As such, he advocated for legitimate welfare programs. This doesn’t sell to today’s middle class liberals, so Sanders leaned to the right with his 2016 campaign, no longer advocating for democratic socialism. In fact, he no longer even acknowledged anyone worse off than minimum wage workers.


You can’t have too many people and groups fighting the fascists and ultra-right forces that are gaining strength and influence. Good luck in the fight.
There is one not-so-small omission from the group’s “call to action.” It declares “The time has come for progressives to form a grassroots movement for global justice: to mobilize workers, women and the disenfranchised all around the world behind a shared vision of democracy, prosperity, sustainability, and solidarity.” All wonderful goals that any progressive would support. But there is no mention of peace. None of these goals is possible in today’s highly militarized world order. Please amend the “call.”


It’s not going to happen. Today’s center has supported class-based fascism for the past quarter-century. That center applauded as the US poor were stripped of list of fundamental civil; and human rights in the 1990s, and has maintain ed their support for this. That’s fascism, and it has been getting imposed on the country from the bottom up.


The successful movements and revolutions through history succeeded precisely because they were People’s push-backs (against the rich and powerful) – poor and middle class, workers and the jobless, for the common good.That can’t happen in the US. The currently employed can’t risk losing their jobs by “rising up,” knowing there’s nothing to fall back on today. And at the risk of shocking anyone, the poor have no interest in helping to protect the advantages of the bourgeoisie, the middle class.

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I signed up. Hopefully this movement won’t fizzle out like so many others have.


From The Real News:


True progressives as well as socialists oppose imperialism, which is the brutal, monstrous, mass-murderous foreign policy of the United States.

I’m still waiting for the supposed “progressive” Democrats and Independents such as Bernie Sanders to publicly oppose that imperialistic U.S. foreign policy. They know very well that the more than one trillion dollars wasted on the U.S. Empire every year could do so much good if spent on the wonderful social programs they advocate, but they rarely make that connection.

When they do, I will sign up to join them.


Bernie, you blew your best chance when you supported the Hildebeast. All the enthusiasm has dissipated. Thanks Bernie.


Without Sanders’ run, Medicare for all would still be a marginal notion. I also don’t recall Democrats talking much about free college before Sanders. And maybe I’ve just forgotten, but I don’t recall a surge of progressive energy in the Democratic Party before his run, either.

I doubt AOC would have been elected without Sanders running, personally.

But hey, keep up the nay-saying. It’s worked out so well for everyone so far.


I was all ready to sign up but then, I couldn’t find Hong Kong because they have fallen into the trap of listing ‘countries’ rather than ‘location.’ This means, not only no Hong Kong but also no Taiwan. I sent them a message and suggested they change that. It still matters being in Hong Kong rather than mainland China. Hope they fix this so I can join. It seems silly for them to have chosen a method of signing up that excludes anyone, when for one additional letter, they could have it all.

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I’m pretty sure if you find a way to make your point to them they would consider it part of their program.

Vox you have every right to expect a continuation of those proposals.I don’t see those coming from the green party. I see solar collectors and wind mills and electric cars and those are all good things too, but not as progressive as healthcare and free schooling. Just saying.

This initiative is being coordinated on the U.S. side by Jane O’Meara Sanders, the Director and founder of the Sanders Institute - not by her husband. I don’t believe she has taken a stance on the F-35 program.


For starters, how about repairing your falling apart infrastructure cross the nation. Then they would be doing something constructive!!