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It Is Time to Haul Beoing Executives Before Congress to Testify Under Oath

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/14/it-time-haul-beoing-executives-congress-testify-under-oath


Fix the headline!


I’d love to share this article, but it won’t be taken seriously with a misspelled headline.

Change the headline to Be Owning or Be Owing, at least. It better matches what Ralph’s getting at.

LOL, As a person who makes spelling and typing errors all the time----I am sorry that it happens, but when I type it I do not see it—UNTIL it’s printed. At first I believed it was gremlins—but sadly, its kind of like being dyslexic—when a person doesn’t see the error until AFTER, or sometime it’s not seen at all.
So in the spirit of loving content more than spelling, READ Captain. Sully’s report in the Nader piece and see that the old saying,“A little learning is a dangerous thing,” makes a lot of sense.And as for corporations, reread the story of King Midas when gold is more important than his own child.
And think too, have you ever been a whistleblower on anything at work? Often the consequences are bad—and sadly with Boeing, those who spoke were silenced it seems. Maybe those people would be more focused if they thought about all the people that have died with this 737----------- and do they wonder if they were part of the problem? Did you ever see those old GE ads, "Progress is our Most Important Product. " Maybe people should replace "Progress with the word ,“SAFETY.” Too many dead airline passengers----- It’s time for whistleblowers to be listened to now.

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Ralph Nader is on the mark as usual. I have to admire such an organized mind.

I hope they get this sorted out soon.

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L.O.L. So this guy proposes to have the BIGGEST INVESTORS in Boeing conduct an enquiry under oath to get at the truth ???
Why, would these INVESTORS choose to conduct any inquiry to get at the truth of their best investment that has paid them handsome dividends over the years ???
Doesn’t make any sense to me.

The best Congress money can buy !