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It Is What It Is: Recreating the Crime, Over and Over

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/09/22/it-what-it-recreating-crime-over-and-over


Thanks, Abby. You hit another homer. Why the hell aren’t people congratulating you and condemning the Murderer-in-Chief?

Is Fox peddling the same crap that Barbie with invisible strings is?

Is anybody collecting stats on who of the dead was/were at Dump’s rallies or other functions? On what Dumpists are losing family members? Ok, what I TRULY want to know is whether any of his minions are finally turning away from him because of deaths they’ve suffered in their families/circles of loved ones (assuming they can feel love for somebody, unlike their chosen one).


Covid19 is trumps gas chambers.


The blood-stained hands immediately reminded me of MacBeth. Lady MacBeth was never able to remove the blood from her hands…Neither will Trump.
His reign of terror will erase the meme of American Exceptionalism from the minds of people around the world, and make the USA an epithet, followed by spitting. Trump stands on a mountain of skeletons, beginning with the first Indigenous person killed by a European invader and the first enslaved African.

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Yes, Donald J. Trump’s hands continue to drip with the blood of tens of thousands of Americans. Because of his continued incompetent response to this pandemic he will go down in history as American’s number one mass murderer. He will rot in hell along with all of those fake Christians who still support him.

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