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It May Actually Be Worse Than You Think: Assessing the Integrated and Funded Machine We Are Up Against


It May Actually Be Worse Than You Think: Assessing the Integrated and Funded Machine We Are Up Against

Cynthia Kaufman

When Trump first came to power, like most progressive, leftist, and liberal people I know, I was terrified. It seemed possible that we were on the verge of fascism. Could Trump unleash thugs onto the street to act with impunity against people from vulnerable groups, as Hitler’s Brown shirts did? Could the constitution be suspended? Could he maintain his power indefinitely as a dictator?


The well planned systematic dismantling of our Democracy by these billionaires would be labeled ‘treason’ in any other democracy.

We the People are going to have to “break some eggs” to make this omelet right again.


Both parties reek as the right to vote has become meaningless when voices of change are shut out over and over by any means necessary to maintain predatory capitalism. I read a column earlier that claimed Trump was elected by and doing Gods work. Most of the comments agreed that he was indeed. I have not seen any evidence of that yet and don’t expect to.


I would like to see a referendum to end taxation and replace it with a cap on personal wealth. Nobody should be rich enough to have all power over the 99%.


My impression is a constitutional convention will spin out of control. Yes, oligarchs own the stage but if they insist on their own way they will have no audience.

Already democrats and republicans are outnumbered by independents. And nonvoters almost outnumber voters.

Cosmic powered biology began with big still banging. Human roots have grown for almost fourteen billion years. Humans are full partners with the stars. Totalitarians may try hubristic bluster but a dam across the evolution of cosmic consciousness expressed as human is as weak as a dam on a river. All dams fill with silt and the river either goes over the top or around.

Thank you for a good article. You speak for cosmic powered biology manifest as human. Please contemplate autonomous democracy.


“What lost Clinton the election was that fewer low-frequency voters came out to vote for her.”
"And so the question for our electoral system is what would it take for the large number of progressive minded people who don’t vote to engage with the electoral system? "

I would say that what lost Clinton the election was the fact that she stole the nomination from the person who would have won the election based on the kind of progressive policies that brought people out to his rallies by the 10s of 1000s in each venue. They engaged, and then turned away when the nomination was stolen, they were told their votes weren’t needed, and there were virtually no concessions made to them during the party platform negotiations. The Republican Party wouldn’t stand a chance, if the Democratic Party stood for those progressive values.


"And so the question for our electoral system is what would it take for the large number of progressive minded people who don’t vote to engage with the electoral system?"
What it would take would be a single-payer/Medicare for All health care system that included dentistry. That’s all it would take. Is there a Single Payer party?


[Roger Stone is] responsible for the relentless hammering into the minds of the public of the idea of Hilary (sic) Clinton as criminal.

The US public, in general, has over and again demonstrated itself to be somewhat simplistic and ill informed. Regarding the comment above, one should be able to distinguish between “fascism” on the one hand and “extreme capitalism” on the other. As Chris Hedges keeps trying to hammer home to those who read and listen to him regarding his belief that Sheldon Wolin’s “Inverted Totalitarianism”, a totally new concept, is what ails the Empire as it approaches total collapse. The oligarchs are rushing head long into the dismal demise of what they have created with their insatiable greed and lust for money and power.

Also, Hillary Clinton is a criminal.


Absolutely. Spot-on correct. Which is why the establishment DNC did/is doing everything in its power to disempower and demonize and marginalize true progressives like Bernie, and their supporters. They MUST hold onto power, at any and all costs. Their paychecks literally depend on no progressive initiatives ever being passed, like those the majority of the country wants (Medicare for all, free college tuition, outlawing gerrymandering, etc.).


I agree that a Party that ran on the single-payer issue would win by a landslide, however the Democratic Party relies too much on Big Pharma and healthcare industries to allow that to happen. Bernie Sanders or any other Progressive is quickly vetted from the party or marginalized once an election is looming.


I really enjoyed Cynthia Kaufman’s article especially because she zeroed in on some fundamental reasons for the one third who will support Trump no matter what. Attacking unionized workers is easy if you’re struggling to get by on minimum wage with no benefits. It is just as easy attacking government when no safety net exists to help the most vulnerable citizens.
As for an ill informed electorate, this is by design rather than a universal, genetic flaw exclusive to the United States. However not everyone is buying the Koch brothers narrative and the time is ripe for a Progressive populist to seize control of our government and replace the ‘inverted totalitarianism’ with a functioning democracy.
Our main obstacle in achieving this outcome is our inability to either seize the Democratic Party from corporate America and their paid minions or create a Third Party that the MSM couldn’t ignore. Ms. Kaufman knows this to be true as well and is probably the only reason that she hasn’t given up all hope for a fair future for all of us. However she does show faith in large, mass movements that brought about change during the Roosevelt administration. At that time the wealthy were worried that the public would string them up and they would follow in the footsteps of the Romanov’s. The wealthy now though, show no such fear of the masses as they have an army (the one third) who are willing to die to protect this warped ideology.
If the midterms show that corporate politicians are able to hang on to their grip on power, I’m afraid the country may indeed descend into a civil war.


Hillary was scarcely progressive, and the American people less …