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It May Be Time For America To Take a Knee

It May Be Time For America To Take a Knee

Will McCorkle

It is hard for President Donald Trump to outrage the country anymore after making offensive and inappropriate comments month after month, statements which would have been unthinkable under any other president. However, something about cursing primarily African-American football players for their political protest against racial injustice seemed to revive a needed outrage among the American people.


Good piece. Thank you for writing it.


Thank You—I watch my local “news” and they have veterans on denouncing the NFL----and now the whole mantra from corporate “news” is that those protesting have lost sight of the message. IF THE NEWS MEDIA IN THIS COUNTRY DID ITS JOB pro football players would’t have to protest. The “news” media has clearly ratcheted down its coverage of police violence since Trump took office–why is this???Hey FUCKING Tom Brady if you were a real Patriot you would take a Knee in the spirit of Lexington Concord-----stand for real FREEDOM-----not the zombies who support racism and militarism. Just remember at one time in the US it was important NOT to have a standing army except in the time of war. But of course we really have been at war since 1915.


Excellent piece. This growing obsession with nationalism - which the vast majority of stupid Americans confuse with “patriotism.” - is one of the big first steps towards fascism. Blind obedience to the state and state power is horrifyingly dangerous, and yet that is where the citizens of this country seem to be going with big stupid smiles on their ignorant faces, like sheep enthusiastically running to the slaughter. And those who attempt to stand against it, are swiftly becoming demonized and labeled traitors, not just by our fellow authoritarian-loving nationalistic Americans, but by their authoritarian leader Il Douche whose every utterance is like holy scripture to them.


§176. Respect for flag
For the Hypocrites whom question the protest!
Fly your flag right in the first place.

Illusion: Every time I see filthy language I think it must come from a filthy mind and I stop reading whatever that filthy man wrote.

How did you know it was filthy if you didn’t read it?

Filthy language is all about the receiver of the words. A word is only a sound, the listener gives it meaning. You hear what you want to hear.