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'It Never Had to Be Like This': 300,000 Dead in US From Covid-19 Under Donald J. Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/14/it-never-had-be-300000-dead-us-covid-19-under-donald-j-trump


‘It Never Had to Be Like This’: 300,000 Dead in US From Covid-19 Under Donald J. Trump



In the world, America is dead last, and it’s no accident.


The American experiment has long since ended as a complete and disgusting irrevocable failure. Separation of powers has failed. Separation of church and state has failed. Democracy has failed. The electoral college has failed. The Judiciary is in complete shambles. The congress and its divided powers, (House and Senate), are worthless, and powerless to defend against the party system which has infiltrated them and completely controls them both. The constitution is little more than a quaint and disregarded reminder of what was once intended. The amendment system has been replaced by a universal willingness to pass and enforce innumerable laws which violate the very constitution it was meant to amend. The executive is effectively the new king, and answers only to the church which supports him.


Trump failed more than anyone in power. But, truth of the matter is that this failure is systemic, and the end result of decades of neoliberalism and corruption hallowing out the state. If Pelosi and those like her are the outer bounds of what is possible, then we were never offered policies that would have helped workers, small business and local governments to get through this. But, Trump did more damage once this hit than anyone else. Just so happens that there was no real good counter to him, because the Democrats are a horrible party.


We know (and knew) that DT doesn’t care about any of it. And unsurprisingly, his party has joined him.

Talk about a virus.


300,000 dead while he plays golf almost every day!


Not sure Trump deserves all the blame. The UK had a significant loss of life as did Spain and Italy. Americans don’t always do what they are told (unless it involves making war on some hapless country). We always have valued our independence, individualism, and exceptionalism. Not obeying commonsense public health guidelines seems quite consistent with the American persona.


I’ve seen death. I’ve watched people near and dear die. But that lead photograph ripped open my heart and has left me in tears. That person was a father, son, brother, cousin, workmate, friend, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter…They had a life hopefully with love and kindness. And we all end up in the ground, returned to earth.
Trump should be executed, in the most painful way possible, along with each and every one who was complicit in this massacre. He knew it would be bad, but laughed and played golf, enjoying the spectacle of frantic governors bidding for PPE and medical help. He didn’t care. I suspect the whole Walter Reed Covid thing was a false flag, a stunt for his Base.
Hell isn’t bad enough for such human scum. I would launch him into space for a permanent space walk, where he can scream but no one will ever hear him…


Mr. Trump gets a great big bag of blame by his dismal performance as a national leader compounded by incompetence that borders on criminal neglect. He can share that with his greedy cohorts.


And what is just as stunning is that no Republican as well as Democrat has stated the obvious and that is that Trump should be arrested and prosecuted for, at the very least, criminal negligence against the people of the United States. But making those who are in power responsible for their actions has never been high on the list of priorities by those who rule this country which may be why so many of our political leaders such as Barack Obama continue to insist that the United States is an “exceptional” country. Yes, it certainly can be argued that the United States is exceptional in oppressing and killing people, both domestically and in foreign countries.


Both of the sock puppets alleged to be the political parties of the government are owned and operated by their real Masters, Wall Street and the Billion/Trillionaires that now own it all. The nasty tRump buffoon that has destroyed so much of what remained of the USA has now been replaced by a lifelong fascist who has often demonstrated his fidelity to the Oligarchy. His primary difference from the last few fuehrers is his ability to speak in complete sentences. He cannot agree with, or understand, any of the things that might save this nation. No Green New Deal, No M4A, No financial assistance to those losing their homes, to die in the streets and alleys, starving and diseased. He made one promise to his Masters at his first fund-raiser. “If I’m elected, you won’t need to worry, nothing will change.” If you look at his appointments, you’ll see that that is the one promise he intends to keep, if it costs the lives of everyone in the US, not to mention the rest of the planet. All we are expected to do, this time around, is to raise our arms and chorus “Heil to the Chief!”
** I’m in my 80’s, so I won’t have to watch the end of this travesty tragedy.
** But, my heart goes out to those young people who must live, or die, through it.


Aside from DJT#45 being an a$$hole, most blame should be placed on the archaic US healthcare system. Now is the time for reform - single-payer, Medicare for all, some system based on successes other nations achieve. To start, a functioning system should include low-cost neighborhood clinics with established ties to nearest hospitals and medical centers. There’s little doubt however that any discussion of healthcare will be led by money - openly about its cost but behind closed doors mostly about profit.


I wish we could hang Trumpus with piano wire! Just like the Italians did to Mussolini. Yes…I said it. I want him to suffer a horrible death!


Does that mean that we have to build more than a hundred tall buildings to make us feel better like in NYC?


And the 70 million that support him have bumble bees in their heads.


Who among the elected contingent in Washington DC has been worth a damn during this challenge when leadership was necessary?

It’s time we People stopped giving our consent.


If you are referring to the man, not the other virus, he will be gone in 5 weeks.

I’m wondering if the holy grail cure gotten by trump and friends will be available at some point to anyone.

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Stupidest people on Earth, led by their adored psychopath: what could go wrong? Anyone surprised? What about next time?


There still people that insist this all faked or that Doctors and Hospitals are “cooking the numbers”. Most of these people also insist trump won the last election in a landslide.

So there is the thing. It hard to control the spread of COVID when so many are willfully ignorant on the matter.