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It Really Is That Bad


It Really Is That Bad

John Nichols

On the Sunday before the 2016 election, when media and political elites still imagined that Democrat Hillary Clinton might become the 45th president of the United States, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was asked what he thought would happen if the candidate he was supporting, Republican Donald Trump, were to prevail.

The former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives did not paint a rosy picture of peace and prosperity and national unity. Quite the opposite. Gingrich imagined more division.

Much more division.


Using our energy to take progressive action going forward and not using our energy to point fingers, its essential that for those of us whose US Senators and House member are Democrats. that we phone and /or email them and remind them to vote against TPP during the lame duck period and beyond.


This article is typical knee jerk opposition rather than a proposal for progressive evolution toward justice with nature and for humanity.

There has been almost nothing progressive from war monger regime change democrats.

John Nichols thinks someone who stands for Israel's right to be a religiously pure state can also be progressive. He proves the term progressive is no longer valid for use in the US because so few of those who claim that mantle examine US atrocities.

North America is reaping what is sows; pain, suffering and anguish.


I agree on the potential dangers of a Trump Presidency. But not on Brexit. It was the right thing for the Brits to do, albeit many did it for the wrong (racist) reasons.


All the wacko Jill Stein supporters own a piece of this. Congratulations, assholes. Lesser evil is still lesser evil.


Great. Here we go. Blame Jill Stein.
Don't blame the Democratic Party for shoving Hillary Clinton down our throats. Hillary Clinton may have been the only Democratic candidate that couldn't beat Donald Trump. She was uninspiring, corrupt, unlikable and represented absolutely nothing that anyone could get behind, except being a first woman President, which is not a very good reason to vote for someone.
Don't blame Hillary, and her greed and blind selfish lust for power.
But yeah, let's blame Jill Stein and her voters.


Clinton is not nor has she ever claimed to be, a Progressive.


Sure go ahead, do exactly what the Corporate Power wants you to do -- blame and demonize those voting outside the 2 corporate parties. Waste your time. Listen -- the Corporate Power rules this country -- NOT our votes. They make elections come out the way they want. If Trump 'won', it was done on purpose. The Oligarchy studies human behavior -- and they made this 'close' so that people like you can point and blame people who can no longer tolerate the corruption and will no longer cast their vote for it. Voting for the lesser of two evils brought us two very evil people! Realize that -- look back and see how that progressed. Now we have no vote -- but if you believe we do, why not blame it on the blacks who were purged from the lists or the LONG LINES everywhere yesterday where some people never got to vote because of that? The Oligarchy laughs as we point the finger at each other blaming each other. They enjoy the show you bring because their manipulations remain hidden.


I worked for Jill Stein and got a number of Black and Hispanic socialist compatriotas to vote for her as well. Given her plutocratic friendly, environmentally devastating, domestically repressive, and war mongering positions, she did not deserve our vote.

In the process of my organizing, I spoke with many, many, many, many, many Trump supporters. My neighbors. Sure, they expressed racist, xenophobic, and anti-communist hostilities towards me. But some of them, had legitimate concerns regarding marginalization and the fact that the establishment Dem/Rep did not have their interests at heart. In some cases, after their iinitial venom died down, several expressed support for some of the positions of Stein and what amounts to socialism and anti-war policies. Given the establishment nature of the Democrat Party, and the rigging of the system against third Parties such as the Greens, many bought into the snake oil Trump was peddling.

But Alison, if there is to be progressive change in this country, it will be from those of us who work to build bridges among all of us, from diverse genders, races, religions, sexual orientations, etc., who make up the non-plutocrat caste. Hopefully, with the fiasco that the next 8 years of Trump will be, it will be easier to bring former Trump supporters to embrace more progressive perspectives.


Idiot alert....


Yes,the oligarch's enjoy their dog and pony show.
The masses were given the choice between a dirty dog and a trick pony!


DLT, that is precisely the situation. Thank you.


And a realtor, doncha know.



I voted for Stein in CA. I would have voted for Clinton in CO had I still lived there. I first thought when I read your comment that you are flat wrong, but you are close - still wrong though.

Currently NY times has the win at Trump 279 to 228 with Michigan (16 EV), Arizona (11 EV) and New Hampshire (4 EV) not called (that adds up to 538). If you look at http://www.politico.com/2016-election/results/map/president you will see that the two states currently going from Trump would have flipped to Clinton had all the Stein votes gone to Clinton (optimistic, but perhaps more likely than when Nader was running who appealed to more people on the right I believe) are Michigan (16 EV) and Wisconsin (10 EV). It would have made races in Florida and Pennsylvania much closer but not quite enough to give Clinton the win. If we take Wisconsin away from Trump and give it to Clinton, give Michigan to Clinton, and give New Hampshire (she's ahead now and adding Stein's votes there makes here that much more ahead), it becomes Trump 269 to Clinton 258. If Clinton were then to win Arizona, she would have gotten the tie and we'd have the House decide (I'd have loved it because it would expose our EV system as being moronic) where supposedly it would then be Trump. However Arizona isn't even close right now and I have no idea why it isn't called yet. It is now Trump: 946,348, Clinton: 862,882, Stein: 22,833. She isn't going to win AZ even with Stein's votes and so it is impossible to blame Stein (who got almost no media coverage) for Clinton's failure. You can blame Russia if you believe they were behind the hacks, you can blame Comey, you can blame apathetic people who didn't vote (I'm betting Trump had the better turnout), and you can blame Clinton herself who should have known she was a risky bet to win and let somebody else have a chance. But you can't blame Stein or her voters (this time).



A cliched and lacking in nuance response and if our reality is anything, it is not simplistic.


Alison is no an idiot. She's clearly intelligent, passionate, and pissed. She deserves to be pissed. Many of us are pissed.

Organizing in this last election revealed to me how limited, fragile, and divided the progressive community is. Sure, we're not all going to agree on our analysis, but trashing each other because of it is not productive and its not reflective of the spirit of community that we need to build.

At this point, its clear that no branch of government is not going to act in our interests or the interests of future generations. Those devoted to progressive change can focus on our commonalities and to learn to work through differences we have and build community based movements or we can tear each other down.


And evil is evil. You calling people who vote their conscience assholes says more about you than them.


There really is no good in fighting at this point. Trump is doing what, frankly, too many people on here were downplaying before the election. He's having a global warming denier head of his EPA transition team and has already announced who is heading treasury, and it ain't no progressive. This is the real, unabashed, hard edged right conservativism, what this country hasn't seen since the 1920s.


That's right Alison, throw mud at people who came, who saw, who voted for Jill Stein. Nothing is gained by repeatedly voting for the 'lesser evil.' The duopoly offered us a choice (choice? more like being force fed), and we're supposed to fall for it? I get why the majority voted for Trump, which Alison apparently is unable to understand. She's caught in a web of denial and lashing out at anyone who deigned not to vote for her candidate. So I guess I'm a 'wacko' and an 'asshole.' FYI, I've been called worse this election cycle.


Unfortunately, 8 years is a very long time. For really hideous things to happen. As per a guy who repeatedly asked could we use nuclear weapons.

Even barring that unthinkable scenario, there yet remains global warming. Yes! Despite its dismissal by so many progressives, it's a very real phenomenon. Global Warming is not just the nasty turn of weather. It has been linked, for instance, and scholarly wise, to the Syrian conflict.

However that be, Trumps virulent opposition to environmental health and his friendliness to fossil fuel strongly suggests we may once again experience toxic streams and drinking water, and mercurial air currents wafting along the smog filled skies.

My point? However much I did not support Hillary Clinton, my vote for her was not merely for the "lesser of two evils," but a desperate vote Against The One Evil.