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It’s About Bringing Your Congress Back Home, Citizens!

It’s About Bringing Your Congress Back Home, Citizens!

Ralph Nader

The large marches, in Washington, DC and around the country, calling attention to importance of science and focusing on the calamitous impacts of climate change had impressive turnouts. But the protests would have been more productive if they concentrated more – in their slogans and signs – on 535 politicians to whom we have given immense power to influence policies relating to those issues, for ill or for good.

I’m speaking of Congress.


Much better than “resisting” with pussy hats and lies about Russia. Get local, get going and get on with it!!

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Those are very good suggestions.

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Here is one solution:


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I always find it fascinating that folks treat elections as “team sports” instead of researching to find the best candidate running, regardless of party, then either vote LOTE or not at all, then have to spend the rest of their time either protesting or lobbying the D/R jerk they just elected to “do the right thing” when it was rather clear from the outset (s)he wouldn’t - rather a dysfunctional approach, if you ask me …

Oh yeah, and then there all these “prog sites” having fundraisers to support their “efforts to inform us” about all sorts of stuff - except the one thing that might actually be useful - other candidates that we might elect that we might actually not have to protest or lobby about all the other causes we are being “informed about” …

So, CD, if you are having trouble fund raising - maybe it’s because you are competing for funds with at least a 1/2 dozen or so other sites who are doing the same thing - not to mention Food Banks and other charities necessary to supply basic survival needs for more and more of the folks that are being screwed by the D/Rs we elect …