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It’s About Children


It’s About Children

Claudia Lefko

More than twenty years ago, in August 1996 Garca Machel the UN Special Representative on Children and Armed Conflict, issued her report to the Secretary-General of the UN: Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Children: Impact of Armed Conflict on Children. The introduction outlined a bleak international landscape in which "...nothing was spared or protected—not children, families or communities". It estimated two million children had been killed in the decade previous to her report and three times as many seriously injured or permanently disabled.


Thank you, Claudia Lefko.

This piece points out important realities that are often ignored.

Last spring, the US military bombed a school and marketplace in Syria, killing dozens of children.

In 2007, the US military bombed a school in Afghanistan, killing seven children

It is true that militarized forces from other groups and nations have also killed children. Some who are US allies, such as Saudi Arabia, have killed many more (through the war on Yemen); some who are adversaries of the US (IS, Taliban, the Assad regime) have killed many more. That does not, however, imply that the US government should be free from critique for the children it has killed. On the contrary, the US, and all groups who kill children through armed conflict, should be condemned. Those responsible should be tried for crimes against humanity.