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It’s All About the Midterms: Trump Took Those Children Hostage to Stoke His Base

It’s All About the Midterms: Trump Took Those Children Hostage to Stoke His Base

Juan Cole

Journalists have almost certainly misunderstood the Trump White House when they pen this morning’s flurry of articles and television commentary about the White House abruptly being “worried” about the fall-out of the Family Separation Policy announced in May by John Kelly and reaffirmed this month by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Eminence Grise Jr., Stephen Miller.

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yes, juan, and democrats are using the public outrage to stoke their base. to the political class these frightened, suffering people are used as pawns.

meet whistle blower antar davidson, a man who sacrificed his job because he cares more about the children than money. he brought tears to my eyes. antar isn’t trying to win an election, but he won my heart.

give someone a hug, today! ~ :heart: ~

“This crew are psychopaths and, as their attempt to blame the Democrats for their own policy shows, unrepentant professional prevaricators. They don’t have a kind bone in their bodies, and on the contrary, spontaneously orgasm at the thought of the opportunity to be sadistic to others. The Family Separation Policy is not something they regret or worry about, it is something that gets them off.”

We need to tar the entire Republican party with this brush, and any Democrat who fails to stand up to them.


Trump’s campaign for president was based on an explicit racist agenda that called for keeping non-whites out of the US and deporting all 11 million undocumented immigrants. This separation policy must be part of the strategy to keep non-whites from getting into the US. The Democratic base is extremely energized to get out and vote against Trump. So Trump does have to overcome complacency of his base which must feel good about having a white nationalist in the White House and a compliant Congress.

Well, of course. The real issue is: are enough people revolted by Trump and the Republican Congress that they will be participant voters in the midterms. If the answer is no, then how can anyone argue we aren’t getting what we voted (or not) for? I mean really, can’t be bothered enough to even vote? I understand voters not turning out for the last charade that pretended to be an election because they were so sure of a Hillary victory. But now? Have we really become a country that is so affluently ambivalent that Trump will retain his congressional majorities simply because people didn’t want to be bothered to vote? That this possibility even exists is in and of itself a sad commentary.

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When Reagan issued his “thou shall not speak ill of another Republican” edict, that party began an inexorable slide into authoritarianism. With Trump at the helm all conscience within the party has been subvert via “loyalty” to the cult of personality based upon what Juan Cole correctly labels as psychopathy. They will continue to double down as that has become their habit. While the rabid pathology of the Republican party only goes so far, the rabid apathy is far more extensive. If the latter is not properly addressed, the Republican shitstormtroopers will continue to decimate any decency in what remains of government.

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