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It’s Bigger Than Buildings. America Is Burning

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/29/its-bigger-buildings-america-burning


I live in Minneapolis so I’m watching the burning. Note that I’m watching, I’m not down there in the streets. This is surely my white privilege speaking. I live less than a half-mile from the murder scene of Mr. Floyd. On a normal day, I shop at Cup Foods with my black neighbors. This piece is very compelling. So is Art Cullen’s at the Storm Lake Times (Storm Lake is in Iowa’s 4th district - Steve King’s district). Both go a long way to explain how we got here and stay here – where America is burning. We have grave disparities along racial lines here in Minneapolis. Minneapolis has a racist culture in its police force and that culture is supported by its union. Fortunately, we now have police Chief Arradondo and Mayor Frey who are equipped to address the fundamental underlying issues and put us on the path to justice and equality. The recent murder of George Floyd makes it urgent and impossible to kick it down the road. We’ll become a better city for having addressed our racism head-on.


Great article! This country is in the grip of authoritarian nut-jobs. Trump’s base is provoked on cue to follow his marching orders regardless of how stupid, insane, all resulting in the diminishment of this country. Make Ameri[k]a Great is just another idiotic slogan followed
by a group of people who are lowly educated, and most likely never did any deep thinking
in their entire herd existence. Trump is the trumpet master issuing one fake Tweet after another
and herd obeys every ignorant thing he demands. The country is the throes of decline and nowhere is it more evident in the abuses against people of color. Trump of course is responsible for all of it. The worthless clown has more blood on his hands than any president in history. And what does the buffoon do? He shuffles off to play golf on the tax payer dime while people are dying. May the POS ‘rot’ in hell and hopefully soon. I sincerely hope he eats himself to death. Afterword may be be squirted out of the Universe like a water Mellon seed and never heard from again.


I can’t argue with you, but this is way bigger and way older and way deeper than Trump. Systemic racism calls for systemic and systematic solutions.


I agree, but do you sincerely think anything he stands for or any of his
Fox talking heads running things is capable of doing a revision?

If we keep blaming Trump for Mr. Floyd’s death, does that mean we have to accept it when it happens under a Democrat’s watch, like it did many times when Obama was president?

If Hillary had been elected in 2016, would that have made it ok for the Democrats in this case to refuse to charge the homicide?


I did not accept it under either dysfunctional party and I assume you are asking because
you are trolling on behalf of Trump’s loyal base. As far as I am concerned Trump, Obama, Biden, Bush, HRC, Cheney, Rumsfilef, et al, ought to be sharing the same jail for life.


So anybody who points out that Democrats do a lot of the same things as Republicans is a Trump troll loyalist? No wonder the DNC and DCCC get away with giving us worse and worse candidates every passing year.


Look man, I have been posting long enough on social media to recognize a jaundiced one party attack for a very long time. It always begins with a false comparison of either/or or white vs black assertions intended to weaken or destroy a non aligned reader toward apathy, but its entire focus is not a rebuttal against Trump nor a realistic critique either, but rather a sprinkling of sentiment that Trump is only doing what everyone else in politics does. Juxtaposed the entire breath of Trumps abuse in every area of comment to include, racism, anti womanist views, catering to the White Neo Nazi movement, et al, the comparison is utter non sense. But I advise anyone of reading my rebuttal to take a close look at neps last post where he or she applies the identical standards I just named. The focus is again on the DNC and DCCC giving us “worse” candidates but no mention of the GOP or its disabled ethical standards while defending the ‘most’ crooked, dishonest, Machiavellian Con artist of all time. Yes, you are nothing more than a troll.

It is not defending Trump to point out the Dem party deserted us decades ago. I recently quit the party for that reason. They admit they do not answer to the voters… so we get worse and worse candidates.

Does that make me a MAGA-hatted Trump supporter?


Where did I say the Dems did not desert the common people? Are you part of a ‘tag-team’? I might mention that most of people who post here operates without using a real name when one hits the identity they operate under. (That does not appear to be the case with you.) Conversely, anyone here can read my ‘real’ name. I don’t take credible anyone who takes refuge under anonymity that includes most posting here. But… why don’t your comparisons mention the GOP, or even Trump’s corruption now hitting the stratosphere while concomitantly protected by the GOP?

Why do I need to harp on the obvious? Just to please you? Very self-important of you to direct our words to your usage and meanings.

And hover over my avatar. I see my real name. Others have called me John before… just by looking.

Not my problem if you can’t see it.

Your presuppositions are non sense. if you are against harping “on the obvious” then why did you align yourself with a troll harping on the obvious regarding Dems? Are not the corrupt Wall Street Dems obvious enough for you? With regards your ‘real’ name I asserted that it appeared real. Listen if you cannot stick to your own line of reasoning or read rebuttals accurately, that is your problem. One more thing that is ‘not’ directed at you personally, but if it fits, own it. There seems to be a underlying ‘group think’ apparatus operating on this site that all, or most criticism is directed at Dems but rarely puts a glove on the last four years of Trump.

I am so sorry. Your obvious brilliance in determining everyone else’s motivations and meanings renders me speechless. I am so sorry I doubted your magnificence and all powerful need to own the thread.

I shall hence forth be silent. Take it, it is all I have to offer someone of your eminent stature.


What beautiful “withering sarcasm”.

Yes, we are allowed to criticize our own. Look at our nominee! Joe Biden was chosen for us. Sheesh.


Actually, Wudang, your imagining that you immediately and reliably understand intentions over this medium does not speak well for your critical process.

Sam may be making similar assumptions about your aligning with a Blue-no-matter-who position. They don’t seem less well founded and may or may not be correct, but the ad hominem does not help much in either case.

Why not just answer objections in the post or, if the post is not worth your time, just scroll on by?


Because I’m a veteran of the last time civil unrest rocked the US of Abuse, I’m going to put in my two cents worth. This is not an issue of political parties and which is good and which is bad in their actions towards minorities. It is a systemic issue, developing for over five hundred years, where people with a different skin color looks down and treats those humans who are not like them as being animals. And still, way underneath, considers them as not being fully human. Back in the 60’s, we worked hard, trying to change a system that’s actually impossible to change. This time, it will be the fire, as James Baldwin wrote. If you can get a copy of Walker Percy’s novel Love in the Ruins, he describes an America very much like we are today. The two political parties are really the two heads of a single hydra. There’s a passage of several paragraphs praising our exceptionalism given to us by god, but it had a catch, a test. Here’s a helpless man in Africa, all you have to do is not violate him. That’s all.
Of course, there’s much, much more to it-the genocide of Indigenous peoples, treating poor whites as if they, too, were property. Fire is the great leveler, the way to destroy in order to build something better. And it’s also the way to build something much worse. We’re on the cusp…


Why not follow your own advice? Coming from an obvious Trump clone taking refuge under anonymity is hilarious and disingenuous. What don’t you understand when I asserted previously: “As far as I am concerned Trump, Obama, Biden, Bush, HRC, Cheney, Rumsfilef, et al, ought to be sharing the same jail for life.” Ad hominem was directed at Trump not any poster but I will make an exception in your case. Is your reading skills deficient? I use to post here years ago and had many run ins with your neo fascist/neo conservative views. So your biased critical post only reflects your own neoconservative toadyism.

You accosted me first. Sounds more like your own sense of self-righteousness and hypocrisy is controlling your life. I don’t have tens of thousands of posts here like bardamu but I certainly understand your dysfunctional need for attention and to fit in with the other ‘group think’ and faux bards that post here.

For the record I voted for Bernie in the primary in NM using absentee ballot. Prior to that I have been voting for the GP since a friend of mine, Charlene Spretnek founded the Greens in 1984. Before that I voted socialist. If AOC ever gets the nomination she has my vote.

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