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It’s Cameron, Not Corbyn, Who Is the Terrorist Appeaser


It’s Cameron, Not Corbyn, Who Is the Terrorist Appeaser

Simon Jenkins

Prime minister David Cameron’s argument in the Commons for permission to bomb Syria was not based on any new or coherent strategy. As he himself pointed out, it merely follows the logic of a previous vote to bomb Iraq.


Cameron and the rest of his sycophants that voted to bomb Syria now have more blood on their hands! At least Corbyn and his acolytes can have a clear conscience knowing they did not sell out.


A recent court case in the United Kingdom on charges that the alleged suspect was providing material support to terrorists was suddenly dropped when it became evident that the Defense team would present evidence and issue subpeonas to Goverment officials to demonstrate that the government of the UK was providing aid and support to those same groups.

Russia has been providing all manner of evidence sowing Turkey directly supports ISIS while pointing out there absolutely no way the USA the UK and western governments could not have known the same

All of those same Western Governments dismiss Russian claims out of hand , not with their own evidence or facts ,but rather by the comical suggestion that Russia can not be trusted to tell the truth.

Cameron is a liar. This rush to bomb Syria and send in ground troops is not because oh the threats posed by ISIS but because the longer Russia in the region and the Syrian army continues its recent advances , the quicker the NATO ISIS allies will be defeated and the less of them that will be left to destabilize Africa, Iran and Russia.


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