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It’s Far From Over

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/05/its-far-over

Great perspective. That’s the way I see it. A Biden victory, under these circumstances, is nothing to celebrate.

It’a good to be cautious, but I’m rather proud of my country to expel a dictator. This is not generally possible: Putin, Xi and Kim come to mind. What come next is an improvement, not close to perfection but better.

If anyone intends to “remove the corporatists . . from the Democratic Party,” electing Biden and Harris to enshrine the worst of corporatism in the presidency is a spectacularly bad way to go about it. Those who want something different ought to do something different.

I would not mind at all that positive change were to come from the Democratic Party, my party for what will surely remain most of my life. But it has not, does not, and will not at least soon, and for clear reason: even the outwardly more hopeful lights of the party opt to blue-no-matter-who and no matter what.

Being realistic involves being negative sometimes. This sucks. Let’s change it.

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The electoral results were the closest squeaker possible so there’s no way for Biden to declare a mandate.\

Why not? Bush declared a mandate when he lost the popular vote in 2000. What’s wrong with these meathead Democrats?

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“…to begin working to remove the corporatists who prevent the Democratic party from being a more potent force for good.”

You must be kidding me. After the last 40 years, especially the last two election cycles, and the knowledge that the “party” is technically a corporation itself, how can anyone still believe they can be reformed?
It’s long past time for a peoples party, lets get it done and turn the democratic party into the Whigs.