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It’s Good to Argue About Dead Presidents


It’s Good to Argue About Dead Presidents

Peter Certo

Our death rituals for public figures are evolving.

For a moment, obituaries favored the late President George H. W. Bush with the banal pleasantries usually afforded to deceased presidents. Well-wishers from both sides of the aisle hailed Bush’s patriotism, service, decency, and other traits we think we want leaders to have.


“The terrifying fact is that our national security state is capable of terrifying crimes—no matter who runs the country. It’s unsettling. So there’s a strong temptation to focus on the private virtues of the individual who sits atop it rather than the messy machinery beneath.”

Yes, the singling out of individuals at the top obscures a deep cancer that pervades our “security” state. The Pledge of Allegiance seems to move many in this state to hideous crimes and hideous value systems. No doubt money lubricates many of those who fall prey to such. How to expunge the sickness is the $64-billlion-dollar question. Maybe global climate change will awaken some, but I fear that others will see opportunities to exploit the sufferings of those most affected who will be unable to defend their natural resources. The seven deadly sins march on unabated, it seems.


Sorry WiseOwl.

I meant to respond to the author and mistakenly hit your icon

My response to Peter was to thank him for saving referencing Trump until his last sentence.

“Flawed Politician.”


Yes, like the fabled broken clock that still manages to be right twice a day, a dead Bush can still set an example of how not to behave.


I’m all in favor of flayed politicians.


But, but, but, he was nice to his children. And he gave us 2 political imbeciles to follow in his footsteps.

Thank you Mr. Bush for all the death and destruction you caused. And now a word from a reliable former colleague, Mr. Cheney the floor is yours…


Calling Bush I a flawed politician is being much too kind. Everything he did needs to be exposed to the country (the rest of the world knows, most of it was done to them). When you add up everything thing he did, and the evil he spawned, he might just be this countries most despicable citizen, much less president. The author brought up a lot of these deeds, but there’s much more.


Bush Funeral=Celebration of death, misery, wealth and power with a happy face on it. Face it folks - they know how stupid and manipulated the US public is. If I see another magazine cover with Michelle Obama on it - I am going to vomit. They are public servants - not celebrities. They should work for us not for themselves and their elite associates. Of course, that is not the way they see it. They use our nation and our constitution as a front for their activities. The media acts as cheerleaders in a game where we the public are always the losers. This is a fraud and its time is up.


Apparently you do not have a future career in the main stream media.


Yes. How ironic is it that we now have former celebrity as First Public Servant?


What can be said about a nation that allows someone like George W. to become its leader? Pathetic.


Leave it to Glen Ford to deliver a proper eulogy:



Applause again for Glen Ford and BAR.


A small part of that is our fault, who came up with the idea of labeling our politicians “honorable”, as in " The Honorable Senator So-in-So", like they’re some kind of dam royalty.

Yes, I know my writing skills are sadly lacking, and have no future in media. I’m ok with that.


It’s not that you don’t have writing skills - you don’t seem to be able to spin or twist things in a way that will appeal to the media owners. to them - facts and truth are very dangerous unless spun in the right way where no one would ever know the truth. If you don’t know that 1+1=3, you can’t make it in public relations or the mainstream.


If I have to read two weeks of headlines and articles about how “Great a man Henry Kissinger was” when that thug finally kicks the bucket, I would rather the bastard not die at all.

This falling all over themselves to praise the war criminal and mass murderer George H W bush is beyond sickening. Yet some black guy gets shot down in his own home by a cop and this same press feels the need to research the guys history and say “hey he used drugs in 1996 and had two speeding tickets”!


Never been good at lying, I’d never make it at the CIA either (used to try to explain that to others in my MC unit when they came trolling for shooters).


He’s dead now, so does that mean we can front page news the entire JFK murder detail?


They don’t lie - they just manage the truth.


Our leaders never do bad things. Remember George Washington - he never told a lie. Its that simple. Now - if you are not a leader or poor - why those kind of people will do anything in the U.S. Our media, government and leaders are all works of art and mostly fictional at that.