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It’s Medicare’s 50th Birthday—It’s Time Everyone Had It


It’s Medicare’s 50th Birthday—It’s Time Everyone Had It

Nancy Altman

On July 30th, 1965, Medicare became the law of the land. For over a half century, it has stood as a shining example of government at its best. Today, it efficiently provides high-quality health care to nearly 50 million seniors and nearly 9 million Americans with disabilities.

After decades of success, Medicare is under attack. The Republican Party wants to destroy Medicare by turning it from a guaranteed benefit into a privatized voucher program where beneficiaries receive inadequate coupons to purchase insurance on the private market.


The only Medicare For All to support is Expanded, Improved Medicare For All–no copays, no deductibles and the taxation is based on your actual income. The wealthy pay the most because they have the most. It covers everyone and leaves no space for private health insurance for all necessary care. Medicare as it stands covers only 80% but HR 676 actually combines Medicare and Medicaid to cover everyone. This should also remove that very bourgeoise resentment against the so-called “undeserving poor”.


Totally agree, except nothing will ever remove the elite resentment against the poor.


"On July 30th, 1965, Medicare became the law of the land. " Sort of.
Health researchers have long recognized that the amount and quality of the health care services that Medicare beneficiaries receive vary substantially across different regions of the United States.

The citizens of one of the world’s more retarded attempts at democracy (social or otherwise) won’t see true ‘universal single-payer’ health care until the federal Constitution explicitly gives the power to operate and administer such a system to the Federal government. Until then gerrymandered Republican state administrations will thwart universal application. (Allowing citizens to directly vote on amendments to the Constitution would however probably be a necessary first step.)

Some thought should also be given to electing actual governments (along with rethinking having executive power in the hands of an individual) with actual social policies and programs instead of hoping that “nearly two-thirds of all House Democrats” might be able to pass any meaningful legislation.


The American people need Universal, NOT for Profit, Single-Payer health coverage, and we need it NOW!

The Conyers Bill HR 676 - Expanded and Improved Medicare for All - is the vehicle that covers all residents of the US and eliminates for-profit greed from the basic equation. Sanders bill, S 1804 provides many components of HR 676 and the differences are in the link below.

Either we are a nation - a republic - concerned with the people and a sustainable, healthy future or we are a nation and people under the thumb of greed and big-money players that use the 99% as wage, interest/debt and health care slaves to their greed and contempt for the lives of all others, and our only planet - Mother Earth! Universal not-for-profit health care (among other similar Common Good issues) is one issue that the public overwhelmingly support but DINO dems do not - only dissemble and delay.

Funding for universal single-payer health care, higher education, and other national civilian priorities will be covered by the wealthy and corporations that have been gifted tax-cut after tax-cut and now those give-away’s will be ended…taxes restored to a progressive structure so those at the top pay more - and the obscene war-machine funding cut drastically.

No R’Cons have signed-on to HR 676 and many right-wing corporate tool DINO sellouts have not either. They focus on BS “deals” & “compromise” to continue business as usual and screw the public - NOT what is needed! -That DINO camp include Pelosi, Schumer, the Clinton camp including sellout Sean Maloney who will not move on health care reform, only lie and BS his constituents, obviously the Obama camp is not concerned with ending predatory health care, and many other blue dog’s & DINO’s who are controlled by the industry and subservient their campaign-contribution bribes!

Grow a spine (and some integrity) support HR 676!

https://www.pnhpwesternwashington.org/PAGES/HOUSE_SENATE_MFA_CHART_F%20copy.pdf - contrast between HR 676 and sanders S 1804 bill