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It’s Medicare’s Birthday—Let’s Offer It to Everyone

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/30/its-medicares-birthday-lets-offer-it-everyone

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With Kamala Harris co-opting the phrase, we need to go back to emphasizing "Expanded, Improved, Medicare for All’. This issue is confusing enough for the voters, lets not make it easy for Harris and other insurance corp. hacks to create more confusion.


exactly so.
I would not be surprised to find out that it was done this was specifically to confuse as many as possible


It seems some people have other designs than an expanded public Medicare program.


Yes, after we remove all co-pays and deductibles and base it only on what we actuall have as income.


The Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy and Johnson Administrations all proposed a single payer medical insurance program that covers ALL Americans. It was only when right wingers in Congress pushed back on LBJ that he agreed to limit the program to those age 65 plus.

When Johnson signed Medicare into law he admonished Congress to expand it to all Americans. Unfortunately Congress has pushed Medicare in the opposite direction for 54 years, cutting coverage and increasing beneficiary costs.


From the article:

‘(We) expected Medicare to be a first step toward universal national health insurance…’

ObaminableCare was also pushed on us by some ‘progressives’ as a first step toward universal coverage.

Notice that the second step after Medicare took 45 YEARS, and the second step after ObaminableCare would be nowhere in sight today if it weren’t for Bernie.

I hope that we won’t get stuck with more ‘incrementalism’ that puts 45 years between increments.

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Some centrists are trying to confuse the voters with a plan that they call ‘Medicare for America’. The bad guys never let up.


Clinton had proposed at one point Medicare be expanded to 57 year olds and up –

It would be very simple to take on children, for instance –

and a few months later everyone below 57 and down to 35 –

a few months later 35 years to childhood –

giving everyone a chance to accommodate the ages –

but retraining of Doctors will be essential –
I don’t know what they want to call the kind of medicine they’ve been
practicing – but it’s a mess and doctors aren’t well trained enough to
do their jobs based in prevention.

Why is it called Medicare For All and not Healthcare For All. Medicare isn’t really free.